Make methodological photograph compare with the tradition, industrial 3D is printed provided a lot of benefit for manufacturer, reduce for instance cost and supply catenary risk, make a tool than allowing when to be awaited before more easily with more economy, the design that allows more iteration is periodic, make the client can settle the need of the problem directly. Successive fiber enhances proprietary of company of use Digital Forge (CFR) technology, the user can print a functional component that quantifies stably, gently from inside composite material, can replace metallic part. To factory setting, of the industrial 3D printer of large size introduce, can print high-powered data and CFR to increase strength, opened familiar application on larger scale not only, but opened a series of new use and dominant position, to produce the environment of be in order, be like:Automation - extreme arm tool, sensor bracket is improved continuously (CI)- cap, the tray tool clamping apparatus that accords with human body engineering - assemble clamping apparatus, custom-built and manual tool is finished eventually - installation, cap, plug, handle, bumper

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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Industrial 3D printer has all sorts of dimension and rate. Although printer of small-sized industry 3D is likely,enough prints smaller part with lower volume, but the measure that has old pattern printer provided a lot of benefit for manufacturer with power:Raise speed and precision—Printer of powerful 3D of large size industry can print a component quickly. With us printer of smaller compound Markforged 3D is compared, our new admiral printer, FX20, can print speed to be installed than inventory 8 times faster, 2 times faster than old rate. The FX20 of Markforged and [brand-new] the ULTEM™9085 that successive fiber enhances, ode can 3D prints the of scope of application that waits for an industry in aerospace and car in addition, like FX20 such large size printer has more sensor than printer of small-sized industry 3D. The spare parts prints rate not only faster, and have taller precision, dependability and quality. Print small size part at the same time—Minor part is OK at the same time batch is printed, is not to be printed alone, economic and many time is produced through small-sized quantity. Had reliable large size printer, the use setting of AM can expand, in order to satisfy the requirement of manufacturing environment. Amalgamative many are printed directly and assemble—In sheet second large part is made in the job that print, is not the joining together after a few minor part is printed is together, can save the time with many manufacturer. Print application to a lot of common industry, if curve a mould greatly, the dimension of the bed is insufficient sheet print. Below the circumstance that does not have printer of large size 3D, the time with these component additional need and energy: 1. ) disclose the part alone design according to assembling a plan, 2. ) start the many works that print, and 3. ) assemble package eventually functional spare parts.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Curve a mould to need above 10 days like such pipe (241 hours) will print, still need additional time and labour force to undertake CAD is mixed additionally assemble. Use FX20 of bigger, faster industrial 3D printer, this kind large curve a mould to be able to be in 4 days 6 hours (102 hours) inside print come out, be less than the half of the time that print. Large size while give attention to two or morethings high strenth—The bigger platform that print, odd it is as OK as longer CFR way to print print. Large the spare parts that rivals aluminous intensity can use successive fiber to undertake buildup to another end from one aspect of the matter. The part that needs much component to assemble will increase in successive fiber space is included in material. Can use high-powered thermoplastic material—Printer of 3 D of large size industry can be printed like FX20 in more composite material of large-scale high temperature, be like Ultem9085™ silk material, onyx™FR and carbon fiber FR. FX20 is printer of exclusive 3 D can print these to enhance high-powered data to add strength from successive fiber on market (CFR) .
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

When material chooses in producing equipment, it is crucial that material retains strength below high temperature condition. Use high-powered data, be like ULTEM 9085™ wire, apply at paint solidify, component gasket and high-pressured sterilization implement it is 3D print await select material very well to expect. The ability that prints on hard high temperature data can eliminate machine treatment metal or plastic need. The stuff that has property of report of suitable take to heart can serve as the asset of high-pressured application, be like the Me in usThe bus bar that makes by material of pure copper cash on Tal X system, can by protect form ULTEM™9085 wire to print protection. This kind of material has individual strength below the high temperature that needs insulation property. In addition, the chemical resistor rate of ULTEM™9085 wire is applied to can bear to be exposed continuously at all sorts of ammonia, industry acid, application that passes oxidation hydrogen and tar. FX20 is exclusive can print ULTEM™9085, have addition successive fiber to increase at the same time (the industrial 3D printer of the intensity of CFR) . Low weight, the ULTEM™9085 of material function and high strenth increases to also make with successive fiber its make aerospace application eventually the ideal of utility component. ULTEM™9085 wire is used on FX20, the application that suits a flight to prepare includes:In-house component - wallboard, cupboard door, bolt, under spare parts crust - conduit, crust, connector, bracket completes package - crust, base, plug, handle, bumperSoftware automation flow

Had like Eiger™ such software, the printer of every factory can serve as Plug and Play wisdom make a case, produce correct part quickly when need, and do not need many place add material to create professional knowledge. This is likely, because every printer is OK,control, in order to ensure version of operation of proper visit, equipment, spare parts and quality. Digital Forge makes the core system that makes spare parts production initiates a request to send every place plant by the system, through making executive system (natural resources of MES) , company plans (ERP) or company assets management (EAM) , a form code need that perhaps carries scanning is duplicate part of a body. Blacksmith meeting test and verify prints the spare parts that come out to whether can be used in the factory instantly, make a part automatically quality and but report of date from sex. Markforged contacts mailbox [email protected]

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