A few days ago, electric power of green of Enel of Italian energy company and Switzerland store can company EnergyVault signs cooperative agreement, claim to will develop a kind to use jointly retire the gravity that fan lamina makes store can system, this also is the another exploration that industry retires in the light of fan lamina. The statement that both sides issues jointly shows, in all components of wind electric field, blade because its special material nature, it is difficult the part that is reclaimed. For this, enel green electric power and EnergyVault company discard joint research fan lamina, with period apply its in gravity store can in the system. As we have learned, this are gravitational store can the system basically is developed by EnergyVault, technical principle and pump water harbour can the system is similar, the solid data that uses chunk serves as gravitational potential energy store can medium, store when drive up surplus electric power, electric power is given off when need. Last year in July, the gravity of this company store can the system already entered commercial demonstrative phase. “ fan lamina is main by fibre glass or carbon fiber and other data compound and into, have taller material stability and data strength, in gravity store can in the system, the solid material that this one material makes can prolong systematic life effectively, cost is relative also lower. ”Enel green electric power is in charge of IreneFastelli high to point out. According to the agreement that Enel green electric power and EnergyVault reach, both sides already analysed the business of law of this one party to use feasibility at present, research subsequently this system uses the feasibility that applies in the power station in business. If the project goes well, business will be obtained to use gravity by this year store can the research report result of the power station. In fact, expire as life of wind electric field retire tide goes gradually asymptotic, the processing technique that the deserted material such as blade also accelerated inside course of study is explored, divide application at gravity store can outside the system, break blade into pieces material of interfuse housing materials, lamina to decompose undertake reclaiming coming true circular using waiting for burgeoning means also more and more be paid close attention to inside course of study.

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