Can divide the benzene that it is adjacent according to structure of resinous of not saturated polyester model, benzene, to benzene model, double phenolic A, vinyl ester etc; According to its function can be divided for general-purpose, anticorrosive model, from extinguish model, heat-resisting, low systole etc; According to its main use can be divided for glass reinforced plastics (FRP) with colophony and blameGlass reinforced plasticsWith colophony two kinds big, goods of alleged glass reinforced plastics is to point to what goods makes to enhance material to colophony reachs his with fibre glass all sorts of products, also callFibre glassIncrease plastic (abbreviation FRP or glass reinforced plastics) ; Be not goods of glass reinforced plastics is colophony and inorganic filling interblend close or its itself uses those who make alone all sorts of goods, also call blame increase model goods of glass reinforced plastics. By specific and special breed classification includes to have twine colophony, eject colophony, RTM colophony, pull crowded colophony, SMC, BMC colophony, flame retardant colophony of level of colophony, provision, anticorrosion colophony, gas is dry model colophony of colophony, Bao Li board, . Prevent ageing as FRP surface illuminative flame retardant gel coat, heat-resisting gel coat, spray gel coat, mould gel coat, not gel coat of gel coat of solidify of craze gel coat, radiate, tall wear-resisting. The vitreous steel of UPR applies at undermentioned domain widely: Building domain: Make cooling tower, 8 stere / 3000 stere of hour ~ / tower of type of the crosscurrent of the hour, refluent, eject and wind canister, fan, stop water implement etc complementary. Booth of booth of room of building of the door, window, light-duty daylighting, grille, activity, refrigeratory, park, stage, newspaper. The anticorrosive product such as vitreous steel tube, canister, chamfer reachs a project: Include canister of big, medium, small-bore conduit, pipe fitting, valve, lay aside, storage tank, grille, fill storehouse board, tower implement, chimney, anticorrosive ground and building are anticorrosive etc. Car of glass reinforced plastics: Automobile body of train double-deck coach and component, window frame, car, bumper, train is ventilated path, bedspring board. A light boat of boat of glass reinforced plastics: Include Ban of a light boat of houseboat, lifeboat, traffic, fisher, mosquito craft, sampan, breed boat of boat, assault to wait. Equipment of You Le of glass reinforced plastics: Include the Eden on large entertainment machine, large water, adventure playground. Equipment of transportation of glass reinforced plastics, labor insurance reachs security personnel things: Include case of road shop sign, guide, footbridge, lamps and lanterns, cable, measure rear sight, helmet, receive lid of equipment of booth, explosion proof, well to wait. Sanitary equipment of glass reinforced plastics: The bath crock, stage that wash gargle, implement, toilet of lens wearing, whole, dustbin. Product of energy-saving glass reinforced plastics: Include an axis to shed water heater of fan, centrifugal fan, solar energy, wind- driven dynamo to wait. Rubber packing sheet of glass reinforced plastics: Upper cistern, food carries coal tub, beverage tin. Handicraft of glass reinforced plastics: Urban sculpture, font, handicraft and the craft that stick bone. Furniture of glass reinforced plastics: Include furniture of desk of seat, snack, whole set, booth, bar to wait. Electromechanical of glass reinforced plastics, mine uses, spin a product gently: Include pull rod of transformer of shield, grille, dry type, transformer, high pressure, computer canister of model of antenna of satellite of switch of room, electric equipment, SMC, Copper Foil board, dress, ventilating duct, sliver. Equipment of exercise of glass reinforced plastics and musical dance equipment: Include tennis racket, parallel bars, horizontal bar, aid gangplank, gig, prop to wait. The blame glass reinforced plastics of UPR applies a domain to be as follows roughly: Irrigate casting handicraft: Include crystal handicraft, opaque the button such as all sorts of modelling handicraft: All sorts of polyester button goods. Man-made stone: Include the coat such as granite of agate of scagliola, man-made, man-made: Include lacquer of clear-lacquering of bedplate of crust of domestic all coating, piano, television, radio, sewing machine and bicycle to wait. Atom is grey: The car is repaired with polyester be bored with child etc. Other: Include mould of anchorage solid agent, electric equipment, flexibilizer, stick receive an agent to wait. More information pays close attention to of composite material website please

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