Composite material, be by two plant or the material with two kinds of not congenial above, adopt physics or chemical method, be in macroscopical (microcosmic) on the stuff that composition has new property. All sorts of material learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness each other on function, generation synergism, make integral performance excel constitutes material formerly and satisfy all sorts of different requirements of composite material. The dosage of composite material already was become measure for military use to equip the important sign of advanced sex. Of composite material arisen and rich contemporary material is familial. Have carbon fiber of quantity of high strenth, high standard, small proportion to enhance the occurrence of composite material especially, make its become of all kinds the army and the people to equip to await one of select material makings importantly.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

The classification of composite material

Composite material is OK according to base material those who enhance function of material configuration, composite material is category, different will undertake classified. 1, press base material category, composite material can be divided be metallic radical, organic metalloid base as metalloid as inorganic base, be like colophony radical, aluminium radical, titanium radical composite material; 2, by strengthen material form, composite material can be divided increase for fiber, grain increases, short staple increases, piece shape increases etc, composite material of canal of carbon of the rice that be like accept, carbon fiber; 3, press material function, composite material can be divided reach intelligent composite material for structural composite material, function composite material, if electric composite material, optical fiber, appearance remembers alloy,wait. The character of composite material

Compare with average data phase, composite material has a lot of character, ameliorable or the weakness that overcomes single material, produce the advantage of each material adequately, gift the property with new material; Can mix according to the structure of component part requirement getting power, give out book distributing performance of sound form a complete set, undertake design of material beautiful function wait.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Incorporate is in: 1, Gao Bijiang is spent and Zuo is measured than the model. The outstanding advantage of composite material is to compare intensity and the volume that compare a pattern is high. The volume comparing a pattern that enhances colophony composite material like carbon fiber is 5 times higher than steel and aluminium alloy, 3 times taller also than steel and aluminium alloy than intensity above. 2, fatigue resistance is tall. Fiber composite material, especially colophony radical composite material centers sensitivity to breach, stress small, and the interface of fiber and matrix can make patulous crackle most advanced become blunt or haul, what prevented crackle namely is rapid patulous, consequently fatigue intensity relatively Zuo , limit of exhaustion of composite material of colophony of not saturated polyester can amount to carbon fiber the 70%~80% of its tensile strength, and metallic stuff has 40%~50% only. 3, fight rupture capability is strong. There are a large number of self-existent threads in fiber composite material, general every square centimeter on thousands of go to tens of thousands of, combine them into whole by the matrix that has tenacity, when component of fiber composite material makes as a result of overload or other reason a few fiber ruptures, load is met reapportion arrives other on the fiber that did not rupture, make component part unapt happen to be destroyed suddenly inside short time. Because this composite material is had,compare fight high rupture tenacity. 4, decrease brace up performance is good. The quality of the structure from Zhen Pin rate and structural itself and appearance are concerned, the square root that measures than the model with material becomes direct ratio. Be like material lead from Zhen Pin tall, can avoid to produce resonance to reach below working status what cause from this is inchoate destroy. 5, high temperature resistant performance is good, fight creep ability strong. Because fiber material falls to still can retain higher strength in high temperature, so fiber enhances composite material, if carbon fiber enhances the hear resistance of colophony composite material,have than colophony matrix rise apparently. And composite material is in metallic radical hear resistance respect more show its advantage, the addition that follows temperature like the intensity of aluminium alloy drops very fast, and enhance aluminium radical with vycor composite material, in 40% what room temperature strength can retain below 500°C. Carborundum fiber, alumina fiber and pottery and porcelain are compound, in the high temperature of 1200~1400°C of the ability in air, should compare 100°C of all hear resistance tower above that exceed Zuo lukewarm alloy above. 6, corrosion resistance is good. A lot of kinds of composite material ability soda acid is corroded, if fibre glass enhances composite material of phenolic aldehyde colophony, can use for a long time in the acidity medium that contains chloric ion, usable will make be able to bear or endure the equipment such as the chemical conduit of strong acid, salt, ester and certain dissolvent, pump, a powerful person, container and beater. 7, more admirable anti-friction sex, wearability, self-lubricating quality. Because workmanship of composite material component is simple, show good technical properties, suit whole to shape so. Making composite material while, also obtained make, reduced the number of component, fastener and connect thereby, can save raw material and man-hour. Composite material reachs application in the development of domain of aviation national defence

The development that the development of composite material equips to aviation is having important sense. Plane performance half depends on design, other in part depends on material. The actor bad of material is right sex of body of speed, height, range, maneuverability, concealed, enlist in army sex of life, on the safe side, but the apodeictic major effect since the function such as maintainability. According to statistic, the plane is decreased there is 70% in weighing is contributed by progress of aviation material technology. Use carbon fiber enhances colophony radical the plane of composite material, reducing plane weight, reduce fuel, reduce maintenance cost and lengthen a plane there is clear advantage on service life. 1, military airplane

The 20%-50% that holds weight of complete machine construction into dosage of the composite material in military plan first at present differs, the position that basically uses composite material includes rectification cover, equal remaining part, hang down box of end, calm tail surface, wing, medium before airframe. If composite material holds plane gross weight 50% the left and right sides, complete machine majority structural member is made by composite material, if B-2 is invisible bomber. 2, civil aircraft

Composite material experienced 4 processes probably in the application of civilian machine. ▲ level, 20 centuries 70 time metaphase, composite material basically applies at sufferring cover of lid of the leading edge with lesser force, mouth, commutate, faze to flow board wait for component part to go up. ▲ the 2nd phase, 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, composite material basically applies in get the component part such as aileron of the elevator with lesser force, front of a garment. ▲ the 3rd phase, composite material application is in get power bigger hang down on the component such as end, equal remaining part. For example Boeing of 777 planes hang down end, equal remaining part used composite material, 11% what composite material holds structural gross weight. ▲ the 4th phase, composite material basically suffers in the plane on force component wing, airframe get applied. The composite material dosage of 787 dreams plane is Boeing 50% , exceeded the total of the metallic stuff weight such as aluminous, steel, titanium. 3, helicopter

For military use, civil all use carbon fiber composite material in great quantities with light-duty helicopter, dosage of helicopter composite material already achieved the 40%-60% of structural heft. For example, the composite material of American gunship RAH-66 makes dosage is 50% ; The composite material of European NH-90 helicopter makes dosage is achieved 80% , be close to structure of complete composite material. 4, unmanned aircraft

For military use is having pressing demand again to decreasing without man-machine, because this composite material applies on unmanned aircraft in great quantities. For example, the composite material dosage of aircraft of American X-45 series amounts to 90% above; X-47 series aircraft basically is plane of complete composite material, dosage of composite material of unmanned scout of “ eagle ” is amounted to 65% , among them wing, empennage, hind cover of airframe, large radar all make by composite material; The case that European experiment atttacks ” of stunk of unmanned aircraft “ remotely to wait without ” of man-machine “ mullet, United States is basic also and such. 5, aviation engine

The dosage of composite material and occupy measure aviation engine than also be being become a magnanimity of advanced degree. Composite material compares colophony radical exceedingly goodly intensity and performance of the volume that compare a pattern are heavy to pushing those who compare aviation engine high to decrease, improve propulsive efficiency, reduce noise and discharge and reduce cost to wait to have important sense, basically apply on the Leng Duan component of aviation engine, working temperature is under 150-200 ℃ , for example engine of fan of lamina of compressor of eddy fan engine, oriented lamina and its frame component, eddy is nose awl and rectification device. On the component that heat up end, wait for the requirement of special condition as a result of high temperature, radical of metallic radical, pottery and porcelain and carbon / composite material is having carbon to should apply again. SiC long fiber enhances titanium radical composite material (Ti-MMC) have Gao Bijiang to spend, it is good to compare stiffness, high temperature resistant, fatigue resistance high as good as creep function good point, ti-MMC Xie Huan replaces compressor dish can make component is decreased heavy 70% . Will use metallic radical annulus of leaf of lamina of compressor of prospective aviation engine and specular lamina, whole, casing and turbine wheel shaft composite material undertakes production. Radical of pottery and porcelain the key that composite material is research of high temperature data all the time, the engine part that careful pottery and porcelain and nitrogen spend silicon to make can be below 1371 ℃ temperature the job, function even alloy of excel high temperature. 6, industry of war industry of other national defense

Fiber enhances composite material to have radiative, adiabatic, high temperature resistant wait for character, apply extensively on spaceflight industry. Colophony of high strenth fibre glass base composite material can use as long-range rocket and material of construction of empty empty missile mix multibarrel be able to bear or endure ablation heat-insulating material, realized spray pipe astringent paragraph, outspread paragraph wear integration with empennage, reduced weapon quality greatly, improve tactical performance. Carbon fiber composite material also received better application on solid rocket motor, model of a lot of missile all used the solid rocket motor of composite material. All used the emissive tube of advanced composite material missile of ”M of poplar of “ of missile of strategic missile MX, Russia strategy missile. Composite material technology also has ship vessel to develop quickly, reached actual application level basically already, simplify make, the focal point that drops cost to make current technology. American navy equips to had used composite material in great quantities. The chaser of limejuicer also installed the integrated mast of composite material of the construction that place core, have concealed body, reduce aerial to safeguard wait for a characteristic. Composite material of our country aviation develops

From 20 centuries 60 time begin the research that undertakes composite material applies on plane structure, development of 70 time metaphase succeeded wainscot of intake duct of composite material battleplan, contained composite material to hang down 1985 the battleplan of end flies successfully, successful 1995 development contains the composite material wing of integral gasoline tank. Current, home is almost all all used composite material on different component in battle military plan. At present home was formed with annulus oxygen, double Ma Heju acyl inferior the composite material system that amine is main collective, in order to heat up frit beforehand the composite material that dip production technology and autoclave figuration technology give priority to shapes technical system. Colophony of our country aviation base the mechanical function of composite material is already preliminary and contented advocate bear the requirement of force structure, unifinication job still is in structural —— function to grind beforehand, low cost technology is more fragile still. Aviation colophony base the airframe before the composite material application on active service plane includes, hang down all sorts of clapboard of ala of end, equal remaining part, aileron, rudder, duck, ventral, wing, mouths are built etc. The application on helicopter basically includes ala coming back, hang down end, airframe and scull. On new generation military plan, composite material basically applies in ala of wing, duck, empennage, hang down end, medium port of airframe wainscot, ventral, weapon, 19% what dosage achieves structural heft. The composite material dosage of large transport is in 10% the left and right sides, basically use in hang down end, equal remaining part, rudder, elevator, flap, aileron, distill piece etc. The composite material dosage of new generation helicopter is in 34% the left and right sides, basically have cant beam, equal remaining part, commutate bridge of cover, envelope, end, medium airframe side wainscot, part bear force structure makes to the use of composite material the applied dimensions of composite material had substaintial change. Predict the breakthrough as relevant composite material and structural material technology, dosage of the composite material in homebred military plan will raise future 25% the left and right sides, decrease heavy efficiency by 20% rise 30% , wait in wing, airframe advocate bear on force structure more adoption composite material, decrease heavy while composite material of will sufficient play body of anti-corrosive, concealed, maintain the dominant position such as form antenna.

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