On July 12, company of Japanese emperor person announces external through official website, be located in the Teijin Carbon Vietnam Co that Vietnam Henan saves. , ltd (TCV) begin formally already to commercialize product of manufacturing carbon fiber, basically include beforehand the intermediate material of the composite material such as beaverboard of macerate of colophony of dip makings, matrix.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
TCV company main goal is to be southeast Asia, South Asia and Asia-Pacific market to offer sports and outdoors activity domain to use carbon fiber data, these domain type products include lever of fishing pole, golf, bicycle and ice hockey things to wait. The sale of relevant product will sell a branch to be in charge of by TCV and the carbon fiber of person of the Supreme Being in these market operation. TCV regards company of person of the Supreme Being as the base of carbon fiber business in Vietnam, held water in May 2019, basically be in charge of producing carbon fiber product, will satisfy the carbon fiber requirement that expands ceaselessly, the establishs to also will strengthen company of person of the Supreme Being at the same time professional ability of this company. At present company of person of the Supreme Being is in Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei to wait set sale branch, these branches basically devote oneself to to discover demand market, provide a service for Asian client. The in-house collaboration between these companies and TCV will strengthen company of person of the Supreme Being to grow the market to swim up and down quickly in the Asia further sectional business. In recent years, as more and more severe environment measure and environmental framework agreement (if can expand target and Parisian agreement continuously) upgrade, will raise bigger requirement to the carbon fiber of light qualitative tall tigidity, at present Asian demand is increasing, mix in sports and outdoors activity, industry especially aerospace domain. In sports and outdoors activity domain, develop for this domain high-powered, light quantify, the carbon fiber product of tall tigidity all the time since the main part that serves as relevant things is used. Because get the influence of epidemic situation of COVID-19 new coronal, the activity with dense throng of a few escape is paid close attention to like fishing, to make demand of fishing pole things increase significantly. The long-term goal of company of person of the Supreme Being is the company that becomes society of future of a support, it wishs what there is specific aim in for a long time below scene, the participation that continues to promote carbon fiber and relevant business is spent. About Teijin Carbon Vietnam Co. , ltd   this company held water on May 4, 2019, this company is located in Vietnam the Henan of the south inside the river visits areas of pair of Tian Zhendong article (Dong Van Ward, duy Tien Town, ha Nam Province) , major servicing limits is production and material of sale carbon fiber and goods.

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