The Tenax carbon fiber of person of the Supreme Being / PPS is one-way beforehand dip brings new product.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Picture origin: Company of element of carbon of person of emperor of Europe of   of   of Teijin Carbon Europe / Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH (Er of tower of German black Po) get together one kind at will announcing on May 19 benzene sulfur aether (PPS) base new-style carbon fiber is thermoplastic one-way beforehand dip is taken (TPUD) . Person of the Supreme Being shows, contain the new market with the sensitive cost of admit of new-style Tenax TPUD of PPS matrix, offer the traditional advantage of TPUD at the same time, be able to bear or endure for example chemical and solvent sex, low flammability, can store below room temperature or carry and can reclaim use a sex. As a result of its flame retardation and low aerosol are discharged, this kind of new-style Tenax beforehand dip takes chance of usable Yu Fei or the in-house application of railroad traffic applies with etc. Temperature of expensive successive work can be as high as 220°C. The characteristic of this material is bibulous rate low, high temperature resistant creep performance is good, dimension stability is tall. Person of the Supreme Being shows, these character make this product suits to be taken with automatic shop machine (ATL) or machine of automatic shop silk (AFP) and use with the Bao Fucheng of intricate geometry appearance union. Person of the Supreme Being still points out, with get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) or get together fragrant base ether ketone (PAEK) photograph comparing, the treatment temperature of PPS is lower. No matter colophony matrix how, tenax TPUD of person of the Supreme Being beforehand dip belt all can supply a variety of 100 fiber to 190g / M2 base heavy, roll long can amount to 2000 meters, width can amount to 24 inches. Come nearly 10 years, one-way beforehand dip is taken (TPUD) it is by German sea the carbon fiber of the factory mixes Yinsibao all the time thermoplastic plastic make. So far, semi-manufactured goods had offerred PEEK or PAEK– adds PPS in usable matrix list now. Compare with PEEK or PAEK photograph, PPS allows inferior process temperature. Especially to industrial market, improving productivity is a milepost in order to enhance the cost effectiveness of flow.

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