A few days ago, ability of 100 thousand tons of fibre glass changes circle of Shandong Bo minute assemble of poll of project construction site is moved. Bo minute circle is in the home chief of major of team member, each construction and main ginseng build unit chief to attend ceremony of kiln furnace ignition. 11 when make, after torch delivers a ceremony to end, kiln furnace finishs light a fire smoothly, the mark is worn the construction of base of production of digitlization of plant area of water of short for the Yihe River of Bo minute circle strode a key one pace. Company of engineering of courtyard of Nanjing Bo fine assumed the overall design of the project and technical servive routine. In recent years, bo minute circle answers a call actively, accelerate new old kinetic energy to change pace, after plant area of source of afterwards short for the Yihe River builds plant of digitlization Bo fine in the round, plant area of water of short for the Yihe River digitlizes transition pace to be accelerated continuously. Produced ability of 100 thousand tons of fibre glass to revise a project this second year, as hair change appoint " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment " encourage progress category, in the beginning of the project is built with respect to establish “ building digitlizes demonstrative project of product line surveyor's pole first-rate, implementation specific power consumption intelligence of tall, automation changes low, efficiency the construction target of equipment standard tall ” . The project locates product of report of wind of excel in high standard is made, use the advanced manufacturing technology inside the industry and technical equipment, collect MES system, ERP system, PLC and DCS industry computer control a system at an organic whole, can come true to be produced to the product from order make known to lower levels, deliver goods whole process digitlization, intelligence turns management. After product line put into production, intensity of the efficiency when NE index, person, specific power consumption, contaminant is discharged wait for crucial index to all can dress the industry is top-ranking level, promoted the core of Bo minute circle competition ability further. During the project builds construction, bo minute circle is firm establish “ the today's construction concept that invests the cost ” that will be tomorrow, exert oneself is in all-around program, complete optimize design, high quality true meritorious service is used on construction, do real work, see actual effect. All ginseng builds personnel to develop drive of ” of get right on the job of “ of Shandong Bo fine adequately, grasp hold “ quality to send still, the company culture of excelsior ” , high level advances a project to build. The project is demolished from stop production of primary product line build kiln furnace ignition, only last a period of time 116 days, refresh the short record that is the same as product line of dimensions pool kiln domestic and internationally to build time limit for a project with the industry. It is during 945 ” of “ , bo minute circle is ” of provider of material of the innovation that precedes with making “ high-powered fiber wish scene, change of simple quantitative change of “ of base oneself upon, efficiency changes, kinetic energy changes ” is overall requirement, fill along “ neat supply catenary, aggrandizement to produce the catenary, development way that extends product catenary ” , open “ digitlizes ” transition new development, promote company core competition ability ceaselessly, continue to side with build “ the fine of big Bo of new Bo fine of strong beautiful ” and make arduous efforts!

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