The Spring Festival already passed, we were greeted brand-new 2021. Say 2020 is of demon unreal one year, countless incident refresh the acknowledge of people, everything all became reality impossibly. That 2021? Receive bovine energy of life towering 2021, chemical market also is an ox city. As downstream enterprise in succession go back to work, raw material market fervent, start working day is very much the enterprise rises in price with respect to what received numerous supplier case. Go up in a “ in acoustical ” , market of raw material of glass reinforced plastics is unwilling also give the impression of weakness. Of start shooting gun is colophony! No matter be epoxy resin, still be not saturated colophony, the price all compares the rise year ago, and range is bigger. Epoxy resin respect, price of A of double phenol of main raw material all the way raise, the price that gets this influence epoxy resin is approached again 30 thousand / ton high price. Below hot market atmosphere, some manufacturers seal dish of cherish to make work directly, or will turn costly case further. Price of a few big raw material compares not saturated resinous to all have rise before New Year, ([long talk] it is not saturated colophony, by what his can you sell more expensively than you? ) styrene approachs 10000 yuan again / ton, third is 2 alcohol, 2 pleasant alcohol, suitable anhydride have distinct range rise. Below multiple element overlay, prospective hopeful continues rush tall. The price of international crude oil rose all the way recently, already achieved nearly one year of price new tall. American heart city suffers cold wave to affect, the oil total output that brings about the United States steeps fall nearly 40% , the oil of further effect and chemical product are supplied. Suffer this effect, price of not saturated resinous already appeared to rise considerably recently. Have friend start working two days to already was received for many times however rise in price announcement, always go up had broken through 1000 yuan / ton, and next go up the likelihood innovates again tall. Of glass reinforced plastics another big advocate material fibre glass, the phenomenon that supplies insecurity has appeared before the Spring Festival, the supply that connects common roving once more insecurity rises. By at present the demand of the market is judged, the supply and demand of the near future will again unbalance, the price rises again be about to become reality.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City