Recently, online system ” obtains imitate of force of middling pressure of technology of production of colophony of pvc of degree of polymerization of freeboard of “ of a when limited company of chemical industry of day of day of group of Xinjiang day trade declares practical and new-style invention accredit of intellectual property bureau. This system is main by stage of desired result of pressure of movable type standard, cent pressure of canal of source of calm sb's anger, standard is expressed, detect the composition such as pressure watch. Below condition of same operating mode, through pressure imitate online proofread device and site plant detect pressure watch is compared right, the system can realize imitate pressure to detect real time is online function. In real work, when should needing pressure comparing to be opposite, the system is passed pressure regulating short receive on Kong Yuxiang enrages the silk of miniature pressure regulator valve together source, identical temperature, identical medium and same pressure are linked together, obtain more essence of life detects definitely result. Since this device throws production, its detect, calibration pressure is more safe, accurate, reliable, rose to reduce the effect that manipulates staff work intensity, become the good assistant of employee of a gleam of.

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15-18 December

New York City