Course project ministry is close the effort of 4 many months, the dark blue city that EPCM of limited company of You Saiding engineering always contracts changes 200 thousand tons greatly / year public project of project of double phenolic A and form a complete set and support features are under construction on full steam at the beginning of April 2021. Current, area of integrated canister area, raw material canister, car assembles and unassemble device of station, double phenolic A each unit, change station of electric place, bubble, build bead and the main unit such as the area that need a car to already was under construction on full steam.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Because city of dark blue of project seat Heibei faces area of garden of harbor chemical industry, be in heartland of annulus Bohai Sea, weather of sand blown by wind of cold wave of wintry spring section is in the majority, since start working, the faculty of project ministry is in of project manager lead next elaborate organizations, reasonable arrangement, overcome the effect that soup brings hard, “ with the wind war is cold, take strict precautions against epidemic situation ” , fulfil each requirement of owner actively, coordinate design schedule actively, of important equipment purchase, the requirement that order goods and includes an unit technical data and each minutes, make each job of the project be advanced steadily. Dark blue city changes 200 thousand tons greatly / year project of double phenolic A is located in Heibei to save city of dark blue state to face area of garden of harbor chemical industry, owner produces seasoned advantage to develop product of its phosgene series adequately, construction policy gives aid to project, enlarge smooth aerification line of the products, enhance its the competition ability in the person of the same trade, build PC project. Dark blue city changes Inc. to get together greatly workshop section of raw material of project of sea branch polycarbonate the project of form a complete set as polycarbonate project, the raw material of double phenolic A that basically provides place to need for PC project. Because of this project meaning tall, time limit for a project tightens big, standard, height of task heavy owner takes seriously. Project ministry faculty will continue to grasp hold company “ the safe, environmental protection, quality, innovation, management concept that is this ” with the person, it is a target with turning management subtly, push each work with all one's strength with professional technology and excellent service, ensure project on time finishing put into production.

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