Drive hydrogen store the promotion of carry technology and store of carry cost dropping is hydrogen can the key with industrial mature trend, and the car carries Chu Qing technology the key that improving will be development of car of cell of prospective hydrogen fuel breaks through link. Current, shanghai petrifaction is advancing carbon fiber actively to be used at twining the workmanship technology research and development of gas cylinder, be in metal, metalloid inside bravery fiber twines gas cylinder respect to obtain revolutionary positive result completely.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shanghai petrifaction is advancing carbon fiber actively the technical camp that in Chu Qing the technology of carbon fiber of   of   of technical research and development of the domain is having forbidding, there is the minority such as Japan, United States to develop to have and master only before this, shanghai petrifaction is home the company that carbon fiber of earlier research and development has industrialization is produced. Be in early 2012, this company uses the technology of carbon fiber whole set of own research and development, manufacturing 12K is small bundle of carbon fiber. 2018, this company successful trial-produce gave the 48K of advanced level is big to have international bundle of carbon fiber. This year in January, home 48K is big bundle carbon fiber project is built in this company go into operation, our country big silk changes with one action after this project put into production bundle carbon fiber depends on the situation that demands exceeds supply entrance, for a long time entirely, predict 2022 put into production of building of first phase project. As we have learned, big silk bundle carbon fiber is used at twining gas cylinder, its twine efficiency is small silk bundle 3-4 times, can reduce cost effectively, drive hydrogen further can the industry grows. Current, shanghai petrifaction drives ” of new energy resources of ” of “ new material and “ actively to keep abreast of hand in hand, accelerate hydrogen layout of catenary of can entire industry, devote oneself to hydric production, store, carry, “ of applied whole technological process is connected close ” .
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shanghai petrifaction makes hydrogenous ability make an appointment with 230 thousand tons / year, already built the center that offer hydrogen to regard unifinication of big oil refining chemical industry as one of enterprises, shanghai petrifaction has about 230 thousand tons / year the ability that make hydrogen, build have unit of two hydric extract, be produced hydric all accord with standard of quality of hydrogenous fuel cell. In the meantime, this company is had the more mature technology that make hydrogen uses hydrogenous experience with what abound, with circumjacent area hydrogen tracheal net each other is connected, have development hydrogen can good foundation condition of the industry. This year in September, shanghai petrifaction builds for hydrogenous center, day amounts to 2500 kilograms for hydrogenous ability, cast after using, predict to be able to reduce carbon every year to discharge about 2920 tons, be equivalent to forest 158 thousand. Current, shanghai petrifaction is developing property of scene green hydrogen energetically, begin hydrogen actively can domain “ is produced learn to grind ” cooperates. This year August, shanghai petrifaction and Huadongli are versed in the university is begun new round of strategy cooperates, establish hydrogen to be able to combine a lab. That month, the power station of demonstrative sex smooth hot season that installed capacity is 400 kilowatt succeeds and the net generates electricity, can reduce carbon every year to discharge 341 tons. Next, the company returns will active position maritime wind-force generates electricity, exploration uses wind report, smooth hot season to electroanalysis water produces green hydrogen, make scene report make hydrogenous green low carbon integrated energy demonstrative division, strive to become Shanghai green hydrogen to supply a center.

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