Will enter end in September, but the busy season feature of 10 ” did not show Jin Jiuyin of “ of market of not saturated colophony, contrary, in downstream demand low fan, the multiple benefit sky such as macroscopical sudden incident is affected below, colophony market performance is exhausted weak, intent of downstream enterprise stock up flatly, colophony enterprise manages money of the platoon that press sheet, the share drops negative reduction of output. Altitude of raw material “ deeply cold ” , overlay breaks out incident, not do one's best of downstream stock up, colophony start working glides once more     already entered a week of National Day around stage by stage at present, but the circumstance that market of not saturated colophony did not appear to center stock up downstream, investigate its reason, because not saturated resinous is main since September,be on one hand raw material once more wide cut rises, cost pressure issues colophony enterprise to go up in succession v commodity quoted price, be down cost move, face costly raw material, although downstream factory is in the part,fear going up stock up explores below the mood, but resentment is apparent in light of whole, colophony enterprise reacts generally purpose of downstream stock up is not high. On the other hand, near future Fujian breaks out incident influence, partial colophony reachs shutdown of downstream factory passivity, and with the Huadongde that Jiangsu gives priority to the area also is faced with production to restrict once more, affect partial colophony and downstream factory production. Stock up demand anticipates not as good as, overlay is macroscopical sudden element, bring about the near future mood of market of not saturated colophony drops in temperature, course of study person also follow to lose to the confidence of busy season.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Not saturated colophony is produced superfluous and can outstanding, downstream spending is low fan become normal     actually, of demand of not saturated colophony low confuse and behave not only this year. Look from data of nearly 10 years, not saturated resinous produces country can appear to increase a current steadily, however consumption is not synchronous however change, appeared to enjoy growth nearly 5 years even, 2016-2021 year home is not saturated resinous year all consumption is in 1.09 million tons around (numerical value was 2021 forecast) , average increase rate is made an appointment with - 0.35% , colophony produces can superfluous circumstance to see one spot. Occupy from downstream consumption look than coming, glass reinforced plastics and stone material are brunt of not saturated resinous downstream, in the meantime, these two industries also wait with estate, capital construction suffer closely related the industry with bigger impact of macroscopical adjusting control, in addition, colophony of not saturated colophony is provided in home appliance, articles for daily use, Wei Yujie wait for terminal product to go up to also have wide application, and these boom level that reach terminal industry downstream, have on macroscopical data of nearly 10 years reflect apparently. 2011-2020 year, the growth of total production value of domestic estate investment, bldg. and social consumable turnover all puts delay somewhat, also from flank confirm what not saturated colophony consumes a circumstance is low fan. Benefit sky is conducted up, performance of raw material market also anticipates     near future is not saturated not as good as of colophony market exhausted weak, to raw material 2 glycol also form certain benefit sky, enter in September up to now, of Hua Dong haven deliver goods the circumstance is not lukewarm not fire, maintain in day all 1200 tons level, and around of the Mid-autumn Festival falls as plant of Hua Dong portion negative reduction of output, the haven of 2 glycol delivers goods the volume drops apparently, day of area of two mainstreams library all will hold 18-21 day in September the car delivers goods the quantity is controlled for 648 tons only, the market after the section before the section is handed in cast atmosphere to also tend delicate, the price is broken through up show slightly lack of power. In light of short line, the sudden incident of short duration of Fujian area did not see inflection point, the colophony business stop work inside area of focal point of current and only part, but be in downstream low below confused condition, colophony start working and the demand to raw material still have glide risk; Go into operation of company of Hua Dong region shows inadequacy slightly, the promotion before the National Day anticipates finite. In light of whole, market of short line colophony moves or show slightly delicate, circumstance of company go into operation needs to pay close attention to continuously.

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