On July 13 - 14 days, synthetic resin association is not saturated Di Jiye of colophony branch secretary-general, lead constant of the city that do not have stannum to amount to water jacket equipment limited company Zhang Xin, without limited company of equipment of Xi Yongla automation Zhang Wei article, Changzhou holds limited company of Cheng automation science and technology high Lang Hui of Shen Hong, Guangzhou, enter to project of colophony of power Bo survey halt power far shaly gas uses area of chemical industry garden integratedly relevant circumstance. 7.13 evening, power Luo Houyong's head of a county leads Lanxu of far county Party committee's secretary, county government power far classics opens an area to be in charge of appoint Tang Hao of vice secretary of conference chairman Wang Changxiong, county Party committee like that, Wang Yuehui of members of standing committee of county Party committee and, accompany a talk. 7.14 in the morning power far classics attends a meeting area canal appoint Wang Yuehui of members of standing committee of director Wang Changxiong, county Party committee, rate county casts hurried center, classics to open district plan to build bureau, classics to open chief of bureau of area environmental protection to attend the informal discussion that in Weiboke ability building holds via believing bureau, county, enter to the project halt power far expression is great and enthusiastic. Steel of president Liu of power Bo group is right power Bo in recent years advocate estate development state of affairs makes the introduction, hope colophony project develops found higher, more greatly for catenary of power Bo entire industry, carry high yield to taste additional cost, enterprise to fight risk ability. Power far advancing area of chemical industry garden to build energetically at present, the sources of energy is supplied convenient, have the base that colophony project safety runs, the project is entered it is mature to be stationed in an opportunity. Power Bo will press standard of careful chemical industry, high end chemical industry to make a project build, expect to pass right not full the thorough research that joins colophony field, deepen pair of Bo fine to make those who taste function comprehend, enhance the market competition ability of power Bo product, accelerate power Bo to grow pace. Secretary-general of course of study of a surname afterwards develops circumstance and the active meaning that power Bo drafts to build project of 100 thousand tons of colophony to make an analysis to synthetic resin industry. Synthetic resin industry accuses to upgrade surely from safe 2016 annulus hind, technical equipment all iteration is frequent, no matter craft course, 3 useless deal with, automation intelligence is changed upgrade, excel foreign country, the technique has taken forward position. The industry already implemented high automation, at present 100 thousand tons are produced can produce with 10 years ago 10 thousand tons with labour can keep balance with labour. Sichuan natural gas is supplied enough, especially power reserve of far shaly gas is substantial, build colophony project, raw material of the sources of energy is supplied, 3 useless deal with to all have safeguard. Bo fine makes moral estate development and character promotion, with not full add up to colophony industry to expand direct ratio, colophony produces base to be being transferred to and other places of Sichuan, Xinjiang, accordingly, in power project of fat of contribute of garden of the far chemical industry that join a group is meeting meantime. After project building, function of goods of fine of Bo of more outspread to catenary of industry of power Bo group, thorough knowledge, have major strategy sense. Di Jiye secretary-general thinks, the profit point of growth of industry of prospective Bo fine is absent Bo fine, and in Bo fine composite material. Group of proposal power Bo with kiln of Bo fine pool project is mixed on, photograph of form a complete set of downstream product development combines train of thought, increase strength of product research and development, develop the new product with the market exuberant demand such as composite material of Bo fine hi-tech energetically, the development way that takes a product to differ equipment of seriation of dissimilation, breed, hi-tech to change. Around Bo fine development gives priority to an axis, system of product of perfect and special chemical industry and compose build catenary of zoology of complete Bo fine and industrial chain, build composite material of southwest high end to produce base at an early date. Changzhou of main technique chief holds the project high Shen Hong of general manager of limited company of Cheng automation science and technology makes comprehensive introduction to project design circumstance. Period project budget is 10-12 scale of production of 10 thousand tons of colophony, land area not less than 80 mus or so, contain fixed assets and investment of circulating fund project to predict 150 million yuan, year can achieve sales revenue nearly 1 billion yuan, obligate 2 period factory of project informatization intelligence builds a base. The project is pressed external petrifaction standard, change industry standard to decorate subtly internally. Basically build thing: Armour second kind coal tub area one, armour kind workshop, third kind workshop, second kind storehouse 2, third kind storehouse 1, armour kind storehouse and dangerous trash storehouse, area of treatment of three wastes and boiler room, circular water is fair. Dimensions of DCS reference point is not more than 3000 a little bit, recipe batch manages, one key type is full automatic producer type, the spot unmanned chemical plant. Stock stores by form condition of great and dangerous source to make a setting. Product direction: ? ㄓ bilges frowzily?W of ㄐ fade children's hair ton, double-loop colophony 2W ton, the high-powered colophony 1W such as anticorrosive colophony, heat-resisting ton, in 3W of colophony of SMC of high-grade mould pressing, BMC ton. Treatment of three wastes is pressed burn processing means (TO furnace) . Heat by conduction oil the means with refrigeration, the sources of energy burns gas for the day. By drop add, the setting of reaction, attenuant boiler is positional the design that need type, workshop needs 4, total layer does not exceed 23.8M high. Basic raw material already put way by liquefacient processing, canister. In the meantime, should join a project 3 useless discharge the circumstance such as dimensions of program of capacity, land, product, construction to begin project technology to prove the job, do good project to devise plan, requirement of environmental protection of chemical category eye is stricter, once decide, change not easily. Power far classics attends a meeting area canal appoint director Wang Changxiong is right power far county declares construction power the original intention that far shaly gas uses area of chemical industry garden integratedly, item that enter garden is main element make comprehensive introduction, express to will be opposite project of 100 thousand tons of colophony is made into garden drive actively. Colophony industry already achieved international now top-ranking, into be stationed in industrial garden area, those who have mature manufacturing canal to accuse ability, advanced craft course and science to amount to mark 3 useless deal with ability, the risk can accuse. After 2017 Sichuan did not examine and approve project of garden of course of study of construction chemical industry again, this declaring a success is to be based on power far substantial shaly gas reserve. Power far will make construction of good industry garden with all one's strength, finish 1 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two produce can to 1 trillion benefit change. Colophony project enters garden, fine of Bo of group of Bo of power of form a complete set and composite material products expand, be helpful for share of market of power Bo group already expand, also expand those who accelerate capacity of system of chemical industry garden, more be helpful for power far resource on the spot is changed, drive obtain employment, implementation county region of economic benefits change greatly. Power Bo group and expert group form plan of colophony project feasibility as soon as possible, by start high end is changed, intelligence is changed, wisdom is changed, will be driven actively as project of surveyor's pole of chemical industry garden, strive for will sign garden to build division of agreement, garden this year in September next year of perfect in August, item builds next year of establishment of communal form a complete set put into production. Wang Yuehui of members of standing committee of county Party committee and experts with respect to colophony project plan of domestic and international market condition, engineering technology, 3 useless discharge, investment reclaims the respect such as circumstance and positive to local economy effect is made discuss in the round, communication. He points out, the project should press design program, high level, high quality undertakes building, want to achieve the growth of local economy already, want to do environmental protection of good place zoology again, those who realize economic growth and environmental protection is double win, expect the project builds at an early date. On the informal discussion, everybody parts to wait to discuss an analysis with respect to situation of the relevant technology issue that the project builds, trade, think in succession, the project builds conditional maturity, have power of far county government support energetically, develop with form a complete set of industry of fine of power Bo Bo, successful implementation benefit is changed greatly.

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