Recently, city of Heibei dark blue is changed greatly issued an announcement, say product of PC of its copolymerization silicon casts makings test-drive success formally. The predecessor that dark blue city changes greatly is plant of fertilizer of city of Heibei dark blue, it is one of batch of big ammonia fat companies that introduce. In recent years, dark blue city is changed greatly also develop for omnibus chemical enterprise, TDI of card of ” of flying lion of the urea of card of ” of “ iron lion that its produce and “ uses what reliable service and stable quality gained the market to approbate. The new product that produces this still remains market test.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
It is reported, the PC device that this test-drive succeeds is produced can be 100 thousand tons / year, the product line that produces copolymerization silicon PC is undertake transforming upgrading on the foundation that turns original product line greatly in dark blue city, realize craft to improve. Throw manufacturing hind in copolymerization silicon PC so, the common PC yield that original product line produces can be affected. As a kind of new product, copolymerization silicon PC needs what proper time gets the market to approbate. From another angle for, it is OK also that dark blue city is changed greatly the specific requirement according to the client, optimize production craft, improve product quality. The chemical name of common PC is polycarbonate, and copolymerization silicon PC is called the noble in polycarbonate again, have good thermal stability, anti-flammability. The development space of copolymerization silicon PC is very vast, market potential is very great. The success of this test-drive, indicating the city changes a dark blue greatly is the company that domestic home uses serial production law to produce copolymerization silicon PC, fill home is in the blank of this respect. This the test-drive of the product succeeds, enhanced the competition ability of the enterprise not only, also was equivalent to enhancing us to be laid in in the technology of this respect, implementation technology is independent. Expect to be able to more enterprises break the monopoly of foreign enterprise, realize ethical company revitalize, for “ 945 ” development helps strength.

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