French composite material exhibits JEC World is Europe is consummate history the exhibition of major of composite material industry with long, large scale, showed the new technology of industry of current composite material and applied gain.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
It is reported, this second exhibit share of meeting constant god to carry numerous representative product to come on stage: It is high-powered carbon fiber (T1100, m40X class) , the tensile strength of new generation product / modular quantity had drawing to promote considerably, for the high-end technology domain such as aviation, spaceflight equipment construction offerred new material alternative, the product is main function index is as follows: HF60 (T1100 class) carbon fiber: Tensile strength 7000 MPa, drawing model measures 320 GPa; HM50E (M40X class) carbon fiber: Tensile strength 5700 MPa, drawing model measures 380 GPa. 2 it is girder of wind report lamina Liang Maoyong carbon fiber pulls crowded board, the HF10J-24K/50K carbon fiber that HS series carbon fiber pulls crowded plank to use constant god to be produced oneself is pulled crowded shape, apply at cap of bridge of girder of wind report lamina, fabric of the 24K carbon fiber that already issued through DNV·GL of international attestation orgnaization, carbon fiber and carbon fiber are pulled crowded board TYPE APPROVAL certificate and SHOP APPROVAL certificate. 3 it is to do a law to twine gas cylinder, as technical development, car of new-style fuel cell grows with course of development of its add boat, hydrogenation is rapid wait for an advantage to get stage by stage of the market approbate. At present gas cylinder of Chu Qing of 70MPa high pressure is the way of a kind of Chu Qing with main car of new-style fuel cell. Constant god HF30F-24K/EM308TOWPREG beforehand dip silk dry method twines hydric bottle to have fiber bulk content quality of tall, product is fluctuant consistency of small, product good, winding rate cost of tall, production mixes efficiency of fast, production wet twine quite wait for an advantage. Can apply extensively at multiplying to use hydrogen with car, bus, motor-car bottle of can tall calm sb's anger. 4 it is RTM of much wall structure shapes aileron, whole of RTM of much wall structure shapes 3336mm of aileron overall length, wide 592mm, tall 122mm, it is the helm area structural member that uses at plane wing tailing edge. RTM whole shapes technical application, make this component reduced the use of hundreds fastener, make a gross weight be 18.46kg, reduce greatly make weight. Use carbon fiber to braid a canal to shape aileron wall, use carbon fiber is braided as spill fill triangle area, improved the preparation efficiency of prefab body greatly.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City