Recently, zephyr of business of development of a new energy resources announced Norway the project of electric field of large and maritime wind of above of a GW plans, this project will be used at the same time secure bottom radical and float platform, the plan uses two kinds of fan to deploy program. Planting is it is to introduce series of electric machinery of 61 maritime wind, aircrew rated power is as high as 20MW, fan height is 340 meters, rotor diameter is 310 meters, wind field total capacity is 1220MW. The 2nd kind of configuration will include group of electric machinery of 94 maritime wind, high-power is 15MW, aircrew height is 260 meters, rotor diameter is 230 meters, wind field total capacity is 1410MW. Project cent is nodded for two ground - winter of boreal wave a place of strategic importance (Poseidon North) winter of He Nabo a place of strategic importance (Poseidon South) , these two sites cover an area of 162km2 and 35km2 respectively. The project predicts to submitted license application 2022, predict to controlled go into operation 2031 at be in, this project will make installation after put into production fan is big, the maritime wind electric field with project monomer big capacity. Before this, lab of Lawrence · Berkeley (Berkeley Lab) 140 wind report experts of the organization consider to forecast, as a result of the progress of technology of wind cable industry, of commercial pattern mature gradually, wind report cost will drop continuously, to 2035, average stand-alone capacity will reach group of onshore wind electric machinery 5.5MW, average stand-alone capacity will reach group of maritime wind electric machinery 17MW.

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