On March 10, company of United States of Dongli composite material (CMA) announce to roll out CMA 3900 series formally beforehand dip makings, the design that involves numerous field publicly at the same time is allowable database. Association of American car engineer (SAE) one-way belt and fabric product established the 3900-2 that material committee is not aimed at Dong Li especially new data standard AMS 6891. Dong Li expresses, new material already can be purchased, undertake attestation through AMS 6891 standard. Manual of CMH17 of below one edition will announce 5 batches 3900 beforehand dip makings designs concessional data. The test that involves among them and data basis bureau of American confederative aviation (FAA) requirement setting, the design that can be used at the main structure such as commerce, aerospace and national defence to apply and attestation. Say according to CMA, 3900 series beforehand dip makings can be passed replace metallic structural member, the design that gives traffic the territory brings a change. Use composite material to be able to reduce structural weight significantly, lengthen a voyage thereby distance, optimize lifecycle cost, reduce carbon to discharge. 3900 series beforehand extension of dip material product Dong Li's product is familial, offerred at any time practicable database. Beautiful company shows east, devote oneself to to offer continuously firstly have open and allowable the whole set product of data set. For instance, 2510 blame autoclave of Dong Li (OOA) series beforehand dip material product accords with existing AMS standard to ask likewise, 3 batches design NASA of bureau of space navigation of NIAR of academy of aviation of United States of concessional data out, United States and AGATE to plan a project; In the light of next generation T1100/3960 beforehand 5 batches of data set of dip material product collect the job in also be being advanced.

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