On April 10, from Daqing petrifaction company new product research and technical service center learn, the polyethylene of low density of besmear Fu class that this company produces (19G of PE) special colophony improves a product to get the user agrees to be approbated with height reputably. The research and development of this product broke through law of type of the canal below condition of severe exacting of high temperature high pressure successfully to produce industrialized bottleneck, optimized quality of polyolefin new product further, accelerate product transition to upgrade pace, urged high end high additional cost is special colophony is own process of research and development. As we have learned, special feed uses the polyethylene of low density of besmear Fu class of domestic mainstream production of craft of boiler type law, product cost unit of tall, production is little, cannot satisfy the requirement of besmear Fu market that raises increasingly. Oil has plant of polyethylene of tall depress density to all be craft tubal form, the general material of groovy production is additional the cost is low, earnestly wants product of polyolefin of high end of research and development of own technology innovation. Wang Wenyan of manager of senior engineer, project introduces research center of chemical industry of petro-chemical academy Daqing, the plant of polyethylene of tall depress density of Daqing petrifaction company is to cover use law tubal form to produce high end to drench film besmears Fu is special the device of the product, manufacturing technology is sophisticated, aggregate condition is slashing, reaction temperature ℃ of 260 ℃ ~320, reaction pressure 230~280MPa, whole technological process interlinks reference point more than 200. Existing device produces a condition to fall in stable state high load capacity, can adjust range extremely narrow, aggregate craft adjusts difficulty great. Chemical industry of group of research and development of polyethylene of low density of center of petro-chemical academy Daqing and workshop of high pressure of Daqing petrifaction company, Hua Dong sells company technology personnel to cooperate closely, establish produce grind sell unifinication innovation group, devote oneself to high-pressured technology research and high end research and development of new product of high additional cost, to high-pressured device Yan Ke operates conditional forbidden zone to initiate innovation to challenge. Innovation group relies on plant of polyethylene of density of two tall depress of Daqing petrifaction company, innovation built plant correctional parameter system, realize theory of freedom radical imitate computation and ration of unit operation parameter are associated, index of promotion product core controls capacity, compose builds device to optimize control compositive platform. We still combine “ correctional parameter system inspects built plant into stuff kind, compose builds oxygen to cause temperature sensitive section and monomer synergism, implementation accident raises catenary develop to attack plan of structural adjusting control, broke through polyethylene of low density of law tubal form to besmear Fu special colophony produces industrialized bottleneck, take the lead in realizing tall fuse-element product to be held in the stable state of high-pressured polyethylene plant in home accuse. ” Wang Wenyan says. The “ of own research and development separates innovation group section much method differs craft of ” of dissimilation adjustment initator to optimize plan, in high temperature high pressure severe exacting condition falls, broke through before onefold litre fall method of temperature adjusting control, use craft couplet to charge means, catenary of element of polyethylene of implementation low density grows effectively, improved treatment process oligomer to volatilize. The success of this craft is improved, make the product has tenacity not only force of good, bind is powerful, into film even, wholesome sex is good wait for an advantage, and take the lead in coming true in home use craft tubal form to produce level of Fu of besmear of tall fuse-element intensity special colophony, below the premise that needs in contented treatment, reduce product cost, raise high yield can. This craft can produce device to popularize application in polyethylene of domestic high pressure further, the refine that help strength changes an enterprise to adjust product structure, increase production high end is special makings, applied perspective is wide. As we have learned, should improve at present makings carrying to Hua Dong area, southwest, begin treatment try out. Accumulative total of special colophony 19G produced besmear Fu level 2021 even more 12000 tons, obtain economic benefits many yuan 3400. Polyethylene of low density of besmear Fu class is special makings, use roller canister to besmear fuse-element of low density polyethylene Fu is on base material namely, decisive technology parameter includes to shrink with bind sex, the product asks to shrink in treatment process be less than 5% , goods level off, come off intensity is high. Pack the development of course of study as home, demand of special feed market increases polyethylene of low density of besmear Fu class increasingly, since 2020 demand has achieved 400 thousand tons, and year growth rate achieves 10% above. This production technology can popularize application to produce device at polyethylene of domestic high pressure. Compete as polyolefin product intense with each passing day, coessential change contradiction to be highlighted with each passing day, refine changes an enterprise to have layout and structural adjustment to high-end brand product in succession. Accordingly, promotion of technology of special colophony production uses besmear Fu level perspective is wide, benefit greatly considerable.

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