Recently, the FUCHEM 892 bromine that uses production of limited company of chemical industry of Shanghai rich morning is changed flame retardant vinyl ester colophony, the Inner Mongolia that always wraps by EPC of psych of Shandong Wei lane aluminous material of bright and beautiful couplet chimney of cement of limited company power plant is anticorrosive transform a project to already neared end, the technology that the project uses and plan are chimney of glass reinforced plastics of free-standing type whole.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Aluminous capable person of bright and beautiful couplet is covered inside first phase of power plant of limited company provide for oneself 2 200MW aircrew 2014 early or late put into production generates electricity, chimney design discharges flue gas chimney to do type. Set according to environmental protection 2016, installed wet desulphurization system, without GGH, without bypass. Set limestone pink through adding - gesso is wet after desulphurization device, the corrosion environment of chimney interior produces tremendous change, the flue gas when moving enters chimney to discharge after classics to decoke, flue gas temperature makes an appointment with 50~60 ℃ , a large number of acidity and saturated vapor are contained in flue gas, the caustic medium that contains in flue gas is more, flue gas corrodes grade to be strong caustic. Discover phenomenon of acerbity fluid of canister wall leakage, surface of concrete of the wall outside cylindrical shell is individual area concrete covering layer falls off, already put in structural reinforcing steel bar rustily phenomenon; Knot of condensation of existence of bottom of the wall outside cylindrical shell wall, cylindrical shell, platform that accumulate ash and department of union of the platform that accumulate ash and cylindrical shell wall shows fluid leakage phenomenon, cylindrical shell wall adheres to ooze fluid is crystal, all can make these area concrete have corrode a harm, can cause concrete carbonization to lose the protective action to reinforcing steel bar, moving to chimney structure, safety is deadly hidden trouble. Run problem of sex of on the safe side to solve the influence after already to decoke of chimney flue gas is transformed effectively, improve the service life of chimney, must undertake to former chimney anticorrosive transform.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Limited company of chemical industry of Shanghai rich morning is home's famous major is engaged in high-powered vinyl the technology of ester colophony research and development, production and sale enterprise, participated in the numerous standard related the product, industry to be written normatively. Among them one of standards related chimney of glass reinforced plastics: " chimney designs a standard " (GB50051-2013) . The data of much basis of relevant data property in this standard comes from Yashenlan and the fibre glass that Fuchen colophony makes to enhance material. About this normative main technique content, the article —— that detailed sees by Shanghai Fu Chen always is versed in Mr Liu Shiping and additionally two experts are published " main technique content unscrambles standard of design of chimney of glass reinforced plastics " . What reach establishment of form a complete set in power plant to decoke is flame retardant product side, besides have flame retardant the FUCHEM892 bromine of chimney of glass reinforced plastics is changed flame retardant outside vinyl ester colophony, still have be based on this colophony application is outspread, in Shanghai rich morning additionally one kind of industry precedes be developed on foundation of puddle of scale of product VEGF glass, FR-VEGF is flame retardant model vitreous scale puddle.

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