The colophony of polyurethane of   of of development change quickly of composite material industry fast, environmental protection does not have good because of its tenacity, solidify volatilize wait for advantage   to be mixed for a long time by not saturated colophony before the applied domain   of epoxy resin dominant is being replaced gradually…The development     of polyurethane composite material 1937, germany · does obeisance to Otto ear invented polyurethane. 20 centuries 60 time, did obeisance to Er and Swiss CIBA company to develop RIM (reaction inject shapes craft) ; 20 centuries 70 time, american GE company rolls out RIM transfer matic; Bo fine begins to be used at RIM to increase. 20 centuries 80 time, appeared S-RIM (the structure reacts inject shapes craft) ; Our country introduced 20 centuries of   of RIM technology   since 80 time 20 old, regarding FRSP polyurethane composite material as craft basically is RIM up to now, fiber enhanced polyurethane composite material to develop long fiber to inject (LFI) , pull crowded, twine, colophony is delivered shape wait for craft, basically produce crock of window frame, telegraph pole, bath, car with not epispastic polyurethane composite material the goods such as large part. Technology development makes polyurethane the applicability of answer material is wider     1.R-RIM (reaction inject shapes) the RIM of   standard does not increase, buildup RIM differs by buildup material cent is R-RIM and S-RIM. R-RIM (Reinforced Reaction Injection Moulding, enhance reaction inject to shape) : Increase with the farinaceous material such as molar fibre glass. S-RIM (Structural Reaction Injection Moulding, the structure reacts inject shapes) : With fibre glass fabric, short cut felt / successive felt, shape beforehand makings increase. VFI (Variable Fiber Injection, alterable fiber inject shapes) : Add a capacity to overcome SRIM to put felt and fibre glass beforehand finite (fibre glass quantity increases, colophony fluidity drops, have persnickety bubble) insufficient, germany, Italy developed VFI, do not have fibre glass directly twist roving weak point is cut enter batch mixing antrum dispersedly, next with polyurethane an infuse mould, solidify shapes. Compare with S-RIM craft photograph, performance of goods of VFI high density is better. 2.LFI (long fiber inject shapes)     LFI (Long Fiber Injection, long fiber inject shapes) , basically use at production to ask to mechanical function inferior, but the component inside the vehicle with more complex design, motherboard of the dial that be like appearance, interior trim board, automobile body. In this craft, what cut opportunity arises 25-50 millimeter to grow from the cut in folded yarn is short cut gauze, the input is lukewarm charge a pattern. In the meantime, contain different cyanic acid ester, multivariate the mixture of alcohol and activator also is inputted mould. LFI can produce the polyurethane part that gives light qualitative excel in efficiently. LFI is attention making a person can replace S-RIM shape method. LFI is basic it is exercise, and S-RIM needs much talk working procedure: Prepare Bo fine felt, spread felt into the mould, next infuse polyurethane. Because the fiber in LFI craft and colophony are inputted at the same time, shape time is shorter. LFI achieves taller fibre glass to add a capacity than S-RIM, still apply to more polyurethane recipes, the product that can make lighter, performance is better. Automobile industry used the polyurethane composite material that LFI craft makes first, use at structure and half structure plank, be like roof component. According to the report, the LFI polyurethane roof of a racing bike, lighter than steeliness roof 20% , stiffness is one times taller than aluminous roof or roof of other glass reinforced plastics much. Be in agricultural with commercial car industry, LFI polyurethane composite material is used at rack of body of the car outside the dilatory bonnet, plank that weigh card, bulldozer, bus to wait. ② of   of   of ① dilatory bonnet   of bus rack   3. FCS (fiber eject shapes) the FCS of   polyurethane composite material (fiber is compound eject) the technology is a kind of novel solution. Applicable at market of goods of large fiber composite material. Representative application is general utility vehicle (wait like bus, tractor) the fan shroud of automobile body component and lorry, cab, be being built at the same time and also is a lot of to apply potentially in infrastructure industry.   hand burnt law is in lorry fan shroud remain the same in production of composite material goods very general, the clear advantage of hand burnt law is facility cost low, can make the product with very complex form. Its defect is manpower cost very tall, cycle is long, and product quality is not stabilized. In addition, the styrene that discharges in production is adverse to health, to reduce this one risk, need is additional raise operation cost. And compound eject technology is satisfying fiber while goods makes a demand, OK and certain level avoids a hand to paper the adverse element that exists in craft, and can get the product with superior quality. The 4 constituent that use in FCS craft mixed a head to offer the possibility that chooses a variety of material. For example, what the choice differs is multivariate mellow (amount to 3 kinds) , can be in same product compatible and compact layer and bubble layer. Bubble layer can reduce product weight, return ameliorable acoustics function. Another mutation method is those who use two kinds to differ is multivariate alcohol and ester of cyanic acid of two kinds of different. In other words, this system but the polyurethane system that make it differs two kinds completely, for example the product is outer it is to use what polyurethane of fat a group of things with common features makes to be able to bear or endure ultraviolet cortex, and lining is general polyurethane. Baypreg law   this is a kind of workmanship that places core board. Bury the core material such as paper beehive between felt of two Bo fine, with macerate of eject of polyurethane of double group share, be in next close model of mould middling pressure heats solidify. This kind of plate is smaller than the other product that place core, wait for utility to the car consequently very charming. Typical utility has storehouse of automobile body motherboard, baggage cover of motherboard, spare wheel, scuttle board. Baypreg of   of scuttle board   can be like fibre glass, carbon fiber with a variety of fiber material or natural fiber increases. Apply to all sorts of compression moulding craft, with the look of core material look of each type, whole process does not use solvent. Multitec law   this is technique of updated open model eject. Be entered by eject below room temperature in the polyurethane compound of the fibre glass that classics weak point cuts and fast solidify model, it is in open model solidify. Make a few making an OK and artificial eject, and large quantities of quantities produce usable manipulator automatic eject. The goods of model of this kind of craft is hydrotherapy equipment, aquarium, shower dish, shield of recreational car assembly, tractor and ala child board wait. 4. Pull crowded shape   in recent years, polyurethane is pulled crowded shaped to had come true to commercialize. Of North America pulled crowded manufacturer to see the competition that plays crowded product market is intense, hope through polyurethane taller tenacity and intensity seek development opportunity. Crowded process is helped in polyurethane in, can use more buildup fiber, make the intensity of goods rises greatly. In the meantime, as a result of the shear strength between the impact strength with polyurethane superior itself, tensile strength and layer, goods can be made thinner lighter. For example, usable and fewer successive former silk felt, and the labour word roof beam that uses more notting have to twist roving will be made thinner, maintain its at the same time fore-and-aft stiffness is changeless, not only reduced weight, still reduced cost. In addition, the brittleness that polyurethane draws crowded material is smaller, can be assembled with groovy means and not craze and broken. Polyurethane pulls crowded material to include profile, staff with plank, if authority of ladder lever, tool, telegraph pole is horizontal,carry, plank of telegraph pole, hockey lever, crate. Polyurethane of crate plank   draws the application with crowded new material is door window system, it can be made get the profile with bigger, thinner and enough strength, use at big window frame even act wall. This kind of window frame is better than aluminous, wood and plastic window frame, have bilge goodly shrink function, be able to bear or endure await a gender woodiness surface can be formed after lacquer of classics of good, exterior. Another new use is railroad tie. Japanese seeper chemistry uses his successfully already at railroad to build, uses polyurethane resin comes from division think of achieve. This kind of crosstie looks be like lumber, combined all advantages of natural product and contemporary design. It can undertake curiuming with common carpentry tool, dig, hammer, on screw and gooey treatment. Its heat up coefficient of expansion and heat conduction rate very low. Because fiber increases, its are fought pressure, tension, bending strength is very high, service life is 3 times longer than traditional crosstie much. Use at orgnaization of its closed pore, although be in rainstorm bibulous and few, won't affect its dielectric protecties can. Its weight and spot treatment function also greatly excel mixes clay, can make aleatoric length, need not make a pattern additionally for every kinds of length. In addition, it special environmental protection, solvent is not used when making, after lifecycle ends, can use circularly. The rail of ” of Japan's famous new artery of “ of high speed train used this kind of crosstie.   of   of railroad tie 5, twine shape   is in twine in shaping, replaced polyester to arouse the very large interest of polyurethane supplier with polyurethane. The RS technology company that one big breakthrough is Canada uses colophony of its proprietary polyurethane and fiber to twined a technology to make assemble type composite material telegraph pole. This is telegraph pole of kind of polyurethane composite material. Polyurethane composite material can make longer telegraph pole, and polyester composite material is multi-purpose at lesser telegraph pole. The lining of this telegraph pole uses aromatics polyurethane, outside two use polyurethane of fat a group of things with common features. The intensity of system of this kind of colophony, tenacity is taller, reduced the weight of 45% . Ba Sifu is twined in polyurethane shape respect all the time very active, special be in Europe, its target utility is anticorrosive “ grows effect infrastructure ” . Domain of another potential application is anti-corrosive conduit and the drinking water establishment that are in area of middle east, southeast Asia. Hot water box also has development perspective very much. Use twine shape craft, the water tank that polyurethane composite material manufactures, the bursting strength that compares polyester cistern raises 40%-50% . 6, colophony is delivered shape (RTM)   a few years since, colophony is delivered shape (RTM) craft is used to all the time component of production composite material. With hereat the colophony of craft includes to have ester of polyester, ethylene and epoxy resin. Division think of achieve devote oneself to polyurethane colophony to work in the development of RTM craft. In RTM craft, fiber glass is filled up by park in double-faced mould. When the mould closes polyurethane colophony is entered by inject inside. After the component undertakes solidify, the mould is opened again get thereby eventually component. Vacuum perfusion shapes is a kind of form of RTM, permeate through fiber make vacuum general colophony inspiratory in the mould, is not inject enters a mould. Vacuum perfusion shapes the complete soak that ensured fiber glass is filled up, what and was eliminated may cause component defect is bit drier. It is reported, prolong polyurethane working life to the progress of 30 minutes of above, make all sorts of perfusion shape craft becomes a possibility. Henry Si Mai, division is thought of achieve research and development the polyurethane colophony that applies to vacuum perfusion to shape. Use RTM craft to make the polyurethane composite material of Cheng, the physical performance that is like not saturated colophony or ethylene ester than other colophony is more superior. They often are used at explosion proof ballproof wait for a domain with sports appliance. April 2016, division think of achieve successful trial-produce to raise 1.5MW lamina of fan of system of colophony of new-style high-powered polyurethane. This is as long as 37.5 meters, the polyurethane lamina that makes an appointment with 6 tons again used the Bo fine cloth of company of Chongqing international composite material, the polyurethane that passes German Xu Baishi is online and pouring equipment succeeds in academy of Shanghai glass reinforced plastics trial-produce. Polyurethane causes industry echo in the success on craft of large lamina perfusion. Compare with the traditional composite material photograph that is based on epoxy resin, answer material has polyurethane speed of more superior mechanical performance, solidify its faster, lower organic volatile more environmental protection. Lighter longer lamina, mean taller generate electricity efficiency and lower generate electricity cost, this is the development trend of wind cable industry. Answer material broke through polyurethane to have the restriction of material, bring brand-new solution for the industry. In October 2018, division think of the fan lamina that achieves an use polyurethane colophony to make to install devoted operation successfully, the fan lamina that installs this (model WB113-PU) 55.2 meters long, power is 2 million tile, its girder is mixed celiac board all is used division think of achieve polyurethane colophony material to be made. Fan v/arc be on the throne saves the electric field of a wind of iron mountain city to complete installation at Liaoning, this wind electric field by Liaoning big the Tang Dynasty limited company of international new energy is in charge of operation. To obtain relevant attestation, new fan lamina must check through all sorts of strict tripartite. Stabilize locomotive requirement for long to ensure fan lamina can come true below harsh environment, division think of achieved pair of fan lamina function to have full-scale test, carried Beijing warning successfully judge attestation center (CGC) static force and fatigue test (include shimmy and brandish direction) . Borrow this, division think of achieve transmit a strong signal to the industry, use polyurethane is made longer the times of stronger fan lamina has come. In June 2019, division think of achieve approve the order form of polyurethane raw material that is used at wind- driven lamina to consign. Division think of achieve for one of manufacturer of big wind- driven lamina limited company of technology of new material of times of individual plant continent (TMT) supply polyurethane resin, the blade of 18 polyurethane wind-force that is used at producing length to be 59.5 meters, also fight with Yuyi Liang Maohe cut celiac board. These lamina deliver to Envision, adumbrative division thinks of achieved polyurethane colophony the deploy in blade, use at project of commercial wind electric field. 2,   of door window profile uses technology: Pull crowded shape Si Mai of   go smoothly and limited company of science and technology of partner collect pliable but strong rolled out polyurethane jointly answer material breaks window of bridge system gate completely. This polyurethane composite material breaks window of bridge system gate to use the polyurethane composite material of light qualitative excel in completely, used resource and the sources of energy friendly profile makings. This system still owns exceedingly good fire prevention property, cooperate fireproof glass and hardware fittings, whole window is fireproof can be as long as 1 hour. Accordingly, since entering the market, window of this system gate is wide get industry reputably. In August 2019, division think of achieve take an active part in the “ tomorrow that by the building scientific academy starts to live structure energy resources and project of ” of environmental experiment platform, and hand in hand Inc. of science and technology of De Yilong of industry associate Zhejiang and group of German pattern room, make for this project jointly custom-built change how to do obeisance to? Bo fine enhances window of fire of polyurethane section ability solution. This profile enhances material with having gauze of alkaline fibre glass to be, polyurethane colophony is matrix colophony, through shutting a model inject pulls crowded craft to shape, collect energy-saving, fireproof, high strenth result at an organic whole. Build the environment of the sources of energy that ” offers to ask to “ future in the light of this project, division think of achieve together partner, pass the application of pair of this material, collective and custom-built the following window of 3 kinds of doors solution: Be worth in the light of whole window K (conduct heat coefficient) under the requirement of 1.5, division think of achieve offerred two kinds of program. Among them, “ pure heat insolation 65 make the same score series ” to use complete polyurethane profile, apply to all sorts of door window projects. This profile is had exceed low heat to conduct, be able to bear or endure reliably the advantage such as microtherm ability, superior mechanical performance and longer service life. In the meantime, because the linear of material heats up coefficient of expansion to be close to concrete very much, because heat bilges,can prevent window frame and wall system cold shrink difference and generation gap. And “ breaks the bridge greatly 65 make the same score series ” door window criterion use division is thought of achieve polyurethane profile to break the bridge as heat insolation, use aluminous profile to wrap Fu in the surface. Polyurethane composite material serves as in-house adiabatic core, enough is assumed on the fixed force of the wall, and weight of all glass layer, ensure of whole window fight wind pressure function, make heat insolation and suffer force to bear the weight of be in harmony is an organic whole. Be worth to satisfy whole window K under the requirement of 0.8, division think of achieve custom-built “85 makes the same score profile of series ” complete polyurethane. This profile whole uses polyurethane composite material, can satisfy the energy-saving requirement of ” of “ passive room. The window uses Bo fine to enhance polyurethane outside, deploy double deck Low-E to fill argon to enrage hollow glass, is cost of whole window K low to 0.77W/(m2? K) . In addition, this plan is used special deputy casing, energy-saving sex, corrosion resistance and beautiful of waterproof and sealed function. 3, telegraph pole   uses technology: Twine shape   Ba Sifu tries to use polyurethane composite material at telegraph pole all the time. In September 2018, ba Sifu expresses to plan plan and Philippine small-sized and absolute electric power to produce business and telegraphic supplier cooperation, in order to satisfy these companies to polyurethane the demand of answer material telegraph pole. Ba Sifu is in telegraph pole of Philippine promotion Boldur, because this country is,suffer typhoon and other and natural disaster to affect one of serious areas. Philippine annual and average have typhonic assault 19 times. Below extreme weather condition, the exceeds strong intensity to be able to raise distribution infrastructure refreshment of Boldur ability. Boldur telegraph pole is solid and small amount, 1/4 what weight is less than weight of traditional concrete telegraph pole, the installation of this telegraph pole needs only very few manpower and have heavy facility, can pass through out-of-the-way a mountainous area with marsh area, installation is in difficult landform. Ba Sifu's polyurethane answer material telegraph pole, will be used by agency of large telegraph pole of a Japan in July this year, second implementation commerce is sold. Telegraph pole of Ba Sifu Boldur by Elastolit? Polyurethane is made, use fiber to twine a technology, can resist extremely abominable weather condition, maintain reliable electric power to supply for stricken be hit by a natural adversity area. Weight of Boldur telegraph pole is 220 kilogram only, bending strength is 10 times of its weight. Telegraph pole of Ba Sifu Boldur is produced in Korea at present. Boldur telegraph pole but the diverse demand of agency of according to telegraph pole and energy supplier, undertake to length, intensity and hardness custom-built. Length varies to 12 meters at 8 meters as a child, rupture intensity limits is be less than 4 to be more than 20 1000 Newton (KN) . Telegraph pole has fire prevention sex at the same time, can rapid from extinguish.   of 5G communication tower uses technology: Twine shape the   advent as 5G times, ba Sifu uses polyurethane composite material at 5G communication tower, used Elastolit? Polyurethane. Does Anhui collect division Heng Yuanfu to join data limited company (collect division) use Elastolit? Make 60 communication tower, distributing the many cities in Beijing, Suzhou and Heilongjiang and Jiangxi. Compare traditional concrete or steel radical data, use Elastolit? The communication tower quality that makes is lighter, even if also can be installed quickly in remote region, can resist at the same time the soup such as heavy snow and blast. Tower of 35 meters when use composite material of Ba Sifu polyurethane to be made tall communication is made an appointment with again 1, 500 to 1, 800 kilogram, its rupture intensity is oneself weight is decuple. Not only such, elastolit? Tower of more traditional steel provides the communication tower that makes more cost effectiveness. Elastolit? Have be able to bear or endure rust and anti-corrosive characteristic, be needed to maintain a volume smaller. The surface enclothes those who have a special recipe to be able to bear or endure ultraviolet coating, can prolong its service life. Have fire prevention sex at the same time, can rapid from extinguish.

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