On March 3, the reporter learns from academy of carrier rocket technology, 3 solid carrier rocket already finished the nimble dragon that always stresses development by this courtyard project approving, development work will spread out in the round, the plan experiments at having second flight 2022. Rocket of nimble dragon series is the product of series solid carrier rocket that academy of carrier rocket technology belongs to limited company of long march rocket to faced commercial spaceflight to launch the market to roll out 2019, include nimble dragon dragon of one date, nimble dragon of 2 date, nimble 3 3 model. Before this, nimble dragon a rocket already flew at succeeding in August 2019, the plan will finish 2-3 this year second emissive task. Nimble dragon 3 rockets are diameter of body of the arrow in rocket of nimble dragon series cover of strong, commutate includes big, locomotive faculty the model with large space of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, use 4 class solid body series connection compose, arrow body big diameter 2.64 meters, takeoff quality 140 tons, orbit of synchronism of 500 kilometre sun (SSO) locomotive ability 1.5 tons, deployed a diameter at the same time cover of 3.35 meters composite material commutate. 3 rockets aim at nimble dragon wholesale group net launchs coming commercial satellite demand, have one arrow of “ the much star of 20 stars ” and above emissivity, can reduce the emissive cost of unit load to every kilograms of 10 thousand dollar, have stronger market competition ability. It is reported, 3 rockets will be in nimble dragon place of limited company of long march rocket belongs to Shandong sea in relief subsidiary to finish general assembly to check, direct have a change of luck arrives after on emissive boat carry out maritime blast off, break for many times decompose tear open the tradition of outfit to measure hair mode, hopeful honors contract of commercial emissive service fix a date to shorten to 6 months, raise a rocket to launch efficiency considerably. The development project approving of 3 rockets will perfect nimble dragon further commercial rocket chart, occupational commerce spaceflight launchs academy of technology of the carrier rocket that help strength market new upland.

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15-18 December

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