Suffer just needed stock up filling goods and double raw material to stop downstream drop spring back influence, get warm again after a cold spell of mood of epoxy resin market, rise in price. End to receive city to 14 days, 18000-18700 of price of mainstream of E-51 of epoxy resin of Hua Dong liquid yuan / ton, odd-numbered days goes up 200 yuan / ton; 16700-17200 of value of market of mainstream of E-12 of epoxy resin of yellow hill solid yuan / ton, relatively a sun rises 200 yuan. Sole of chloric propane of A of double phenol of raw material of epoxy resin upper reaches and annulus oxygen rebounds, epoxy resin cost is propped up increase ceaselessly, downstream ask dish enthusiasm than before improve, the part just needed stock up filling money, manufacturer accepts the order circumstance than before improve somewhat. Chloric propane of picture annulus oxygen: Chloric propane of domestic annulus oxygen stops drop time go up, end on July 14 12600-13000 of price of mainstream of Hua Dong area yuan / ton. Because glycerine price drops, chloric to annulus oxygen propane forms benefit sky to restrict, at present price of chloric propane of oxygen of glycerine law annulus is hanged, device falls to lose or jockey the phenomenon is serious and be in small negative charge to move, rate of trade go into operation falls to 35% , decrease as supply hair, filling goods of downstream phase sex, the market stops drop rebound. Double phenolic A: Suffer Hua Dong contest of double phenolic A pats large petrifaction enterprise many rounds to rise, carry brace up course of study person state of mind while the market falls situation put delay somewhat, the near future is downstream filling goods of sex of epoxy resin phase, certain level is formed to merchandise on hand prop up, double phenolic A holds money business to offer to be pulled stage by stage litre to 11800-12000 yuan / ton, but demand of another downstream PC also has clear improvement. End to at present value of market of mainstream of Hua Dong area is in 11800-11900 yuan / ton. At present rate of go into operation of unit of double phenolic A is in 72% the left and right sides, relatively small last week drop, sole of together with ECH rebounds, downstream colophony bear promotes stage by stage, market whole state of mind improves. At present rate of go into operation of integral colophony trade is in 42% , annulus rises than small last week (liquid epoxy resin 40% , solid epoxy resin 44% ) . River door, appropriate starts negative charge of go into operation of 3 timber unit 4 into the left and right sides; South Asia, Changchun, stars, raise farming, Qi Hua all be in fall bear condition; Solid colophony device falls bear moves. BPA concussion is arranged, ECH is pushed quickly go up, the You Gang below together with needs stock up filling money, course of study person state of mind gets carrying brace up, main area has epoxy resin to be propped up certainly, maintain only downstream just needed stock up filling money, materiality demand of short duration did not change apparently, this goes up situation be be driven as a result of cost and enter brief push go up period, later period goes up situation whether to continue to still remain to observe.

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15-18 December

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