The Lewatit after Lang Cheng also can be used at exceeding pure water to apply     to upgrade now with the ion exchange colophony at deoxidize can be used at electronic industry and   of   of small system technology need not hydric can catalytic purify crosses Shanghai of   of oxidation hydrogen   , —— become privileged learned to taste company Lang Chengsheng level on September 28, 2021 the resin of ion exchange of Lewatit K 7333 that its use at electronic industry deoxidize to apply. Now, the recipe photograph of improvement polymer matrix and modified is united in wedlock, can produce the anion of sex of alkali of mix into palladium with a tall purity to exchange an agent, this product can use what polishing craft place needs at producing semiconductor to make He Jingyuan to exceed pure water (UPW) . In this one domain, can use a course only special a future life of depurative ion exchange agent produces the water with extremely high purity. Regard ion exchange resinous as one of banner manufacturer, lang Cheng devotes oneself to to pass this kind of new-style product to win more client in electronic industry, consolidate its market position. Face pioneering application to upgrade   of successful product   in recent years, ion exchange agent is used successfully already at the oxygen in water of catalytic purify craft. “ contains oxygen current classics to carry the filter of Lewatit K 7333. Be in refluent in, hydric pass filter. Ion exchange agent removes mix into palladium here the action of activator. In process of ’ of ‘ cold combustion, hydric with oxygen reaction generates water. Liquid of ” Lang Cheng purifies a technology (LPT) Hans-Jürgen Wedemeyer of manager of sale of business department technology introduces. Another application of Lewatit K 7333 is issueing catalytic purify H2O2 without hydric circumstance (cross oxidation hydrogen) . This technology is used increasingly at production to exceed pure water. The quality that produces with this kind of means is higher exceed pure water current demand is bigger, because removed to the smaller and smaller module in semiconductor industry, rudimental ion content is by demarcate inside Ppt/ppq limits. Below good case, TOC (total organic carbon) content should is in detect be restricted. “ is mixed as the buildup of module perfect, stricter and stricter to the purity requirement of water, this is meant it is more and more important to reduce the grain amount inside accept rice limits considerably. ”Wedemeyer say. To reach these low-down values, need is used special ultraviolet the lamp. This kind of lamp can oxidize any remain in water organic matter, generation CO2. Next, ion exchange agent absorbs CO2, bicarbonate of its translate into salt. Ultraviolet a side-effect in lamp processing process is to be able to have formed oxidation hydrogen (spoke is solved) , the ion exchange agent with downstream attaint. This will increase TOC, form grain in agent of downstream ion exchange. Lewatit K 7333 of mix into palladium can cross what spoke solution forms oxidation hydrogen to fall to low Ppt limits, itself of ion exchange agent can cause very small TOC, grain or rudimental ion pollution only. This technology has used “ at a lot of new plants, and be in existing factory undertake improvement. Accordingly, we predict the demand of agents of pair of ion exchange of Lewatit K 7333 can increase, so that we satisfy semiconductor industry,to water purity day beneficial asks strictly. ”Wedemeyer say. The   of   of agent of corporeal —— ion exchange with indispensable law of electronic industry wet chemistry is in microelectronics component and production of cell of accept rice electron, round to the brilliant that photoetching involves treatment or complex wet chemical law, exceeding pure water is indispensable composition. Afore-mentioned craft are used at making semiconductor component, for example diode of chip of computer processor, memory, glow (LED) , liquid crystal (LC) with LED monitor and module of smooth hot season. Exceed pure water to still be used at small system technology, the part of micro computer instrument that this technology uses at make and machining tiny pump, electrical micro-machine and place of tiny a powerful person or family to need. Exceeding pure water is prevent or in purify nicety structure small the important precondition of the deposit to accept rice class or impurity, these material if not purify, can bring about manufacturing stoppage and extremely tall percent defective. “ the size as electronic component is smaller and smaller, the requirement also is in the quality of pure to exceeding water to promote ceaselessly. ”Wedemeyer expresses.

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