1 day, reporter from company of petrifaction of Chinese petrifaction Luoyang (petrifaction of Luoyang of the following abbreviation) know, the PPH-YJ40X of high-end colophony material of this business research and development passes an European Union successfully relevant attestation, realize small lot production at present, develop overseas market to lay solid foundation quickly for follow-up product.

Polypropylene is become by propylene polymerization, because have source wide, avirulent insipidity, intensity tall, thermal stability is good wait for an advantage, apply in the domain such as medical treatment extensive. Regard Luoyang petrifaction as the polypropylene product that makes with all one's strength, cloth of weaving of the function of business accounting of footmark of first carbon of PPH-YJ40X department home that finish blame is special polypropylene colophony.

Basis " Da Feng of industrial domain carbon implements plan " , our country wants “ to carry out industrial product green to design, run a requirement according to complete lifecycle, exploration begins ” of business accounting of product carbon footmark, among them carbon footmark is equivalent to the ” of “ carbon archives of the product, it is to show direct in whole lifecycle or some product is indirect the greenhouse gas of generation discharges summation.

Calculate data to show, every produce 1 ton of PPH-YJ40X, its carbon footmark discharges equivalent for 1543 kilogram carbon dioxide, far under international average level. Accordingly this product can come true for downstream user clean 0 discharge, carbon is counteracted, reclaim second birth is used etc, offer reliable manufacturing technology to choose plan.

Besides in green domain expression is highlighted, PPH-YJ40X is developed in the respect that fight bacterium likewise outstanding.

Rely on alloy, element to assemble, former the technical measure such as a polymerization, PPH-YJ40X can distributing the even ground such as the material of the agent that fight bacterium, active that fight bacterium, composite material that fight bacterium in end product. This product has wide chart to defy bacterium result, be more than to the rate fighting bacterium of common pathogenic bacteria 99.9% , because this can be used at production medical complementary makings, defend take, wipe cloth to wait, and with Yu Chun clean water filters, the product of blame spin cloth of the domain such as industrial depart.

Be worth what carry is, bacterium polypropylene resinous is fought in the much money such as the PPH-YJ40X that finish in development, promotion and industrial enlarge process, group of Cao comfort new expert returned Luoyang petrifaction to take the lead and participate in formulate " plastic spin cloth of weaving of blame sticking a way to use polypropylene resin " etc occupation standard, " poison of the disease-resistant that fight bacterium is not weaving cloth material " wait for group level, the scientific progress that is relevant product offerred ” of “ Luoyang surveyor's pole. In recent years, luoyang petrifaction in succession structure of health of environmental protection of much money of research and development, element the product with distinctive, superior performance, realize stable batch industrialization to produce, downstream user of the home before breaking this does not have the uses entrance product for a long time situation when spinning cloth to wait in manufacturing high end. Follow-up enterprise will quicken new product of research and development, to promote the high quality such as group of industry of data of Luoyang electron chemical industry development contributes more innovation motive force.

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