Arrange of American environmental protection (EPA) express, every reduce car weight 100 pounds, fuel economy can raise 1-2 % . Electric car (EV) the industry is devoting oneself to to raise energy efficiency gentle to solve ” of angst of “ course of development, this brought business chance undoubtedly. The batteries of electric car encloses crust (also call batteries chamfer, box or case) basically use pack and protect batteries. Their appearance and size each are not identical, and no less than is other car assembly is same, using material respect to be able to have multiple choice, the competition between different material is relatively intense also. Aluminium and steel are the traditional material choice that batteries encloses crust. However, composite material can be offerred better replace an option, the performance that improves electric car greatly.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Current, of electric car large-scale gain ground get the worry of angst of course of development, distance of the travel after because people worries car,charging is not quite long. To ease worry of course of development, people needs without doubt safe, light and the electric car that has cost effectiveness. To make electric car can achieve this one goal in the market, its component also must have these idiosyncratic. If some component can use lighter material to make and do not affect security and functional sex, so to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) choose personnel with the stylist of systematic supplier and material, this is a well-advised choice undoubtedly. In some way, replace metallic stuff to be able to rival the functional sex in the past not only with composite material, can surmount foregoing function even, because composite material brought additional advantage,this is. A very good example encloses crust with respect to the batteries that is electric car, because composite material can reduce weight, improve sex of adiabatic heat preservation, reduce noise, reduce vibration, lower voice at the same time brace up surface roughness. Let us see the square respect face of composite material characteristic carefully: ◆ reduces weight   to be able to say, the main drive element that chooses composite material is to reduce car weight to measure, if batteries crust by the composite material of 100 % is not aluminium is made, criterion car weight can reduce 40 % mostly. The battery that makes by composite material encloses crust weight lighter, right truckload the design has positive implicative effect. Because batteries box element brings about car weight volume to reduce, because this is when the car with smaller drawing, requires battery and engine dimension can be reduced. This kind of positive helix effect can reduce car cost and angst of course of development, conduce to the dimensions that promotes electric car energetically changing use.   of ◆ adiabatic sex composite material pledges besides material lighter idiosyncratic outside, still avoided the demand to alone and adiabatic system, this reduced car weight to measure further, conduce to compact supply catenary and value chain. Enclose crust to metallic batteries, need is all round material add system of heat preservation of outfit heat insolation, in order to maintain the working temperature of batteries. Because composite material has character of adiabatic heat preservation, in prevent to conduct heat the respect is having very good effect, because this need not be added in the system,hold more weightening finish parts. ◆ noise, oscillatory harmony brace up although surface roughness   is not the crucial factor that the issue involves security, but low noise car is in trade provide feasibility more. Noise, oscillatory harmony brace up surface roughness (NVH) the result that is vibration or noise generation, these vibration or noise can pass voice transmission and diverge inside cab. Relative to at metallic stuff character, the noise of composite material, oscillatory harmony brace up surface roughness (NVH) lesser, because they have inherent damp character. This is enclosed to batteries is such crust and other car assembly, both otherness may be meant driving experience respect, more luxurious and comfortable, and another easy should be differred moderately a few. ◆ security   looks from larger automobile body, crust of composite material batteries can design the one part that is automobile body structure, can protect batteries not only, still can protect the passenger in car. The intensity of composite material and stiffness character exceeded aluminium or steel, can provide better collision security thereby. This kind of union encloses need cell the clasp between crust supplier and chassis architect, but to enhancing car security character, it is practical really. Pull crowded shape   dimensions turns production total to reducing cost is crucial. Can use a future life of continuous production method to produce package of box of electric car batteries, pull for example crowded shape. Make methodological photograph compare with other composite material, pull crowded shape craft makes composite material manufacturer can be in same cross section fill more fiber, can make thereby piece solidder but smaller part. Remember, fiber just is to bear the weight of the component of data load. As close as composite material manufacturer cooperation designs fiber accurately content and range way, in order to realize the sex of weight intensity bit of beautiful. How will you evolve henceforth? If resemble arrange of American environmental protection (EPA) those who forecast in that way, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can from the car light in quantifying, obtain can effect redound, so composite material will produce effect undoubtedly. Its action is the weight that reduces car simply not just, and still can improve collision security, the trends that promotes car is behaved and drive experience, and the integral strength that increases traffic. Angst of course of development remains one of crucial difficult problem that electric automobile industry must overcome, and the consideration chooses the material besides material of traditional batteries crust is it is important to reduce a car to weight is measured and raise fuel socioeconomic one pace.

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