On August 25, daqing 200 thousand tons / year project of double phenolic A is entered in the roundStand-alone test-drive phase, this test-drive is indicating this project is enteredPhase of comprehensive round off.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Protect a quantity to finish stand-alone test-drive to work character to protect, project ministry is organized ahead of schedule, make test-drive plan and plan. Each professional cooperates project ministry closely, gram of assault fortified positions is difficult, to save time limit for a project, spot test-drive comprises a cent to advance at the same time for two groups: One group is in charge of be being checked to electrical system, below the premise that assures power transmission safety, undertake to power supply system imitate signature tries, breakdown calls the police eliminate; 2 groups of personnel are in charge of spot condition checking, it is normal that examination shaft coupling assembles circumstance, hand to move ground contact of turning circumstance, spot to whether accord with column of requirement, operation to show. In test-drive process, project ministry manages with owner, inspect and always wrapped an unit to undertake initiative state requirement affirms working strictly, change direction to electromotor electric machinery, temperature of moving condition, electric machinery, bearing temperature have a test.

Project ministry crew will make persistent efforts, accelerate boost succeeding activity, ensure project as scheduled in hand in.

Dragon river chemical industry produces per year project of 200 thousand tons of double phenolic AThe plan invests 1.362 billion yuan, use top-ranking engineering technology of BADGER company world, plan in October 2023 portion put into production. After building, its can digest the partial phenol acetone that upper reaches produces oneself already, can swim downward again outspread to PC and epoxy resin, form fluctuation to swim unifinication advantage, enhance project whole competition ability.

After project put into production, dragon river chemical industry will make faucet of industry of A of northeast area double phenol, filling catenary, strong to Heilongjiang catenary, extend cable length, stimulative industry catenary stabilizes development to have major strategy sense, in the meantime, also will be progress of local economy society to have main effect.

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