A few days ago, the line that connect raise mails paragraph of channel punish villages and towns high paragraph job of hoisting of arch of the 2nd steel tube completes 5 bridge project satisfactorily, this mark is worn home the 3 stacks of —— of bridge of the lever that fasten arch that use large rope of boom of carbon fiber composite material on the west hoisting of arch of bridge steel tube, broke through boom of carbon fiber composite material to all alone the technical bottleneck in using a process, realized all alone of carbon fiber composite material to apply the breakthrough of 0 in domestic highway bridge.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
3 battlementses on the west bridge project, use large rope of boom of composite material of 4 carbon fiber in all, among them 2 all alone for boom of intelligence of carbon fiber composite material, have light qualitative, excel in, anti-corrosive, be able to bear or endure fatigue, wait for superior performance from perception, tensile strength amounts to 2900MPa, it is 1.5 times of tightwire of international high tensile strength more current, the breaking force that make demand is 345 tons, stress monitors repeatability error ≤1% . This one application develops in this domain industry for our country and construction of the especially big bridge that cross path settles future foundation; In the meantime, drive the development of industry of our country carbon fiber, promote technology of homebred carbon fiber level and integrated capability.

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15-18 December

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