“ thank helps us protect for production, festal joy! ”9 month 21 days, the Mid-autumn Festival that day, zhou Sha of clerk of foreign trade of ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction receives a special red-letter day to bless information. Original, this blessing information is sent from colophony ministry some Europe client. Early days, train of thought of week Sha innovation, use means of whole journey highway transportation to be this client shipment product of a batch of epoxy resin, avoided goods to suffer the marine effect that block harbor up and sluggish period, “ copies shortcut ” to shorten carriage time, successful lash-up is protected for. Come nearly two years, suffer epidemic situation effect, international content sheds sailing date to be mixed mussily continuously be short of box. Ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction faces marine exit content to shed passageway block circumstance, many sided proceed with does away with bottleneck, dredge content sheds a passageway, implementation is added annul achieve effect. On one hand, this encourage a client to be carried oneself, partake content sheds pressure. Method of exit of epoxy resin product is ” of “ Jianghai through traffic for the most part, discharge of content of the harbour on this year harbor of big, sluggish is serious. Receive money as soon as possible to beg, they encourage fabric of group of client proper motion to flow, agile shipment, ensure seasonable pick up the goods. On the other hand, this introduce new other people to shed business, thing of implementation much haven, polymorphous type flows carry. They use “ Jiang Hailian to carry ”“ Hai Tielian carries the different thing such as ” of through traffic of high seas of ”“ of through traffic of ”“ fair iron sheds means to organize exit to carry neatly, implementation exports content to shed the diversity of channel. In addition, below this support that still is in Yue Yang custom and integrated free tax zone, make full use of content sheds channel, product of arrangement epoxy resin keeps duty outcome through integrated free tax zone, improve exit efficiency. Since this year, product of this epoxy resin exports a quantity to grow 12.4% compared to the same period, benefit grows substantially compared to the same period. (Plum fine horse of Hengyu plum ala)

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15-18 December

New York City