“ is chloric alkaline colophony company regards ’ of ‘ a party to an undertaking as the project safety from beginning to end, holding to ‘ severe canal is the concept of deep love ’ , catch groom, tubal consciousness, dominate action, made the safe culture of chloric alkaline characteristic stage by stage, with high quality safety service company high quality develops. ” is chloric Yu Hua of general manager Zhao of alkaline colophony company says.

The graph turns limited company of chloric alkaline colophony for Shandong sea

Since this year, safety of enterprise of this company focusing develops, get together intrinsic safety promotes force, around “ two prevent (be on guard great and safe risk, prevent charge accident happening parent) 3 promotion (intelligence of informatization of level of promotion intrinsic safety, promotion changes a canal to control standard of quality of skill of personnel of level, promotion) ” , it is with safe development oriented, let a party build take stage, press a carring pole to the backbone, open prescription to the risk, for safe bright sign, formed team member to be the first, the good atmosphere that party card is versed in the group catchs condominium together. The sieve gives risk post, accomplish know fairly wellThe risk prevents the lifeline that accusing is business development.

Introduction Yin Haisheng goes to safe inspector general of company of chloric alkaline colophony: “5 month, print and distribute of city lash-up bureau " the announcement that about strengthening venture of dangerous chemical company continuously post safety manages " , liquefaction of the electroanalysising that we nod ‘ one great ’ twofold, chlorine, fluid is chloric packed 3 post to bring into risk post to manage directly. The “ that combs in early days on foundation of post of key of 3 danger ” , 95 station of integrated consideration company are inherent with potential and safe risk, differentiate afresh the key position that evaluates a likelihood to involve, crucial link and short board weak sports, chloridize hydrogen synthesis, will chloric hydrogen treatment, hydric fill area of canister of outfit, finished product 4 post brought into risk station management, add up to the sieve singled out 7 risks hillock. ”

Nowhere is not in the risk, have determinism already, because of,meet again when on business and change, differentiating in time again be on guard. Of the unusual, conduit that the deviate of index of the technology in producing a course, equipment runs run risk a leakage to wait for “ transaction ” , it is the omen before accident happening, become a risk to be in charge of the Chongzhongzhi that accuse to weigh. For this, company of chloric alkaline colophony craft of “ leak ” , “ interlocking call the police ” is treated as the accident, installed “ technology 0 call the police ” target, from the normative sex proceed with of the stability of the operation and behavior, hold out custom in front.

During year heavies repair, manufacturing unit jockeys, all displacement completes the system, safe risk moves by device turn to be overhauled for device, spot much range is wide, high temperature intense heat of summer, each overhaul project makes the new risk point that the canal charges, safety administration pressure is steep add.

The spot is overhauled in the project, li Fajiang of safe ministry minister watchs situation of aptitude of spot work staff at the same time, say at the same time: Overhaul plans “ this year is 10 days, overhaul project has 315, time is close, the task is heavy, special operation, across exercise is concentrated, to ensure all project venture can accuse, controlled, we installed whole one by one to discuss the risk that overhaul project involves and safe canal to accuse measure, do not differentiate to the risk reach the designated position, put forward to modify an opinion, rectify and reform after finishing, undertook signing approving, strengthened the risk canal that overhauls a project to accuse. ”

The graph examines case of work staff aptitude for Li Fajiang

“ safety is the greatest benefit. Company leader cadre should become the standard bottom line, carry out culture relying on chart, set oneself an example to others, take the lead in hanging down model, lead faculty to put ’ of ‘ safety first in the company to produce the first place that manage and develops, want know fairly well, not arrogant not impetuous, always hold sober head, person of freedom of the reasonable person that the wisdom person that does syncretic of a person with a discerning eye that the risk differentiates, knowing and doing, lifelong study, severe mannered. ” Zhao Yuhua says so.

Set Party member post, accomplish the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in the heart

Most the person that be at ease is put on the post that is at ease least of all!

The ” of hillock of 7 “ risk that singles out in the light of the sieve, union of company of chloric alkaline colophony produces distributinging situation of workshop Party member each, beginning “ Party member is safe a ” activity, built ” of map of “ Party member, installed “ is not had beside the Party member 3 violate task of ” assault fortified positions, produce vanward type effect of the Party member adequately.

Li Fajiang says: “ since this year, drive in what the proprietor of an enterprise wants chief, team member joins field of be assigned personal responsibility for, the attendant that finish 21 person-time, attend team and group to join join a regular shift or class of class, post seriously, communicate deploy of ranking and secure job in time, participate in platoon of post hidden trouble to check, supervise and urge post risk is fulfilled, discharge fish hidden trouble in all 106, rectify and reform finish 100, wait for rectify and reform hidden trouble to press ‘ entirely 5 decide ’ canal to accuse measure to plan to rectify and reform. In great red-letter day, important period of time, the company leads the value that be stationed in a factory to defend accumulative total more than 40 days, rose to drive demonstrative action very well, the safety that ensures company production with all one's strength is smooth. ”

The graph is examined for Zhao Yuhua electroanalysis post overhauls a circumstance

To ensure risk post risk can accuse, this company requests a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively according to “ Party member + organization allocates ” principle, combed risk station staff to provide a case in the round, force of skeleton of the member that accumulative total adjusts a party 13 person-time, let Party member backbone tilt to ” of “ risk hillock, enrich safety government power ceaselessly. Among them, qi Jianwei of select Party member is held the position of electroanalysis post is worth a monitor, zhang Fada and garment Kui Bin hold the position of chloridize hydrogen to synthesize device and fluid respectively chloric fill outfit workshop section to produce a manager, model of support Party member is the first the play of action, all obtained good safety administration and risk canal to dominate the result.

Business of “ Comrade Qi Jianwei is strong, responsibility heart is strong, request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively joined ‘ big electrobath to upgrade in transforming project ’ , work overtime, willingly bear the burden of hard works, stare at relied on to finish 2 period of 5 big electrobath upgrade transform, overcome the difficult problem that manufacturer cannot coach to the factory, drive a project to shift to an earlier date 2 weeks of safety were finished cast with, the company is become provincial first join the company that uses big electrobath, also reveal gave Qi Jianwei's excellent technology quality and party spirit accomplishment, classics workshop is recommended promoting the monitor that it is a value also is what people's expectations puts in 's charge. ” mentions Qi Jianwei, electroanalysis Gong Qingming of director of secretary of workshop Party branch, workshop always is profuse in praise.

The graph is in for Qi Jianwei with manufacturer spot alternating current solution chamfer transforms a problem

Be in company of chloric alkaline colophony, the Party member backbone that grows from basic level like Qi Jianwei, Zhang Fada, Yi Kuibin still has a lot of, in the job that in the company each misfortune danger weighs, branch built fort, Party member to make the habit of established by usage when the pioneer, this is the bottom energy of life that enterprise safety develops. They are bright the identity, exhibit elegant demeanour, stare at a key, rely on a key, make party flag flying be in a gleam of, badge inviting a party is glaring in a gleam of, sink the service to a gleam of, witnessed party of company of chloric alkaline colophony to build the shirt-sleeve development that the job and production run.

Make safe hillock, there is music in accomplishing a heart

How to forget danger, how to originally by force this, just can change Wei Weian.

Zhao Yuhua is in the respecting when as safe as the enterprise administrator communicates: “ safety administration should have music in the heart, the key does good ‘ namely 4 things ’ . Regard the thing of others as oneself thing, want with case for ancient bronze mirror, strengthen groom; Become without the thing occupied, want be vigilant in peace time, how to forget danger; Become minor matter important matter, want to pay close attention to transaction, inquire into the root of the matter; Become simple issue complex issue, want against a rainy day, do do greatly fine. ”

Since this year, company of chloric alkaline colophony is entire member enclothe begin “ university be used to, big groom, activity of old exam ” , smoke every months survey 90 more than person, begin “ accident to review day of ”12 second, hardheaded, follow closely situation, complete a study, think over deeply into act reason, pass germ sex is analysed and preventive managing, undertake to risk hidden danger platoon of type of draw inferences about other cases from one instance is checked, lend him Shan Zhishi, carve the jade of personal body, safety of comprehensive tamp enterprise runs a base.

Senior officer Zhu Jinyan says resource of this company labor power: “ makes ’ of ‘ safe hillock is project of a system, need cadre is the first, also need a worker hard. Be opposite to satisfy risk post record of formal schooling, professional requirement, our old stuff is very much initiative newspaper took an examination of an adult to teach, 20 people obtained letter of record of formal schooling this year, integrated quality and level of record of formal schooling promote employee further, this promotes to a high office to employee profession and sense of construction of echelon formation of company person with ability is great. ”

Promote soft actual strength, compose is built hard prop up. Reduce a person as enterprise “ mechanization, automation substitution, what intelligence changes unmanned ” to ask is ceaseless upgrade, safety administration also is interpose by the earliest person, develop present intelligent early-warning and automatic interpose.

The graph drives in safety in operation for safe driver storehouse

In safe cockpit of company of chloric alkaline colophony, village Bin operates safe driver to say at the same time at the same time: Company of chloric alkaline colophony regards “ as the pilot unit that the sea turns group informatization to build, us around risk post, made ‘1 mainly (intelligent video is analysed) + 5 (safety of mechanism of fixed position of the risk early-warning that monitor, staff, double precaution, exercise is in charge of accuse and exercise monitoring, complete element manages Gao Wei) + 1 (safe cockpit) safe informatization applies setting, adopt the measure of informatization, undertake to the personnel, risk that call the police and works intelligence is analysed, undertake be tuballed in real time accusing to all sorts of ‘ transaction ’ , call the police automatically, released the stimulative action with safe to the enterprise informatization thoroughly, intrinsic safety level got comprehensive promotion. Add in what safe informatization applies setting hold below, risk hillock became safe post, bureau of bureau of lash-up of Wei lane city, seaside area lash-up goes to a company for many times survey, obtained approbate consistently. ”

Hillock of rising high pay, in accomplishing a heart, have duty

The employee that allows risk post has honorary feeling!

Severe canal of “ of travel of carry out of company of chloric alkaline colophony is the concept of deep love ” , in general Party branch drive below, built risk station to incentive mechanism, to electroanalysising post, chlorine liquefaction post, fluid is chloric the personnel holding card of the high risk post such as the post that pack, carry out post allowance every months, carry out allowance of high specified number every months to high risk workshop, increased the income of risk station staff.

The graph enquires circumstance of safe tell sb one's real intentions for safe administrator

Yang Zhanxing of secretary of synthetic workshop Party branch, director says: “5 month, fluid is chloric bottle of chloric steel of fluid of shipment of accumulative total of the post that pack 3381, tank car 741, charge outfit award institution according to risk post, their pay pay increased brushstroke income again on the foundation of daily wage, cut cogent fact to let risk hillock obtain good-paying. ”

This year first half of the year, company of chloric alkaline colophony fulfils the relevant requirement that ranking Party committee expands about the Party member strictly, the Qiao Weiwei of will safe ministry and fluid are chloric the Zhu Xiaodong that fills outfit post labelled development target, this since works to their politics quality and labour the affirmation of accomplishment, reflected general Party branch adequately also to be opposite of risk post take seriously.

Walk on the platform with responsible duty to perfect employee, hit the channel that a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship just develops, company of chloric alkaline colophony was perfected further " HSE assessment runs way " , hao Hongliang of secretary of general Party branch says: “ holds a post ‘ in risk post experience is judged as the end of the year as the important and referenced ’ that recommends leader cadre what cultivate actor, personnel to promote to a high office first is important recommend target, company general Party branch considers to decide jointly, the purpose is to gift risk hillock personnel is more expensive honorary, let them record liability in the heart, they develop drive bigger effect ……”

Secure job has starting point only, without terminus. Company of chloric alkaline colophony is forever with “ from beginning to end on the road the perseverance of ” and interest of pliable but strong, fulfil requirement of each work of bureau of lash-up of city, area and group company strictly, adamantine the route that takes safe development, drive safety administration to work with all one's strength to deep to solid, span for transition of group company high quality development contributes chloric alkaline force.

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