On August 12, hangzhou Ka Laifu joins limited company of material science and technology (” of science and technology of Lai of card of “ of the following abbreviation) already finished new round of financing, cast an industry by develop gold capital, gold, chase after far achieve cast, couplet ocean new material, Hui Baixin material invests jointly. Before this, oriental fine rich as get cast square, science and technology blocking Lai was shared 2020 the financing of seminal annulus, help development of economy of river of money of Hangzhou of company be born.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Science and technology blocking Lai basically faces car component system, store can system (gas cylinder of high pressure of batteries box, carbon fiber) , the market such as large and orbit traffic, unmanned aircraft and oil equipment, result from through applying dimensions of high-powered composite material changes design and craft to make technology, carbon fiber reclaim dimensions of recycle technology and home's banner component of car composite material changes a quantity to produce experience, be aimed at diverse demand of the client, offer efficient, low cost, custom-built those who change is light quantify a solution, include material composition to design, small lot is made and be measured produce, lead composite material application to enter 4 periods (industrialized, automation, dimensions is changed, civil change) . The capital of epicycle financing will be used at blocking the product research and development of Lai science and technology to reach to produce further can outspread, advance high-powered composite material to be in quickly according to protract three-cornered talent, industry and financial natural resources country is small the dimensions that quantifies a domain turns application.

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15-18 December

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