Recently, the author runs an analysis from production of limited company of chemical industry of new reality of region of day of day trade group the know on the meeting, this company produces PVC resin first half of the year relatively the corresponding period increased 4200 tons last year, the 101%;30% fluid of the plan that finish is alkaline relatively the corresponding period increased 3780 tons last year, 102% of the plan that finish. It is reported, base oneself upon of day region new reality is actual first half of the year, enhance bottom line thinking and hardship consciousness ceaselessly, refine working measure, carry out the each job deploy that fulfils group company to move about production actively, grab seize market opportunity, pass character project promotion, optimize craft to operate to mark trade unit, equipment technology remodel is changed model wait for the goal that achieved high and stable yields of main industry product. In the meantime, train of thought of this company innovation, summary operates experience, strengthen control of manufacturing system whole process and daily care and maintenance, reduce blame plan to jockey, raise equipment to drive rate, optimize technology operation and control continuously, ensure manufacturing unit full load moves. First half of the year, fluid alkaline profit is opposite better, the company adjusts 30% juice alkaline yield in time. In the meantime, combine market level, had done the adjustment of model of main production colophony, realized crop to increase eventually, profit is optimized.

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15-18 December

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