As the development of industry of our country electron, formed relatively steady competition pattern basically already of industry of copper of our country Fu, the market of the industry is spent centrally taller, among them the industry has representative bibcock company is to build flood respectively laminose board with unripe beneficial science and technology, the market share of these two enterprises and product output and product quality Dou Yuanchao at enterprise of other blame bibcock. 1, pressing plate of layer of copperplate of Fu of full name of copperplate of Fu of   of administrative levels of competition of Fu copper industry, english abbreviation CCL, be wait to enhance material dip by wood pulp paper or Bo fine cloth with colophony glue fluid, fu with Copper Foil, data of a kind of when become via hot pressing board account. Fu copperplate is the fundamental material of electronic industry, it is treatment production printed circuit board (the main material of PCB) , it is used extensively at the electronic product domain such as television, radio, computer, computer, mobile communication. Current, of industry of domestic Fu copper appear on the market the company includes: Build flood is laminose board (science and technology of 01888.HK) , unripe beneficial (600183) , Jin Anguo discipline (new material of 2636) , South Asia (688519) , Hua Zhengxin material (603186) , supersonic electron (823) , exceed Hua Ke ability (2288) , Sino-British science and technology (300936) , new 3 board appear on the market the enterprise has abundant Feng Weihe (838109.OC) , Jin Baoke ability (832728.OC) , blame appear on the market the enterprise has South Asia plastic, couplet luxuriant electron. At present the manufacturing business of copperplate of Fu of our country high end still is given priority to with the foreign trader, for example Roger this, the electrician below the pine, home has the company that produces ability of copperplate of Fu of banner high end basically is the enterprise such as science and technology of the group that build flood, unripe beneficial. Production of copper of Fu of the high end in crossing current home to provide competitive Fu copper company to also begin sortie is made, for example Er of shellfish of South Asia new material, gauss, the Fu copper small and medium sized business of the others criterion with in production of the low copper that carry Fu is given priority to. 2, basis of   of share of market of Fu copper industry branch of material of copperplate of Fu of electronic material guild (the industry whole data that CCLA) disclosed in July 2020, build flood at present laminose board it is our country's big Fu copper company, advocate the proportion that business Wu income holds industry gross earnings is achieved 34.35% ; It is unripe beneficial science and technology next, occupy than for 15.31% ; Material of South Asia electron (elder brother hill) limited company is occupied than 7.80% , rank the 3rd. 3, market of Fu copper industry spends   to compete to be spent centrally from industry of copper of our country Fu centrally in light of, industry of copper of our country Fu is spent centrally taller, 2018-2019 year the business income of a before 5 renown enterprises is occupied basiccer than summation changeless, maintain in 69% the left and right sides; The business income of before 10 enterprises is occupied have apparent growth than summation, CR10 of Fu copper industry was 2019 95.03% , relatively increased 9.45 percent 2018. 4, position of company of Fu copper industry and   of competition ability evaluation look from the outstanding achievement of company of copper of our country Fu, in order to build flood laminose board the Fu copperplate professional ability of the industry bibcock enterprise that is with unripe beneficial science and technology is to want outclass company of other Fu copper, built flood 2020 laminose board the Fu copper output with unripe beneficial science and technology is respectively 138 million smooth rice and 103.8 million smooth rice. From the point of the type of Fu copperplate product of the enterprise, the Fu copperplate product of bibcock enterprise also more deflection at high-end Fu copperplate, namely copperplate of Fu of high frequency high speed, wait without haloid Fu copperplate.

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Note: Above battalion receives data to be 2020 data, because De Kai share did not publish completely annual 2020 newspaper, because this is used 2019 data; Build flood laminose board battalion receives data unit to be Hongkong dollar. 5,   of summary of condition of competition of Fu copper industry is analysed from angle of model of 5 force competition, the main part of PCB Fu copperplate includes the fundamental material such as copper, colophony, fibre glass, the risk that and Fu copper company often faces raw material price change fluctuates, because visit industry advanced position supplies consultative price capacity weaker. Fu copperplate is the fundamental material of electronic industry, basically use at treatment to make printed circuit board (PCB) , it is material of a kind of core, the capability of downstream client bargain of Fu copper industry is accordingly stronger. The Fu copperplate of our country makes enterprise amount more, existing competition is relatively intense. Replace minatory field, low end the product replaces menace big, high-end product is lesser. Additional and current, high-end Fu copperplate crosses state-owend enterprise course of study to also turn to the market in succession, electronic industry development is rapid, have stronger appeal to new entrant, fu copper industry is potential the menace of entrant is stronger.

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