On October 28, bearing of 11.5 meters integral type dial is in the diameter axis of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces gets offline, niu Yugang of president of share of Yi Lai spy, president, executive president Cao Xuzhong suffers invite attend a product to get offline ceremony. Of this bearing get offline smoothly indicate the engineering capability that surpasses bearing of large whole type reachs an our country international is advanced level. To make this one exceed large bearing forging, in September 2020, axis of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces and Yilaite sign strategic cooperation agreement, you Yilai offers this bearing place to need to exceed annulus of forge of big diameter integral bearing especially. After product success consign, refresh the record that surpasses annulus of forge of bearing of large whole type. In recent years, develop as the high speed of maritime fan technology, fan power has begun to take the place of to 10-15 million watt-hour from generation of 4-8 million watt-hour leap forward, fan weight increases ceaselessly, boat of wind report installation also is shown with crane large change a trend to develop. Will tell normally, crane tonnage is bigger, the slewing ring diameter of the requirement is bigger. Accordingly, at present the rotary table diameter of 5-8 rice satisfies future very hard already the requirement of hoisting of maritime wind report. It is reported, report of 1000 tons of when this bearing will be ordered at Guangdong essence indium by installation heavy-duty and maritime wind installs a boat to go up. This boat is made by design of Hua Na shipping, among them the link of ” of “ card neck that crane bearing is this project. This second diameter of 11.5 meters of bearing getting offline is sufficient latent capacity needs inside play, the industry is gotten army the company is strong powerful combination, collective implementation is large equipment is homebred the model that turn, right the development of project of ocean of our country future will have important sense henceforth.

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