One, fibre glass enhances material for the mainstream, the technology pulls movables to taste a structure to upgrade

1.1 Bo fine enhances material as the mainstream, downstream application can cover traffic field

Fibre glass is with pyrophyllite, quartz arenaceous, limestone mineral for raw material, cooperate the frit of high temperature of industrial chemicals classics such as soda ash, boric acid to make, the fiber that pulls the craft such as gauze of silk, sth resembling a net, weaving to be made enhances material; Traditional metallic material and metalloid data phase are compared, bo fine is had high temperature resistant, fight corrode, intensity tall, proportion is light, outspread small it is good to reach dielectric protecties wait for character. Fibre glass composite material is reach its goods with fibre glass (Bo fine gauze, cloth, felt) to enhance material, it is base material with synthetic resin, via the function that compound craft is made and becomes material; Bo fine answer material acceded not only the advantage of Bo fine oneself, still have managing the sources of energy, design to be spent freely big, and adaptability is wide wait for a characteristic. At present Bo fine kind occupy enhance whole of fiber answer material about 90% , use extensively at building, industry to be in charge of coal tub, car and traffic to carry, electron the domain such as report of electric, wind. Bo fine diversity decides Bo fine enhances material diversity development. Current, fine of the Bo on international already should be amounted to with breed 5, 000 a variety of, 60, utility of 000 many norms, breed and norms with annual and average growth 1, 000-1, 500 kinds speed is swift and violent develop, the fibre glass with various category also decided fibre glass enhances the diversity of material.

Fibre glass enhances material to be able to divide gauze of the fine that it is Bo to enhance composite material and Bo fine felt to enhance composite material by the type that enhances material; Differ according to matrix resinous, can divide the fine that it is Bo to enhance hot solid sex composite material and Bo fine increase thermoplastic composite material, among them Bo fine enhances hot solid sex composite material basically originallies with heat if sexual colophony is not saturated colophony of polyester colophony, epoxy resin, phenolic aldehyde, vinyl ester colophony for matrix, thermoplastic with polypropylene colophony (PP) , polyamide (PA) give priority to. The Bo fine of diversity enhances material performance each different, laid a foundation to get used to the demand of different domain.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Bo fine enhances composite material to already formed whole industry chain, applied field is extensive. Current, bo fine industry already was formed arrive from goods of Bo fine, Bo fine Bo fine the whole industry catenary of composite material, industry of its upper reaches involves excavate, chemical industry, the sources of energy, downstream industry involves traffic of electric equipment of building building materials, electron, orbit, petro-chemical, car to make wait for traditional industry domain and spaceflight aviation, wind-force to generate electricity, filter remove dust, the burgeoning domain such as environmental project, marine project. Demand of fine of traffic domain Bo is occupied than 16% , still have promotion space relatively. According to OC statistic, the field was constructed in fibre glass market 2020 (include structure of the residence, business, water store carry) Bo fine demand occupies 35 % about; Traffic is carried (car, lorry, bus, train, nautical etc) occupy 26 % about, the consumptive domain such as electronic electric equipment 15% , industrial domain (tubal canister) 13% , wind report and energy field 11% . Domain of application of domestic Bo fine and similar, but traffic carriage domain is occupied than 16% , comparatively exemple still has certain promotion space. 1.2 technologies upgrade improve material performance, long Bo fine increases thermoplastic material predominate

Arrive from hot solid thermoplastic, arrive from short Bo fine long Bo fine, fine of car domain Bo applies setting to be developed continuously. 20 centuries since 30 time fibre glass comes out, how better Bo fine use at enhancing composite material to become heat issue. 20 centuries middle period, people originallies fibre glass and heat first sexual colophony phase is complex, the hot solid sex that rolls out what SMC is a delegate composite material, the door that can be used at the car, bumper make. 1972 people second use fibre glass felt do enhance material, research and development gives GMT namely Bo fine felt increases thermoplastic material, much application carries canopy, engine on the head to protect a cover to wait at seat framework, car. 20 centuries 90 time, long Bo fine is thermoplastic of material LFT roll out, will apply a domain to extend to the end of dial of car front bracket, appearance, car fender. Current Bo fine enhances material technology to promote considerably, applied domain also widens apparently. The pace that grows from the technology is judged, bo fine heightens the development trend of material whole: Enhance hot solid sex by Bo fine composite material increases to Bo fine thermoplastic composite material develops, enhance composite material to enhance composite material development to long Bo fine by short Bo fine. Arrive from hot solid thermoplastic

Fine of Bo of SMC material open enhances material craft to change applied gate. SMC is fine of a kind of Bo enhance hot solid sex composite material, be by the definition but of compression moulding, a shape of B rank is hot solid sex composite material, be a kind of special configuration essentially beforehand dip makings. Early SMC recipe is matrix colophony with not saturated polyester, it is better to upgrade to be able to choose property later but the vinyl ester colophony with higher cost. Its performance is superior, glass is opposite density (specific gravity) small, for 1.6 ~ 2, lighter than light metallic aluminium; Taller than intensity, outclass rolled steel and cast-iron. With rolled steel, cast-iron quite, although tensile strength has certain difference with rolled steel, but already with cast-iron comparative to exceed even, and compress intensity and flexural strength to already was close to Yu Gang material.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Bo fine enhances hot solid sex composite material is divided outside having good mechanical and mechanical performance, physico-chemical property, still have good processability to be able to be mixed shape function. The workmanship that uses normally has hand paste, colophony to deliver close mould pressing craft (RTM) , piece shape mould pressing shapes craft (SMC) . Among them hand paste and RTM shape cycle is long, do not suit to have the production of large quantities of quantities. And SMC craft has taller manufacturing efficiency, goods size is exact, the surface is bright and clean, the products with most sophisticated structure can shape, need not have the fabricating of cutting products function, the repeatability of goods exterior and dimension is good, realize mechanization and automation production easily, agree with the structural member with production old batch, join. From 20 centuries 60 time Germany did obeisance to ear company to realize a shape moulding to expect (after SMC) industrialization is produced, 70 time SMC gets developing quickly, suppress shaped all sorts of car spare partses and housing. Rate of good as a result of product quality, mechanization is high, drove composite material to make medium development and application in car. In 1990s evening, fuel price of the United States is all-time and rising, the car reduces heavy pressure all-time and tremendous, SMC material as a result of the can good part metal that replaces a car to go up, development reachs peak. SMC development gets performance of material of be confined to, bo fine increases thermoplastic material hopeful receives fine issueing Bo to enhance material to develop baton. If say SMC material opened Bo minute the gate of composite material, so Bo fine increases thermoplastic material brought new hope to the development of the industry. When SMC material begins large-scale applying, as a result of the limitation of oneself material function, can appear when the challenge that faces very much higher demand ability not equal to one's ambition, for example SMC entered parts of an apparatus of a lot of cars, abrupt should bear the electrophoresis with the wider range that manufacturer of a few cars uses and besmear outfit temperature, the problem that appeared to be roused with paint sky frothily in a lot of factories consequently, in the meantime, waste gas processing and solid are useless reclaim processing technology is immature, also be the main problem that the influence heats up solid sex to composite material is produced and apply. Bo fine increases thermoplastic material (GMT is exemple) since research and development is successful 1972, as a result of a variety of advantages of its oneself, came true successfully to upgrade to the original domain of SMC material not only, it is fill more the blank domain of SMC material, be known as ” of composite material of green of century of white-headed white-headed “21. 2013-2021 year, thermoplastic crop is compound add fast 9.05% , prep above heats up solid 7.45 percent. Thermoplastic threshold of composite material investment is higher, but degree of automation of product production process realizes clean production and product high, more easily to reclaim recycle, and depend on its good performance come true to be replaced certainly to heating up solid. 2013-2021 year, thermoplastic crop reachs 2.74 million tons from 1.37 million tons of promotion, CAGR is amounted to 9.05% ; The corresponding period heats up firm yield to reach 3.1 million tons from 2.73 million tons of promotion, CAGR only 1.60% , under thermoplastic 7.45 Pct. Thermoplastic output grows a current for a long time apparent, permeate of the domain composite material such as car of main benefit from benefit from, home appliance quickly; Hot solid added fast increase sharply 2020, exceed 30% , onshore wind report grabs main benefit from benefit from outfit demand.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

European market is thermoplastic crop is added fast also heat up solid more than apparently, still give priority to with SFT at present. Weave according to AVK company " market of 2021 composite material reports " , yield of European hot firm promotes small from 944 thousand tons of 2011 reach 948 thousand tons of 2021, CAGR only 0.04% . SFT of the corresponding period, LFT, GMT, CFRTP thermoplastic product CAGR is amounted to 3.26% . 2021, thermoplastic kind product output grows 25.57% to reach 1.66 million tons compared to the same period, occupy come than promoting 3.12pct 56.04% . European carbon fiber enhanced plastic yield 2021 52 thousand tons, 10 years CAGR was in the past 10.59% , be in the level that develops more quickly. Bo fine increases thermoplastic material can get used to current environment more, the market is extended have new breakthrough ceaselessly. Change transition and green economy progress as economic green, thermoplastic composite material has reached orbit liaison man in the car light quantify, intelligent other people flows, green building, sports is recreational reach contemporary farming the domain such as animal husbandry breed aquatics is shown gave huge market potential. For example, research and development of success of Fujian sea source gives product of building pattern plate, enter market of building pattern plate; What Hangzhou China gets together is successive crowded pull those who shape is thermoplastic plank of beehive clip core applies already successfully at van of domestic and international of all kinds box type, content to shed car and house car domain; Heibei stands case and in content of iron through traffic sheds Inc. to sign strategic cooperation agreement, march successfully content shedding carries a trade. Arrive from short Bo fine long Bo fine

Bo fine accident is bigger to influence of composite material function, grow fine of short Bo of excel of Bo fine function. Fibre glass increases thermoplastic what composite material enhances way according to fibre glass is different, cent is short Bo fine (fine of SFT) , long Bo (LFT) and fibre glass felt (GMT) enhances 3 sort model. Length of short Bo fine is commonly under 6mm, long Bo fine is in commonly 10-15mm. According to considering to show, the length of Bo fine is longer, the performance of composite material goods has jumped over Bo fine. SFT is Bo fine increases thermoplastic the main breed of composite material, have shape craft the advantage such as simple, cycle weak point, but the requirement that its function still cannot satisfy car component in a lot of places. Under photograph comparing, LFT increases thermoplastic the performance of composite material is a lot of higher than SFT, below the circumstance of mark of quality of identical Bo fine, the tensile strength that grows Bo fine to enhance material, flexural strength, impact strength all fine of prep above short Bo enhances material. Accordingly, LFT product will compare SFT in the application of car domain more extensive. Photograph of long Bo fine relatively have at felt of short Bo fine, Bo fine add above quota fast. According to RePort LThe market of Ink considers to predict, was to the compound increase rate that Bo fine grows to enhance material between 2021 2017 8.5% , short strengthen Bo towing tie thermoplastic plastic compound increase rate is only 4.5% ; Actual output of LFT of market of Europe of the corresponding period is compound add fast 3.68% , SFT crop is compound add fast only 0.61% . From the point of configuration of Bo fine treatment, the LFT production cost that produces directly by one footwork is theoretic want lower than GMT cost of material 20%~50% , the integral performance such as anti-impact properties and manufacturing efficiency promotes somewhat instead, in recent years accordingly the market share of European market LFT has an advantage more and promotion of year after year. The LFT wastage of automobile industry occupies the 80 % of LFT total wastage about, and the vehicle such as current car is light quantify the growth heat that has made traffic trade, demand space will expand further. 2, the car is small quantify old age advent, or make the fast cart that pulls demand of the fine that move Bo

Policy advances “ to take the place of with model steel ” , car and traffic domain suffer an effect remarkable. Our country from “ since 915 ” , make clear the significant move that with model “ Dai Gang ” regards managing the sources of energy and resource as, and material of “ composite material, high polymer, project plastic reach its low cost is changed, new-style and plastic alloy produces ” to regard as adjust an industry structure, development is new and high technical key. 7.05 million tons of plastic output growth from 2010 reach our country modified 26.5 million tons of 2021, CAGR is amounted to 12.8% , modified is changed rate come from 16.2% progressively promotion 24.0% . Statistic of academy of industry of the look up before occupying, plastic demand occupied car domain modified about 2020 than 19% , be next to home appliance domain. Consider car modified is plastic have higher demand to intensity, because this strengthens the demand of material to Bo fine,pull move more apparent.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Microcosmic data level, plastic sales volume occupies car modified to promote a trend than showing. With country's big modified science and technology of golden hair of plastic bibcock enterprise is exemple, the car grew 26.82% to reach six hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred tons compared to the same period with material sales volume 2021, in modified occupy in plastic sales volume come than promoting 3.9 Pct 35.4% , of sales volume of car of new energy resources of country of this main benefit from benefit from reverse times type growth. Transverse quite: Steel of our country model is more inferior than be in level, consumption of fine of Bo of average per capita still has bigger promotion space. relatively at foreign market modified the maturity of plastic industry develops, steel of our country model is more inferior than the level. 2012, the United States is plastic apply with iron and steel (bulk) scale is 70:30, germany is 63:37, average level also achieves 50:50, steel of model of home of the corresponding period is compared only 30:70. Enhance plastic mart to look from the Bo fine of fractionize, although our country is big country of Bo fine crop, but consumption of Bo fine average per capita was 2.4 kilogram only 2018 / person, 45% what be less than consumption of American average per capita, fine of prospective home Bo enhances material permeability to exist to promote a space for a long time. Fore-and-aft quite: Steel of model of current our country has the power that promotes continuously than returning. Through dogging rolled steel, plastic crop, assume 0.9g/cm of steely density 7.85g/cm, plastic density, convert goes out model steel was 42:5 than making an appointment with 20218. The promotion before model steel compares 10 years is apparent, at present still under average level, future still has promotion power. Domestic Bo fine enhanced output of composite material product to maintain faster growth 2021, the implementation on the structure arrives from wind report the car is small quantify join a club. Countrywide fibre glass enhanced total output of composite material product to be 5.84 million tons 2021, grow 14.51% compared to the same period, continued the bright look 2020 is added fast. Main 2020 benefit from benefit from the driving growth of wind cable market, and 2021 criterion the growth of output of car of new energy resources of benefit from benefit from, and fine of electric field Bo enhances the electron of material prop up. As downstream demand the “ that finish hands in marvellous ” , after was being reached 2022, car domain hopeful is become pull the cart with fast demand of the fine that move Bo.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

2.1 cars: Light quantify a trend to create demand continuously, car of new energy resources erupts greatly devote new kinetic energy

Traditional car: Light quantify permeate continuously

The car is decreased it is long-term trend again, light quantify imperative. In the process that auto industry develops, light quantify it is the main field that pays close attention to with all possible means all the time, with respect to its the reason depends on the following: ① car is small quantifying is item oil is mixed reduce discharged important method and way. The experiment makes clear: Oily bad news and car constitution measure thread sexual relationship, y of oily bad news of every 100 kilometers (unit L) with X of car oneself quality (unit Kg) the relation is: Y=0.003x+3.3434, be opposite namely average car, quality decreases 10% , but section oily 6%~8% , can reduce carbon dioxide to discharge accordingly; ② from drive the respect will tell, the car is self-prossessed after reducing, acceleration rises, stability, noise, oscillatory respect all also has improvement; ③ considers from security, after mass of vehicle is reduced, when collision inertial small, distance of apply the brake is reduced, car is small to the person's concussion much, so more safe. Accordingly, below setting of double carbon policy, safety of overlay environmental protection, transportation asks hasten is tight, the car is small quantifying is long-term trend. Make 2025 programs make clear light quantify a course, material is light quantify build firm foundation. The car is small quantified way basically behaves commonly in 3 respects: ① structure is light quantify: Be being carried out easily also is the method of a kind of design with low cost; ② is light quantify material: The foundation also is significant step; ③ advanced technology: Advanced light the safeguard that quantifies material application. Produce 2025 programs route chart of key domain technology, quantify gently to the car from 3 kinds of afore-mentioned ways made important program and construction of train of thought, among them light quantify data side to emphasize using fiber composite material to regard development as direction for many times. Advance of route chart ceaselessly as this technology, fiber enhances material to had been assumed case light quantified important task, become light the ” of “ main force in quantifying material. Bo fine enhances material cheap of qualitative small price, for current car light quantify material choosing. The composite material that Bo fine enhances already made one of main raw material of auto industry, its advantage depends on having good stuff the characteristic, good economy, possibility that a large number of supply, better can reclaim quality. Fibre glass increases model thermoplastic composite material has low density, design to be spent freely tall, anti-corrosive, fight concussion and absorb shake wait for an advantage, can replace steel, aluminium to be used at structural member, light quantify the effect remarkable. Commonly used now long Bo fine enhances profile makings to be able to have replaced metallic stuff completely to be used on front module, achieve light quantify a purpose, decrease heft 30~50% . Current, the joint ventures such as the masses and Ma Zida already had more general application, convert after long Bo fine enhances profile to expect, no matter be weight or cost have,drop apparently, “ of it may be said is qualitative ” of small price cheap.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Bo fine enhances material application setting is extensive, by inside and outside to whole vehicle implementation is enclothed. Enhance the ceaseless development of material engineering technology as Bo fine, bo fine enhances material to be in the car is small the applied setting in quantifying is more and more extensive also. We can see the development process that reviews Bo fine to enhance material, fine of early days Bo heats up solid sex to enhance material, for example piece shape moulding expects (SMC) , colophony transfers moulding (RTM) technology, use at lid of door, engine, ala commonly child board wait for class A surface to make, and the Bo minute that shows level to apply extensively is thermoplastic enhanced material to expand to use range further, include part of periphery of fender of bottom of appearance dial bracket, front bracket, bumper, car and engine, came true major to whole vehicle part is mixed of structural member enclothe. Bo fine enhances material can more perfect deserve to act the role of each components, light quantify the effect remarkable. Bo fine enhances material to be in not only the car is small the applied setting in quantifying realized diversity, more in much sort while the advantage that made sure each component can develop Bo fine to enhance material. Cslstran+PP-GF20-05 applied in the car door plank of Ford and nimble leopard thermoplastic long fiber enhances material, high strenth, tall Yan Zhi and high impact came true to suck on the foundation with compositive height can the effect; The front in Ford board piece in used long Bo a rope for towing a boat (LFT) enhance polypropylene (PP) , realized bicycle to decrease heavy 1.4kg, reduce cost 3 dollars, satisfied the component on traditional car to be out of shape the structure of <1mm asks. Domestic car enhances material to penetrate a space with Bo fine tremendous. 20 centuries 90 time, develop the car uses plastic quantity 100~130kg/ on average, occupy truckload of weight 10% the left and right sides; Every Japanese car uses plastic quantity 100kg on average, 12% what occupy a car to weigh. European car is plastic of the weight that take a car 10% the left and right sides. 1996, the plastic and average dosage of North America car is 116.5kg/ , increased 142kg 2003. Up to 2013, the European bicycle that is with Germany uses plastic composite material (increase with Bo fine plastic give priority to) had amounted to 300~365kg, occupy a car to weigh 22.5% ; Bicycle dosage of the United States also achieves 200~249kg, occupy a car to weigh about 16.5% ; And dosage of our country bicycle is 90~110kg only, occupy a car to weigh only 8% , far under the average level that develop. In the car light below quantified big trend, domestic Bo fine strengthens data market prospect capacious.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Car of new energy resources: Demand erupts greatly devote new kinetic energy

Fuel car is exited is hasten of general trends place, car of new energy resources is small quantify become industry pain spot. As oil natural resources become little gradually and the need of human zoology environmental protection, in recent years a lot of auto industry develop to already began layout automobile industry to upgrade the strategy, holand, Norwegian, Germany, India, France, England put forward to stop schedule of car of carry out fuel through different organization and means early or late, the renown car look forward to such as Wo Erwo, BMW, masses, Feng Tian also discloses a trend that stops to produce fuel car and plan schedule early or late, fuel car exits the market, new Wang Shang of “ of car of new energy resources ” already was become finality. Occupy Yuan Chengyin of general manager of center of innovation of technology of car of new energy resources to express however, because car of new energy resources is dynamoelectric change, intelligence is changed wait for configuration demand, increased 3 cable system and many intelligence to turn equipment, the photograph is more traditional car weightening finish is more. Consider to make clear, mass of vehicle of new energy resources is reduced 10% , course of development of corresponding add boat can increase 5%~10% , the batteries cost of managing 15%~20% and the daily loss cost of 20% . Accordingly, car of new energy resources is truckload reduce heavy demand more more pressing than traditional car. Car of new energy resources of current main trend is general lay particular stress on, whole of car of day department fuel is light. With each big firm share medium-sized car is exemple, the quality of tesla Model Y amounts to 2010kg, lie basically its are all the median level of the model, light Model 3 also hefts 1761kg. Car of domestic new energy resources is with Biyadi exemple, median of each model weight is in roughly 1940kg. Heart department runs quickly, quality of medium-sized fuel car makes an appointment with Ao Di 1600-1700kg; And BMW is close to day to fasten a car more, the quality quantity in 1400kg class. Besides traditional part light quantify, add a component newly to also will bring Bo fine to strengthen material demand. Besides the demand that quantifies gently to traditional part pressing, the component that car of new energy resources adds newly and device of form a complete set also are faced with reduce heavy demand. Bo fine enhances nylon because of quality tall, wear-resisting uses light, strength anti-corrosive, insulation property is good and extensively in car of new energy resources, provide representative application to have case of crust of alternating current machine, batteries, charge system (charge for example gun module) , electronic controller component, rotate transformer. Accordingly, bo fine enhances material to be not only in orthodox model, traditional part permeate quickly, also will be in car of new energy resources, new module also will hold share. Implementation of market of our country car restored a gender to growing 2021, sales volume of car of new energy resources is occupied than 13.4% . Sales volume of our country car experienced 2018-2020 year glide 3 years continuously, 2021 implementation restores a gender to growing. Car total sales volume amounted to twenty-six million two hundred and seventy-five thousand 2021, grow 3.81% compared to the same period; Among them sales volume of car of new energy resources grows 157.48% to reach three million five hundred and twenty thousand five hundred compared to the same period, occupy in car total sales volume come than promoting 8pct 13.4% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Sales volume of car of 1-6 month new energy resources continued to come true 2022 reverse times growth, grow 115.61% to reach two million five hundred and ninety-nine thousand five hundred compared to the same period. 1-6 month, car total sales volume glides compared to the same period 6.47% reach twelve million and fifty-seven thousand, eliminate falls after car of new energy resources about 19.07% , basically be epidemic situation disturbs next adding fast be squelched. And as sales volume of car of new energy resources erupt type grows, will drive annual car total sales volume to add fast pick up. Demand calculates: Domestic car exceeded 800 thousand tons with demand of Bo fine increment 2025, CAGR amounts to 16% to consult < makes route chart of technology of 2025> key domain (2015 edition) , requirement 2015-2025 year car accumulative total is decreased heavy 30% , average and annual decrease heavy 3% , referenced about 2.0/1.6 ton initiative weight, decrease heavy 60/50kg every year about. To 2025, predict car of new energy resources / plastic use scale promotes fuel car modified respectively to 24%/20% . The letter in reference is built deliver the judgement of electric new group to sales volume of car of new energy resources, and the conservative estimation that we reduce an amount to fuel car year after year, predict plastic demand promoted car modified 3.91 million tons 2025, contribute by car of new energy resources entirely almost; Average dosage promotes bicycle make an appointment with 136 Kg, among them car of new energy resources promotes 181 Kg on average, fuel car promotes 71 Kg on average. Predict domestic car exceeded 800 thousand tons with demand of Bo fine increment 2025, 2021-2025 year CAGR is amounted to 16% . Thermoplastic short cut the high-end product in belonging to Bo fine roving, if according to 8000 yuan / ton all valence, the car made an appointment with 14.5 billion yuan with Bo fine market 2025; Modified of science and technology of nearly 3 years of golden hair is plastic all valence makes an appointment with thirteen thousand seven hundred yuan / ton, from this estimation plastic mart dimensions made an appointment with car modified 2025 118 billion yuan. 2.2 other spheres: Buckle closely traffic and light quantify masterstroke, bo fine material is permeated for a long time

Aerospace: Special type is high-powered Bo fine is indispensable, the friend of metallic stuff

Proportion year after year increases dosage of aerospace composite material, special type is high-powered Bo fine advantage is distinct. Stuff of 3 big metals makes alloy of current composite material and aluminium alloy, steel, titanium the material with aviation indispensable industry. No matter be civil plane or military airplane, need to use the composite material that high-powered fibre glass enhances, this kind of material is had good mechanical performance, exceedingly good fight exhaustion and corrosion resistance, show an interpose report performance admirably; Its structure benefit is designed at whole and make, the structure that can achieve 20%~30% is decreased heavy, raising plane structure efficiency and dependability while, reduce production cost. Firm of European empty customer provides representative A380-800 plane to make an appointment with 583 tons again, airframe is aluminous for the most part, but the advanced composite material that also used 20% above. Besides carbon / fine of annulus oxygen, Bo / annulus oxygen composite material, still have GLARE (fibre glass enhances aluminium) composite material, it is by multilayer fibre glass is become with aluminium alloy agglutinate, the aluminium alloy that uses than the tradition is light, but have fight much betterly erode and fight bump ability. Current, the composite material dosage of aircraft of advanced for military use, civil plane mushroom, predict the dosage of composite material will exceed 50% of plane gross weight henceforth. Special type is high-powered Bo fine produces an advantage in aviation domain diversity, improve plane performance. Aviation uses special type the sort of high-powered fibre glass basically includes 2 kinds big, one kind uses those who increase at the structure advocate, second bear in force structural member, like GLARE layer board, helicopter comes back the ala; One kind is to apply in the functional structural member that has demand of special report performance and interior trim, if nose cover, aerial cover and radar are overspread, and the floor inside cabin. Be in advocate bear in force structural member, bo fine enhances material to basically be used at the paddle of ala coming back of helicopter, raised brandish and the tension stiffness of paddle, shimmy stiffness and anti-impact properties; Be in second bear in force structural member, the wing that Bo fine enhances material to basically be used at the plane secures the component such as leading edge, rudder, empennage and end awl to go up; Act the role of a respect inside, fabric of fibre glass of satin weave of main will tall uniformity and flame retardant the part such as the floor board that the composite material that annulus oxygen, phenolic aldehyde makes uses at the plane and ceiling, its have the characteristic that Gao Bijiang is spent and compares stiffness, flame retardant the advantage with low aerosol is clear.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Composite material takes Bo minute proportion of market of aviation composite material promotes ceaselessly, its demand is in hopeful will achieve fifty thousand two hundred tons 2023. Data of academy of industry of the look up before occupying, composite material is in Bo fine application of domain of our country aerospace is wider, constitute the promotion of year after year of specific gravity hopeful of market of aviation composite material; This scale was about 2017 14.2% , predict to reached promotion 2023 18.5% . The progress as domain of our country aviation is small to durable, weight, increase increasingly without the demand that corrodes a product, composite material was in Bo fine 2023 the demand hopeful of aviation domain achieves fifty thousand two hundred tons. Shipping: Smack braves the wind and waves in, bo fine material is capacious La Hai

Bo fine enhances material to be FRP (glass reinforced plastics) the mainstream material of fisher, fisher of glass reinforced plastics or the development trend that represent fisher industry. The mainstream material of FRP fisher enhances material for fibre glass. Compare Yu Mu material and metallic data, while glass reinforced plastics is satisfying mechanical function to ask, have self-prossessed small, be able to bear or endure brine is corroded, heat proof quality is good, can design a gender to wait for a characteristic by force. 1) voyage performance side, boat of glass reinforced plastics is in wave stability under transport condition is stronger, the ability that defy wind is better; Below same condition, the fisher of steeliness of boat speed ratio of fisher of glass reinforced plastics increased 0.5-1.0 red-letter day. 2) in economy respect, fuel of boat of glass reinforced plastics is used up smaller than be the same as fisher of the steeliness of dimension, woodiness. The anti-corrosive, advantage that fights ageing also increased itself of glass reinforced plastics the life of fisher of glass reinforced plastics, the academic life of fisher of glass reinforced plastics is controlled in 50 years commonly, the 4-5 that is steeliness fisher times, uphold frequency and charge far also under steeliness fisher. Ligneous fisher of current our country puts an amount tremendous, fisher replace will bring Bo fine to strengthen material demand. Current, FRP fisher is the mainstream direction of domestic and international fisher. Beauty is in Europe develops coastal, woodiness and metal are made medium or small fisher falls into disuse already basically, of FRP fisher occupy than be as high as 80%~90% . Among them, coastal waters fisher of the United States has changed entirely for FRP fisher, the FRP gross that is used every year at making fishermen exceeds 200 thousand tons. FRP fisher of Japan starts later, but transform through woodiness fisher FRP, 2008 of its FRP fisher retain the quantity is 350 thousand, 90% what occupy Japanese fisher gross. 2021 gross of fisher of end our country five hundred and twenty thousand eight hundred, relatively cut an in part 2015, still be fisher is much, but fisher of glass reinforced plastics is had rate is extremely low. Up to 2013, fisher of exercise of pure composite material of 20 meters of above is not worth 500, the fisher of glass reinforced plastics of all dimension occupies fisher gross only 1% the left and right sides. The cost of fisher of glass reinforced plastics of coequal captain compares 30%~50% of steeliness fishing height, but considering service life, fisher of glass reinforced plastics provides sexual price to compare more. Draw lessons from steel of foreign “ large fisher to be changed character, medium or small the experience of ” of fisher glass steel, if future 10 years fisher of our country FRP retains the quantity achieves 300 thousand stage by stage, every use 10 tons of FRP, be faced with 3 million tons to always replace a space, year all Bo fine answer material demand 300 thousand tons. With model as “ Dai Gang ” is advanced, in so big put so quantity, low have below rate, shipping enhances material to will be faced with ” of La Hai of a capacious “ with Bo fine. Home appliance: Light quantify, custom-built change advance continuously, pull the fine that move Bo to enhance composite material growth

Bo fine enhances composite material performance admirable, have rich home appliance product to apply setting. Home appliance industry is modified one of downstream properties with plastic principal industry, modified is plastic have qualitative light and tall stiffness, safe, avirulent, energy-saving environmental protection, fight bacterium to fight mildew to change, the character such as low cost, can contented people is quantified gently to home appliance, the requirement that health changes. As technology of modified equipment, modified ceaseless development matures, took plastic trade in the past of 90% above general and plastic increased the quota such as intensity, hear resistance through modified, had the property with plastic project, and already race to control the applied mart with partial convention plastic project. Bo fine enhances modified to serve as one of important ways of plastic modified, apply in home appliance product extensive.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Home appliance is our country modified domain of plastic big spending, application was occupied 2020 than 34% . Modified is plastic and downstream basically set equipment, electron for home appliance, car, office electric with dynamoelectric tool, among them home appliance is big spending domain, occupied 2020 than about 34% . 2021, crop of our country air conditioning is two hundred and eighteen million three hundred and fifty-seven thousand, grow 3.66% compared to the same period, color television crop is one hundred and eighty-four million nine hundred and sixty-five thousand, drop compared to the same period 5.76% , family expenses freezer and washing machine crop mix eighty-six million one hundred and eighty-five thousand for eighty-nine million nine hundred and twenty-one thousand respectively, drop respectively compared to the same period 0.25% with growth 7.17% . In light of whole, 4 everybody used our country 2021 electric equipment crop relatively implementation is small 2020 growth. It is with air conditioning, freezer exemple, town and rural freezer permeability all exceeded 100% 2021, rural air conditioning retains the quantity promotes quickly to 89% , but still have larger increment space. Rise ceaselessly as the refreshment of our country economy and dweller income, home appliance market especially county, country sink the market will bring bigger increment demand, pull then move modified plastic the growth that reachs Bo fine to enhance composite material sales volume. Industry of prospective home appliance accelerates Xiang Zhi to be able to change direction to upgrade, consumer is opposite not only the anti-flammability of electric home appliances<gj, intensity, be able to bear or endure await, the fundamental function such as environmental protection has higher demand, and to Yi Cheng model, colour rich, amortization suction shock custom-built change and light quantify posed a challenge, home appliance of prospective high end is plastic to modified the dosage that reachs Bo fine to enhance material and performance demand will promote ceaselessly. Judgement of supply and demand: Produced 2022 can put in accelerate, pattern still is centered

It is country of big Bo fine production, crop is occupied than exceeding 66% . Came 2012 2020, bo fine total output increases to by 5.3 million tons 8.2 million tons, year all compound increase rate 5.61% ; Total output of fine of Bo of home of the corresponding period increases to by 2.88 million tons 5.41 million tons, year all compound increase rate 8.20% . Crop of domestic Bo fine amounted to 6.24 million tons 2021, grow 15.2% compared to the same period. Bo fine is the rare exit product in building materials industry, fine of 2021 year Bo and volume of its goods export are 1.683 million tons, grow 26.54% compared to the same period, exit occupies domestic output scale to promote 2.4 Pct to 26.97% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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