Data shows, this year in September, produce and sale of car of new energy resources finishs 353 thousand to mix 357 thousand respectively, all grow 1.5 compared to the same period times. Only this year half an year, home is new register register car of new energy resources to amount to 1.103 million, grow 234.9% compared to the same period, achieve the history new tall. Car of new energy resources is lying under exuberant demand, raw material of batteries of car of new energy resources of your upper reaches goes up greatly, caused a series of chain reaction then. Raw material insanity rises     on October 11, course of study of lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province releases raw material supplier the condition cases, announce complete range of products will remove metallic lithium on October 12 every tons go up move 100 thousand yuan. Industry of lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province expresses, raw material of department of the reason that move price rises continuously reach electric power to supply an influence, metallic lithium cost promotes be caused by considerably. Course of study of lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province moves the explanation of valence to say to its, because raw material rises continuously,reach electric power to supply an influence, metallic lithium cost promotes be caused by considerably. To another name for Jiangxi Province the whole line of the product below standard of industry of sharp edge lithium rises in price, china achieve negotiable securities to express, lithium price achieves historical new Gao Ke can be new start only, look from metaphase, car of new energy resources drives growth of demand high speed, overlay attack is released slow, aggravate supply gap, in the long run, the demand such as cobaltic Copper Foil of prospective lithium nickel is high grow but period, lithium mine suffers resource to restrict or appear continuously breach. This also is meant, upriver raw material lithium resource price will rise further. Actually, will begin in September from this year, lithia of carbonic acid lithium, hydrogen, electrolyte waited prices of a variety of lithium raw material a moment to had appeared of different level grow, rising amount to even double. And in dynamical cell raw material, cobaltic ” of more more precious than metallic lithium rare metal “ also is rising continuously. Report of CCTV finance and economics shows, up to on October 8, cobaltic price already from last year will be less than 240 thousand yuan in April every tons rise in price reach 380 thousand yuan every tons, go up nearly 60% . And increase continuously to the demand of cobaltic resource as sequel, this one price may continue to rise. Appear the main reason of this one phenomenon is the rapid increase because of demand of car of new energy resources. Although cars of many new energy resources advocate it is difficult to encounter during National Day “ charges ” problem, but consumer is not decreased as before to the enthusiasm of car of new energy resources. It is difficult that one when release in sina car charges about # National Day whether to shake what you buy the determination # of car of new energy resources is voting in, the netizen of more than 50% chooses to be done not have, most person shows, appear it is difficult to charge it is special situation only, car of new energy resources goes a respect to still be worth to buy in short distance, this also makes clear, the consumer addition to demand of car of new energy resources still is prospective trend. Of the raw material that causes from this soare, the instant breaks the balance of whole industry catenary, cause a series of chain reaction. Cost raises high-end batteries breach to pull big   to exceed expectant growth as car of new energy resources, batteries of car of new energy resources is supplied face test, although battery business is being produced in the enlarge of without a stop, but the pressure that cannot resist supply to carry raw material to bring however. With pure electric car commonly used lithium battery is exemple, lithium battery raw material basically has negative pole material, electrolyte and diaphragmatic etc, and the crucial raw material that positive electrode material and electrolyte are lithium battery, include lithia of carbonic acid lithium, hydrogen to wait a moment among them. But in fact, it is big country of lithium salt treatment, dan Li resource counts an import however, 2019, the fundamental lithium salt that home uses oneself lithium resource to machine is close 65 thousand tons, the others counts an import basically. As lithium resource and other precious metal even more precious, raw material is supplied not as good as, bring about cost to be pulled further litre, pull even big the breach of ” of “ batteries barren. Of batteries material soare bring about downstream many in on cost of experience of small cell company rise, meanwhile, car look forward to collects main order in head battery manufacturer, bring about what can't bear cost heavy burden originally is medium small cell manufacturer cannot be changed through dimensions reduce cost, and head battery manufacturer cannot digest all order again temporarily, bring about batteries to be not supplied on. This year year by August, president of honeycomb the sources of energy holds CEO Yang Gong concurrently new express, raw material of dynamical cell key rises in price is market action, short-term inside did not answer way, those who perplex battery business is the issue that cannot buy raw material. He still expresses, at present the yield of dynamical power cell can breach should be in 30%-50% , the product structure with different company is relative. This year, next year, the year after next, we are forecasted even fall all the time dynamical cell was produced 2025 can more nervous. ”Raw material is mad go up, batteries cost also is in when the river rises the boat goes up too. The senior engineer is produced grind the pacing at the beginning of lithium report institute calculates, raw material rises in price bring about cost of theory of dynamical lithium battery to go up more than 30% . The dynamical cell manufacturer of the full “ of ” basin full earthen bowl that this lets earn it seems that, standing the risk that gain space is squashed actually. This year first half of the year, lithium of peaceful heart times, Biyadi, 100 million abb can wait for different battery business to all appear the circumstance that wool interest rate glides. OK and computative, if tall still house does not leave raw material price, do not eliminate the possibility that batteries cost promotes further. Battery plant grabs mine leader plant to build car of batteries   new energy resources to be in prosperous phase, no matter car look forward to still is battery manufacturer, unwilling drop chain because of batteries. Accordingly, battery manufacturer is in the seeks lower cost way of do one's best. On September 29, course of study of lithium of millennium of trade of Canadian lithium salt announces, peaceful heart age agrees with 377 million add yuan (add up to 1.96 billion yuan about) the price buys this company, at the same time break down before this with another name for Jiangxi Province respect of course of study of sharp edge lithium reachs buy cooperative agreement. This is peaceful heart times and another name for Jiangxi Province the achievement that introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad “ of cut of the ” after course of study of sharp edge lithium entered the seesaw battle that is as long as two months must come to. Besides peaceful heart times, lithium of 100 million abb also can become a shareholder at the beginning of this year Hua You of big cobaltic smelt bibcock is cobaltic course of study, hold a Congo secondhand (gold) many gold mine. Make corresponding motion besides batteries before last outside, car look forward to also against a rainy day. Before this, BMW, people has bought a share supplier of raw material of domestic much home. For example, the masses ever pulled hand another name for Jiangxi Province course of study of sharp edge lithium, of the product of lithium chemical industry that did not come in order to ensure 10 years supply. Gao Cheng analyses a person of exemplary virtue to show, raw material rises will drive batteries to rise in price about 18% , to reduce integral cost, car look forward to begins to seek the batteries technology of lower cost. October 9, colourful comes the car releases battery of lithium of 3 yuan of iron, walk along “ batteries to mix take “ course. And in fact, such, cost is driven is very big reason. Although battery of 3 yuan of lithium is good, with the nickel cobaltic manganese that arrive 3 kinds of raw material all are precious metal, price tall house does not fall, cost cans be imagined. And battery of lithium of 3 yuan of iron has stronger than lithium of phosphoric acid iron performance, but one kind goes up to still belong to lithium salt however in the use of raw material, the data that basically uses is phosphorous iron, reduce integral cost further. This also is why one of main reasons that major car look forward to begins to use cell of lithium of phosphoric acid iron. In addition, BMW also expresses, passing what innovation technology reduces pair of rare raw material to use, its cobaltic content reduces inadequacy in the material of electric core anode of cell of power of the Five Dynasties 10% , increased the use amount of recycle nickel material 50% , system of drive of electric power of EDrive of the Five Dynasties uses rare land no longer. To cost issue, on congress of car of 2021 new energy resources, be versed in Xin Guobin of the undersecretary that believe a ministry ever expressed, at present cost of new energy resources still on the high side, cell of power of component of electric car key faces the pressure that the mineral products resource such as lithium, cobaltic, nickel is ensured and rises in price, industry letter ministry will be accelerated together with relevant section as a whole, increase safeguard capacity. Raw material rises guide the look forward to that get a car and heart of dynamical cell business have uneasiness, after all, another of batteries is the demand with fervent car of new energy resources, below this kind of circumstance, dynamical cell business and even car look forward to must use large capacity, master resource as far as possible.

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