Science of Australian national defence and technical orgnaization (DSTO) the aviation that belongs to and marine research lab ever had published a very significant overview paper, relatively comprehensive ground elaborated western ship vessel the applied demand of content of composite material structure, limits and direction of its research and development, and relatively gave out systematically the applied current situation of content of structure of submarine composite material and development program (see a picture 1) .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
See by the graph, the applied range of composite material is very wide, applied object not structure of the blame compression housing of submarine of be confined to, appendages, device reachs his accessory equipment, already expanded gradually even advocate bear the weight of each model plant construction content, for example base of shafting, airscrew, equipment.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In addition, the development course of German submarine technology also is the classic case that project of content of structure of submarine composite material uses. Current, the development characteristic of technology of structure of submarine composite material got be reflectinged adequately in design of German submarine structure. By the graph 2 show structure of German submarine composite material from on 60 time come the century to develop course at present. Visible, the application of structure of submarine composite material has at least the following 3 basic characteristics: 1) applied limits escalate. Go up century 60 time, direct only on 209-1100 submarine room surround housing and superstructure local used composite material detachable board overspread body with diversion; Go up century 70 time end, 209 model the much that submarine direct room surrounds housing and superstructure used composite material in the round; After 21 centuries, 212 model and 214 model the composite material that submarine uses is outspread arrived construction of the appendages structure such as helm, ala and housing of shipboard blame compression, what compression structure is not outside realizing shipboard basically is complete enclothe. 2) configuration develops ceaselessly, present diversity. Inchoate composite material configuration basically adds muscle board to wear a structure for simple case, 209 model submarine is the mixture application that simple case adds muscle and interlining texture, interlining structure plan is adopted in the round after Israel navy designs submarine of built class of “ cowfish ” . 3) data system is perfected newlier ceaselessly, functional sex designs a feature to be shown gradually. Main show is the GRP change to CFRP system. CFRP structure photograph is lighter than GRP construction heft, stiffness is characteristic more actor. According to document, after applying superstructure of PVC bubble interlining and direct room to surround the structure such as housing in the round, german navy thinks construction of submarine application composite material is total to rising the abundant of the design is spent and flexibility is very advantageous. Accordingly, nearly 10 come for years, the high pressure that German navy begins to change development to composite material enrages bottle, airscrew to wait for crucial device. Current, development course is very clear already, project application is more successful also. Outside dividing 2 afore-mentioned classic case, about western navy the system of content of structure of composite material of powerful nation submarine applies delicacy to have a story, public data also is lacked relatively. However, typical applied case is not scarce however, basically include: Carapace of composite material compression, operate control face (helm and ala) , compositive type is the structure inside spiral lifting device, cabin and unit system, deep-sea go implement etc. The main purpose that composite material structure uses boat of inchoate naval vessel is to solve ship structure to corrode with hunt / the low magnetization problem of mine sweeping naval ships, what reach sex of its structure function as the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of new material however is ceaseless disentomb (for example, interlining of damp tie interlining, bubble of light qualitative tall stiffness, Gao Tousheng glass reinforced plastics and exceed material interlining to wait) , waited for a technology in order to reduce garage of integrated and light crust of the sound insulation that structural heft is a purpose composite material, compositive mast and composite material to receive project application. In recent years, conduit of gush of ala of the cover of diversion of composite material sonar that has demand of concealed body function, helm, airscrew, pump, chimney and pipeline system, also enter alignment of equipment of advanced ship ship gradually. This shows, the applied demand of composite material structure surmounts ship vessel already the category of traditional structure, and design be in harmony to be an organic whole with sex of overall performance, function and integrated safeguard sex, and closely related each other. In contemporary ship vessel composite material structure uses a project in, the connotation of one word of ” of “ composite material already no longer the plywood of layer of glass reinforced plastics on meaning of tradition of bureau be confined to, all sorts of high-powered fiber (for example, fiber of fiber of carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon, excel in polyethylene) with colophony (for example, all sorts of modified annulus oxygen, phenolic aldehyde low cost resinite that apply to ocean environment are fastened) ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Shipbuilding industry accepts the order the quantity is successive 3 years the 2nd, 7 years, the market with baronial, broad future is having dimensions taller composite material and product requirement; The composite material application of shipbuilding industry is in start level, composite material product demands exceeds supply, achievement of more forward position science and technology repeatedly wait for industrialization. Implement 945 programs to be carried out in the round, drive shipping and catenary of industry of marine project composite material to optimize upgrade, study communicates craft of the advanced technique of domestic and international shipping and marine project composite material and goods, forward position and tendency of the market, branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild and answer ability network sponsor forum of “2021 shipping and height of application of marine project composite material and plant site to demonstrate to groom jointly the expert scholar deepness that meeting ” invites shipping and marine engineering field discusses communication, stress study communicates current situation of technology of this domain composite material, application current situation and market development trend. This second forum theme is " shipping quantifies " as gently as marine project. Forum will make trade report by secretary-general of branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild, invite famous boat look forward to scholar of expert of place of courtyard of technologist, scientific research makes professional report, make delegate attending the meeting understands this domain composite material objectively to use the current situation deep, say a technology, talk about application, analyse market, compose builds ” of market of terminal of — of equipment of — of goods of — of material of a “ not to have the entire industry catenary that seams a butt joint to optimize platform. The achievement of scientific research of goods of partial composite material that forum still plans to reveal school of domestic scientific research, build case grind produce butt joint platform, be helpful for an enterprise carrying a design on the head to reach adjust a program, lead dominant position is held in competition of market of domestic systemic circulation. In the meantime, houseboat of ship of river dragon boat, sunbird still sees arrangement during forum two boats look forward to, the spot learns the manufacturing process of composite material goods. Invite sincerely expert of domain of domestic and international composite material, scholar, entrepreneur and industry colleague to arrive at congress, conspire answer material new tomorrow. Sponsor composite material website of   of branch of a light boat of boat of guild of industry of unit   shipping   assist composite material is in fine of Bo of   of topic for discussion of congress of the   in doing unit   to collect shipping and current situation of application of marine engineering field and composite material of trend   carbon fiber are in shipping and marine project application: On November 24, 2021 -   of   of relevant item of 26 days of   1. Meeting Wu expends member of network of standard   answer ability: 3000 yuan / person,   of person of blame member 3800/ includes data of conference entrance ticket, conference, meal, accommodation to unite arrangement, charge provides for oneself. 2. Meeting Wu cost presses a requirement to be collected ahead of schedule please assign account, meeting Wu group is centralized open bill, data of make out an invoice sends mailbox please: Contact of   of [email protected]   means signing up:   of Yu Zhen connects a telephone call: 186 5346 3667
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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