Recently, collect Zhao Jia (GCN) with in achieve Inc. of marine science and technology (marine ” is achieved in abbreviation “ ) announce to establish joint-stock company jointly, this are joint-stock the company will regard collect as Zhao Jia (GCN) the subsidiary below the banner, operation of business of ship of focusing Yuxin the sources of energy. According to the agreement, ocean general is achieved in its are new shipping of the sources of energy board piece hand in entirely will manage by joint-stock company, sign in the agreement inside 3 years, offer for joint-stock company not the order for goods of shipping of new energy resources under 500, order will divide 3 years of consign, year consign 100, two years consign number turns over after this times, all achieve 200. And those who be worth to be carried is, dynamic of hydrogenous the sources of energy is maritime taxi boat will be built at be being finished before December 31, 2021. This is carbon of afterwards collect Zhao Jia counteracts group Giga Carbon Neutrality Inc. (Zhao Jia of abbreviation “ collect (GCN) ” ) new energy resources blocks order to jump again house hind, its are new the antenna of layout of energy industry modes of life and relation to their environment is outspread to shipping domain. Future, its will follow collect Zhao Jia (GCN) whole lands capital market. It is reported, collect Zhao Jia (GCN) it is sunshine the subsidiary of group of 7 stars investment, aim to help the reality that the target translate into that the client counteracts its carbon applies, become business to counteract changed ode with traffic and equipment market carbon can person reach accelerator, it is one furniture has a product the service of compositive ability is compositive business, the carbon that helps a client counteracts changeover to reduce cost, improve efficiency. At present collect Zhao Jia (GCN) business enclothes Europe, beauty to reach in inferior the market, becoming business quickly to use the head company of traffic and equipment domain. Collect Zhao Jia (GCN) dedicated the industrial Internet zoology that waits for business to use traffic equipment to be core at weighing machine of card, project, shipping, bus and special purpose vehicle carries dimension. Ocean is being achieved in is major is engaged in new material marine design, make, sale, rent, marine equipment of form a complete set makes the new pattern shipbuilding at an organic whole and platform turn operation company, wait with orgnaization of enterprise of heavyweight of catenary of domestic shipping industry, scientific research reach deepness strategy collaboration, and the industry of digitlization of new material shipping with advanced operation serves platform. Collect Zhao Jia (GCN) will produce oneself advantage, will offer the inland river that order dimensions photograph matchs or order form of shipping of abroad new energy resources for joint-stock company, the business of ship of new energy resources of will joint-stock company is enclothed to. In the meantime, collect Zhao Jia (GCN) driven force, automation, material, data service, carbon is collected wait dimension a moment to spend offer systematic solution, supply catenary finance and industry resource, endow with for joint-stock company ceaselessly can. Among them, have many 70 fishermen at present, and the carbolic discharge capacity of a large fisher is equivalent to 100 and even hundreds are discharged by what use a car, the energy-saving extremely urgent that decrease a platoon! Began 2022, collect Zhao Jia (GCN) will march in the round fisher transforms the market to new energy resources stage by stage. Introduce according to relevant personage, the shipping of new energy resources of cooperative limits will use the new material such as glass reinforced plastics to make for the most part, photograph of specific power consumption is lower than fisher of traditional steel woodiness 30% the left and right sides, use hydrogen can, the new energy resources such as methanol, batteries becomes motive force, accord with the “3060 carbon that put forward to amount to peak carbon to neutralize ” goal. In the meantime, the course is built in shipping in, use digitlization the industry serves platform to establish complete digitlization record for shipping, build canal of quality of whole technological process to accuse system and system of complete lifecycle service to establish model for new material fisher, aid transition of development of high quality of industry of shipping of new material of force our country, digitlization. Introduce according to relevant personage, of joint-stock company hold water to fall conduce for shipping implementation this synergism, for shipping technology development offers new power and way, hold the help the lead position in shipbuilding industry. Regard shipbuilding as big country, our country year 40% what shipbuilding quantity occupies market gross about. As “ carbon the carbon that amount to a peak counteracts the deploy of ” strategy, the ship that new material, new energy resources, intelligence changes advances extremely urgent, this finishs the help improvement to empty temperament is measured and answer the target that climate changes as early as possible.

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