Company of Collins boat world is taking the lead the part of new generation composite material that launchs a by a definite date 4 years develops a project, this project total prices amounts to 3.6 million dollar, cooperative member includes 4 companies, it is company of Collins boat world, Composite Integration company, Crompton Moldings company and Bitrez company respectively, aim to supply the composite material part with complex form for new generation plane (NGC3) , so that simplify in the system, decrease heavy with cost managing respect wins improvement, raise British aerospace industry to initiate the competition ability of the respect in green, implementation is decreased weigh and reduce carbon to discharge. Project group will develop technology of component of compositive composite material with the plane for prospective business, make composite material wing for its and not be traditional metallic wing, flexible and the complex fuel valve that still includes prospective composite material plane to deserve to install, compositive transmission shaft and braid pressure vessel, these components are had custom-built change colophony system, advanced braid and colophony transfers moulding (RTM) innovation characteristic of the technology.

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15-18 December

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