In June 2021, appraisal of new product of Inc. of foreign new material meets Zhejiang couplet be held in Hangzhou, zhang Rui of assistant dean of academy of Chen Guofeng of company vice president, technology, reach product line chief engineer 10 thousand celestial bodies attend, have additionally come from more than 10 inside the industry famous experts assemble in hereat, have identification for couplet ocean new product jointly. Eventually, couplet ocean is own the material of core of lamina of “ wind report of research and development uses excel in epispastic material ” passes low horniness suction glue appraisal can be approbated consistently, achieve “ international advanced ” level.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Appraisal is met on, appraisal committee listened to the technical summary of product project controller, trial-produce to summarize the report such as the report seriously, check and approve check new report, detect the relevant data such as report and user feedback opinion, had detailed spot ask for an explanation. Experts pass the contrast that objective sample and contest taste, spot discussion, passed couplet consistently the new product appraisal of modern own research and development is checked and accept, the technical innovation gain with foreign couplet offerred sufficient affirmation, think to this product is designed in the recipe and is bigger innovation on preparation engineering technology, international of technical level place is congener the product is advanced level.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In recent years, couplet ocean holds to a technology to lead, build innovation platform, develop new product ceaselessly, consolidating new market is developed ceaselessly below the circumstance of existing market, enter new field, generate electricity in wind-force especially, the domain such as equipment of heat preservation of orbit traffic, shipping, exercise, increase strength of research and development further, research and development gave large quantities of one technology levels advanced, market approves the high-end product with degree of tall, good economic benefits, the height that gained expert of market client, industry is affirmative, enhanced business market competition ability and development reserve strength, to realize couplet foreign product high end changed development of high quality of transition, company to lay solid foundation.

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