Enter July, market of domestic epoxy resin continues to drop posture, basically be demand has disappeared to turn continuously and double raw material has hard prop up, it is good without benefit to come from cost face prop up. Epoxy resin market is entered drop situation. According to business company the data that monitor shows, market of epoxy resin of liquid of Hua Dong area will offer on July 1 in 20000-21000 yuan / ton, the market will drop on July 11 to 17500-18500 yuan / ton around, drop 2500-3000 yuan / ton. End distribute news dispatches market of colophony of liquid of Hua Dong area offers in 17500-18500 yuan / ton bucket outfit, market of colophony of Shandong area solid offers in 16500-17000 yuan / ton.





Hua Dong areaE5117500-18500- 2500
Shandong areaE1216500-17000- 1500
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

A of raw material double phenol: Market of A of domestic double phenol is small continue next explore, hua Dongshuang phenolic A consults the price is in 11700 yuan / ton around, relatively before a week drops 700 yuan, fall close narrow. Raw material phenolic ketone goes soft further, downstream epoxy resin and PC market continue be issued to lower levels, finite to the demand of raw material, market of double phenolic A lasts benefit is empty, twice contest pats petrifaction of the short for Zhejiang Province inside week the value is total drop 500 yuan / ton. Raw material respect, phenolic ketone market is small drop, price of new reference of acetone of Hua Dong market is in 4800 yuan / ton; Price of phenol new reference is in 9550 yuan / ton.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Type of bluff of market of chloric propane of domestic annulus oxygen drops: Chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of Hua Dong market consults valence is in 11700 yuan / ton, relatively before a week drops 3000 yuan. Thick glycerine price drops, the intent that annulus oxygen chloric propane purchases glycerine is extremely low, cause fall after a rise of glycerine price a week 1000 yuan. But chloric propane of downstream annulus oxygen because demand is atrophic, the market looks air atmosphere powerful, the price falls situation is far fast at glycerine, forward line of propylene law cost drops. Chloric propane of oxygen of glycerine law annulus considerably deficit, jiangsu sea is promoted restart stage by stage while, stop production of chloric factory of annulus of law of much home glycerine.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Epoxy resin market and double raw material last to drop, and city of field wife after the event is difficult advantageous good, anticipate benefit air is more, business company analyst thinks market of short-term epoxy resin is bad advantageous good prop up, weak force be issued to lower levels, continue to build a base.

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