On March 11, haing electricity wind energy (Inner Mongolia) limited company (company of Inner Mongolia of the following abbreviation) in Inner Mongolia the city that connect distant opens rash county to hold a HW46.5-2.0-V1 lamina successfully to get offline ceremony. Members of standing committee of Party committee of haing cable group, vise general manager piece Ying Jian attends a ceremony and make a speech. Willow of vice secretary of Party committee of the group that promote Hunan, assistant president, general manager congratulate, open Zhang Wenjun of director of rash county standing committee, open Ma Jinchun of members of standing committee of rash county Party committee, subprefect, chief inspector of market of center of certificate of quality holds new energy resources concurrently to grow Xing Geping to attend a ceremony everywhere. Get offline the ceremony is chaired by unity and coherence in writing of vice secretary of Party committee of haing electricity wind energy, general manager Tan. Zhang Ying expresses in speech of be still living and in good health, in “ the setting of goal of strategy of double carbon ” falls, wind-force generates electricity to improving composition of the sources of energy, drive green to develop a sense great, generate electricity as our country of equipment production domain get army enterprise, haing cable group the capable, conditional, wind report that confidence provides more high grade and efficient, on the safe side for broad client solution and service. Haing cable group will develop equipment adequately to create advantage and dominant position of resource form a complete set, the wind report that makes an industry develop in coordination with all one's strength carries dimension serves platform integratedly, for safety of wind electric field efficient moving “ escorts the Emperor convoy ” , to drive the sources of energy of our country green the industry is mixed socioeconomy develops rash county make new larger contribution. Guild of Xing Geping's representing and expert get offline to lamina of Inner Mongolia company express congratulation, express, the haing electricity wind energy that expects to regard backbone of wind cable industry as force is in wind report obtains new breakthrough on market of entire industry catenary. Ma Jinchun expresses in the speech, open rash county to regard class as one of base of phone of 1 billion made of baked clay wind, firmly base oneself upon builds the strategic fixed position of important the sources of energy and strategic resource base, implement new development concept in the round, accelerate advance development of high quality of industry of wind report development, stimulative equipment. Open rash county to will hold to “ to weigh the concept of the business, relative a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, wealthy businessman, ” that bring business from beginning to end, way of further innovation work, active and active make good service, timely help enterprise solves difficulty and problem, aid force to breath out electric wind energy to obtain better development result in place. Get offline ceremonially, haing electricity wind energy (Inner Mongolia) the much home unit such as center of limited company of investment of the sources of energy of Meng Dongxin of branch of limited company and Inner Mongolia of round limited company of big Tang Ji, Dong Xuxin the sources of energy, certificate of quality signed cooperative agreement and contract. Northeast and business of development of Meng Dong area, supplier, guild and expert represented nearly 100 honored guests to attend blade to get offline ceremony. Inner Mongolia company is haing electricity wind energy the development of collect wind electric field that opening rash county to invest construction, hind the omnibus property base that the market carries equipment of phone of peace keeping wind is made, it is travel of carry out of haing cable group the goal of double carbon strategy, significant move that optimizes the position of wind cable industry, market after advancing wind report to carry dimension serves development strategy. The company already covered spare parts of ten million class to purchase in hand order at present, blade maintenance is made newly, ability changes upgrade contract and lead plane are overall small change great undertaking Wu. The success that covers blade this gets offline, the mark is worn Inner Mongolia company already entered dimensions to turn stage of production, predict annual produce of business of blade build and repair can amount to 100 million yuan of above 2022. In addition, inner Mongolia company is returned will with open rash county joint development project of cable of wind of 200 thousand kilowatt, can increase production value of 1.5 billion yuan of sales for place at the appointed time, implementation profit tax makes an appointment with 100 million yuan, creation makes an appointment with 500 with respect to post of course of study.

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