Supply insecurity, east Cao Si is moved on price of fire retardant of bromic double phenolic A on November 10, japan's big bromine and business of production of the bromic produce that fasten develop east the company limited announces Cao, will move the price of bromine and bromic department fire retardant on December 10. Move on bromine and product of hydrogenous bromic acid among them 25% ; FLAMECUT4 bromine is moved on product of fire retardant of double phenolic A 30% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
This company says, because Asian area is right,the desire of afore-mentioned products grows ceaselessly, especially flame retardant product. Together with supplies nervous and intense rate to be hard inside short time as the market that imports a country greatly solve. As Japan big bromine produces business, we decide to be necessary again fire retardant adjusts the price, supply with continueing to produce and be stabilized. A running fire of 3 water chestnut rises in price 3 times case     on November 11, a running fire of 3 water chestnut chemistry 3 case, announce to go up respectively move its double phenolic A and acetone, MIBK and DAA product price. The main reason that rise in price is oil price rises, of relevant product raw material rises in price, manufacturing cost raises. Among them double phenolic A will move 15 yen at going up since November 22 / kilogram (about 839 yuan / ton) . In addition, acetone, MIBK and DAA will move 43 yen at rising 22 days to go up high / kilogram (about 2405 yuan / ton) .

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