How to fall child 5G? The chess bureau of company of contented family name appears clearer. All along expands the company of contented family name of the target for core with innovating, exhibit in this end is carried with “5G ecosystem on the meeting solution ” gives priority to a problem, outward bound clear accused his to aid force market to make more powerful 5G the determination of ecosystem.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Company of contented family name exhibits stage   to regard organic silicon as technical leader, company of contented family name produces equipment to exhibit in this Munich electron on exhibited a series of applying to 5G the material of innovation of high-powered organic silicon of ecosystem, include Tao Xi? (DOWSIL? ) is He Xi of glue of organic silicon electron able to bear or endure special? (SiLASTIC? ) organic silicon elastomer. The product of these diversity and relevant custom-built the key in changing a solution to be able to help computation of infrastructure of intelligent equipment, communication, cloud and data center yuan parts of an apparatus resolves the of all kinds challenge that faces in 5G times and demand, include: Screen of heat management, electromagnetism, stick receive seal with sealed, fill reach spray, note model and mould pressing to shape the component. Comfortable the competitive pattern that meets 5G grows in intensity, how does family name company grab contented to run and quicken sprint? For this, is new material online? Interviewed ministry of career of solution of consumable of company of contented family name to consume ministry of career of electron and Liu Rongrong of communication market manager and solution of consumable of company of contented family name to consume electron and Wei Peng of chief of communication application technology, mining is in 5G times, the path of the innovation of solution of data of company of contented family name. To end from end zoology of overall position 5G encircles   to exhibit the electronic big screen of the stage to demonstrate through the spot, the 5G domain of company of contented family name is more clear. Company of “ contented family name thinks, 5G network is a complete ecosystem, from communication infrastructure, reach cloud computation and data center, arrive again the intelligent terminal unit that supports 5G, be short of one cannot. ”Is Liu Rongrong Xiang Xincai makings online? Explain. As especially the quick disposition of 5G network, the of all kinds application of the data onrush of flying growth, artificial intelligence, to 5G each establishment in ecosystem and product brought brand-new challenge, medicinal powder the technical demand such as screen of hot, electromagnetism, stability, security also jumps subsequently. Review medicinal powder hot market, knowable just a little. Academy of industry of the look up before the basis beforehand appraise, 2018 - came loose 2023 hot property year compound grow to lead or will be amounted to 8% , market dimensions hopeful goes to 219.9 billion yuan of 2023 from 149.7 billion yuan of growth 2018. The heat such as the fat of heat conduction silicon of company of “ contented family name and heat conduction gel manages material, a variety of keys in can inviting 5G application yuan parts of an apparatus comes loose effectively hot, be like base equipment of network of equipment of station, glossy news report and parts of an apparatus, core, and the chip of product of electron of of all kinds consumption. ” Liu Rongrong says. In the light of base a variety of keys such as equipment of network of equipment of station, glossy news report and parts of an apparatus, core yuan of parts of an apparatus come loose effectively hot, the heat government data such as the fat of heat conduction silicon of company of contented family name and heat conduction gel already display one's talent for the first time. Be opposite to answer base the high calorific case that the high power density of the station brings, did company of contented family name roll out new Pin Taoxi? Gel of TC-4083 heat conduction, heat conduction rate is as high as 10W/mK, squeeze a rate to be as high as 65g/min, have exceedingly good reliability, the 120um in applying to the industry such as consumptive electron, communication, car is filled to the heat conduction of 3mm ply seam. In the light of communication and several domains high speed smooth module heat conduction is filled seam, did company of contented family name roll out new Pin Taoxi? Gel of TC-3065 heat conduction, this product has the heat conduction rate of 6.5W/mK, solidify hind does not have ooze oil, volatile organic matter (VOC) content is low, can replace spacer of prefab heat conduction. “ Tao Xi? Gel of TC-3065 heat conduction has high crowded a rate, high reliability. ” Wei Peng complements, this product has better interfacial wetability, can offer stable low thermal resistance, be able to bear or endure slashing cold thermal shock. Needle logarithm seizes switching equipment of network of the server in the center, aether / road by implement wait for equipment medicinal powder hot issue, company of contented family name rolled out fat of a series of heat conduction silicon, like Tao Xi? Fat of silicon of TC-5888 heat conduction. This product has the heat conduction rate of 5.2W/mK, can come true below low pressure thinner (or ultrathin) interfacial ply: 0.02mm/40psi. Besides the application in data center, also apply to main engine of aircraft of personal computer, sport to wait for the interfacial application that needs fat of silicon of high-powered heat conduction. In addition, company of contented family name challenges the electric adhesive of the design to answer electromagnetism screen, can protect sensitive electron facility, reduce electromagnetism interference to bring data to throw question of estrangement equipment malfunction. 4G changes   of a series of   of product of high-powered organic silicon that company of family name of picture   contented is aimed at a smartphone the life, 5G changes a society. With 2019 industry by the mysterious colour place of 5G around different, industrial catenary swims up and down nowadays more the infinite likelihood of apt exploration 5G. The applied value of “5G applies besides what consume an electron, still include the application of the domain such as net of couplet of industrial electron, clean the sources of energy, content, at present terminal application end already derived nobody to drive, the new-style market such as agriculture of wisdom medical treatment, wisdom, it is the direction that contented family name pays close attention to. ”It is reported, tao Xi? TC- 4040 nods gel of glue type heat conduction, the has high reliability, freeboard to push a rate heat conduction gel that designs for PCB application demand namely, application drives at nobody advanced and auxiliary drive system (ADAS) in carrier lidar, conduce to the high calorific case that answers a system to be brought because of high power density better, promotion is driven by the experience, safeguard is driven by safety. Liu Rongrong continues to complement, in inverter / optimize implement, insulation bar ambipolar transistor (IGBT) power module, store can batteries solution, charge the sources of energy of clean second birth such as solution, industry and automation and relevant industry electron use stake respect, contented family name has had a series of solutions. Discover not hard, function of have the aid of the set with powerful, sweeping application is high-powered organic silicon material and technology of of all kinds innovation, company of contented family name is 5G ecosystem offers end to arrive carry a solution, the determination that aids force to make network of more powerful, more reliable 5G is sturdier and sturdier. The arrival that digs times of 5G of   of   of a magic weapon of innovation of pain spot base oneself upon greatly is ecbolic of material change with demand, the occurrence of new technology raises new function requirement to material. The occurrence of “5G is good luck also be a challenge, because 5G frequency is taller than 4G, especially millimeter wave band is bigger to the demand change of material, rate of this loss, taller to report of the dielectric constant of material, interpose heat conduction, electromagnetism is compatible waited for a respect to raise taller requirement. ”Hit market pain spot continuously, it is direct and efficient way probably. Accordingly, the scientists of research and development of company of contented family name have the actor drawback of material through the analysis, learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness in real product, aim from go up at all solve client pain spot. Of exhibiting another paragraph hair taste —— Tao Xi newly? Fat of silicon of TC-5550 heat conduction is one of such innovation case. Wei Peng introduces, traditional silicon fat product exists in the application of naked Die a lot of pain spot, especially power comsumption is taller and taller, the naked Die with larger and larger size, be out of shape easily because of chip, after bringing about traditional silicon fat to be handled in hot loop, from which toward all around excessive, cause “ hollow ” . As we have learned, tao Xi? Fat of silicon of TC-5550 heat conduction is the fat of heat conduction silicon of the CPU that applies to naked chip design, GPU, heat conduction rate is as high as 5.2 W/mK, have inferior thermal resistance, thinner interfacial ply, it is the distinctive recipe that devises technically in the light of naked Die, have after hot loop fight outstandingly spill over function, its shed denaturation exceedingly goodly can more facilitating printer art. The competitive pattern all the more of the market is intense, backwater not before mean backward, contented family name knows well greatly its. The technology that “ heat manages develops really special fast, also lashing conversely contented family name should take research and development and innovation seriously more; Value home market, taking innovation seriously is one of advantages of contented family name, this includes to follow domestic client or the client with lead industry is developed in coordination. ”Actually, the innovation of company of contented family name entered ” of new normal state of a kind of “ already. In each industry the current period with Protean demand of rapid development, market, the mode of innovation of Gu island type that the company shuts a door to make innovation already was shown slightly backward. Through changing inherent thinking formulary, establish brand-new innovation mechanism, firm of contented family name closes the “ that serves as a foundation to combine innovation ” develop a school of one's own with related side of value chain profit. “ contented family name has capacity of very strong core research and development, be based on powerful in the past chemical analysis ability, we are OK hand in hand each industry is gotten army enterprise, the research that does a few forward position jointly is accumulated; The development key element that additionally the talent also is contented family name, join through inducting expert of outstanding graduate, industry, the force all the more of contented family name is powerful. ” alludes the development advantage of company of contented family name, the energy of life end Liu Rongrong is very. Take research and development and innovation seriously, the fist product of company of contented family name is done more jump over “ hard ” . According to Introduction Liu Rongrong, the much money product that exhibits this won award of top class research and development approbate, include ” of ” of “R&D100 large award, “BIG innovation award, “BIG to be able to develop edison of award ” , “ to invent award ” to wait continuously.

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