Current raw material rises in price tall look forward to of freight cost becomes lie across to supply catenary to confront grim challenge in the difficult problem before manufacturing industry, appear local rupture. In enter new development level, it is important to drive industrial catenary modernization to become one annulus. In, the goal of ” of “ double carbon that carbon achieves to amount to carbon of the peak, implementation before 2060 to counteract before 2030 leads, low carbon transition entered each industry green to quicken a times in the round.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Rubber-plastic high-tech is exhibited greatly - international of     “CHINAPLAS 2022 is rubber-plastic exhibit”  of Shanghai of the regression that weigh a pound enables 360 thousand square metre to reveal area   hand in hand 4, 000+ global high grade the   that postpone business receives   along innovation science and technology before rubber-plastic of the industry brand-new challenge and times good luck
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Technical innovation prize,   of   of new opportunity of transition of green of all alone of “ carbon ” in October 2021, " the State Council about complete and accurate the opinion that carries out new development concept to do good carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract the job in the round " and " program of action of Da Feng of the carbon before 2030 " print and distribute, perforative carbon amounts to peak carbon to counteract the design carrying a layer on the head of two phase to come on stage formally. Did not come 40 years, target of ” of “ double carbon will weigh technology of structure of model economy structure, the sources of energy, production and lifestyle, accelerate the process of development of socioeconomy high quality and industrial green transition. In green of this extensive and deep the   in changing low carbon science and technology innovates specific power consumption of crucial   double specific power consumption accusing   double accuse, the company is right low cost can, efficient producer proposal demand is ardent. Zoology civilization builds   past   from in the past with extreme processing is given priority to,   begins to turn to fountainhead canal to accuse now, the process is optimized, extreme processing, trash circulates 4 link send force in coordination, drive biology plastic, can reclaim degradation material, easily, the environmental protection such as additive of reworked plastics, environmental protection can circulate material demand promotes further, the machine blowing film of complete degradation, receive a machine to reach reclaim second birth science and technology also accept market favour fully. New energy resources rises abruptly   new energy resources rises abruptly, report of smooth hot season, wind, store can, electric car, hydrogen can the burgeoning industry such as the car grows flourishingly, the new and high material of ceaseless iteration promotes the technology relevant domain braves the wind and waves. New era, new circuit has opened wide international of     “CHINAPLAS 2022 rubber-plastic exhibit”Will bring magnanimity and the   of innovation solution of diversity aids different company to explore innovation of technology of   low carbon and green to supply agitation of catenary   green to will cover whole house, 5.2 houses show concentration environmental protection theme in the center, besides biology plastic zone is mixed reworked plastics zone, innovation product if the same hotspot such as additive of environmental protection goods, environmental protection is quite much. Jie Suozeng grows a password, in all explore “ is counted wisdom the development trend   that the addition   that the   in changing   of ” stars sea to anabiosis in economic green still needs to do ” of good “ intelligence besides the subtration   that wants to do good “ carbon to discharge ” faces low carbon environmental protection is rubber-plastic job is more pressing need digitlizes this, long-range monitoring management can eliminate to produce breakdown; The manufacturing facilities conduce that accurate automation, intelligence changes defeats solution enterprise to hire the problem with not stable quality of difficult, product; Automation process monitoring and taste a canal, can help turn production continuously, carry qualitative, fall this, synergism. Digital economy tide is swept across and come   automation, informatization, little person is changed and even the   value that nobody change   to change producer style with intelligence and value will more highlight   tremendous potential remains to dig the line on   linkage line to fall further, seek CHINAPLAS+   when entire industry digitlizes transition,   is exhibited also can accelerate epidemic situation of digitlization process   to issue   of current suffocate suffocate but the demand of the market still international of “CHINAPLAS 2022 of strong     is rubber-plastic exhibit ” to buy the home for the service, have especially purchase demand strongly but the high quality that fails to visit the site buys the home, actual strength is made rubber-plastic the “ new a magic weapon of the bound”- platform of butt joint of CPS+ online supply and demand. Break through the limitation of time, space, platform rolls out rich content, brand-new function and experience, be like: More the label such as technology of the product of fractionize and applied classification, hair and hot search; Function of combinative intelligence search, buy the home to beg buy information to release a function, downstream essence follows pair of efficient supply and demand on stimulative industry catenary. Platform predicts to went up formally in January 2022 line, the communication butt joint that annual rests ceaselessly be about to open. Exhibit direct seeding of will synchronous spot is returned during can be being held, relaxed one “ nods ” , can the “ on the cloud rambles ” is exhibited. “CHINAPLAS 2022 international is rubber-plastic exhibit”With · of new power of · of “ new era sustainable innovation ” is thematic   general in April 2022 · can exhibit bridge of rainbow of · of Shanghai of strong regression of   of day of 25 - 28 center
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
“ of   of   of Ms. Liang Yaqi exhibits general manager of   of of limited company of service of elegant type exhibition can hold in Shanghai last time, already was 2018. ”“ long parted 4 years, return again, we are full of longing and excitement. Expect to meet again after a long separation, believe future more but period, exhibit currently already can have more than 4, 600 companies obligate is exhibited, reflective market demand is driving. Postpone business positive research and development is tasted newly, reach in order to respond to market quickness change brand-new demand, and will nowadays exhibit can release. We always pay close attention to the profound change that market place produces, focusing user new requirement, present a more wonderful hammer and tongs. ”

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