On September 13, group of TÜV north heart (” of heart of north of “TÜV of the following abbreviation) for heavy Qing Yixuan component of bend over of light of limited company of new material science and technology uses product of composite material frame to issue the letter of attestation of TÜV north heart that is based on P12.4-AA-15 Rev.00 of TÜVNORD technology standard. Chongqing 100 million warmth ablaze become the company that acquires component of smooth hot season earlier inside global limits to use letter of attestation of heart of north of TÜV of composite material frame.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Chongqing 100 million warmthing ablaze is Inc. of Chongqing international composite material (international answer material) wholy-owned subsidiary, devote oneself to to be industry of smooth hot season and global client to offer high-powered, efficient product and systematic solution. The component of smooth hot season that TÜV north heart is aimed at heavy Qing Yixuan had stuff with composite material frame test of mechanical function test, function of base material physics, flame retardant the test such as grade test and heat-resisting function, this material performance is good in whole test cycle, detect finally through TÜV north heart.

Frame is the main component of component of solar energy smooth hot season, use at protecting margin of glass of smooth hot season, strengthen package sealed function, increase package machinery strength. Frame of smooth hot season is made by the aluminium alloy of high-energy bad news normally, and Bo fine frame of composite material smooth hot season, it is an overheat solid, thermoplastic help crowded technology, the frame of new-style composite material that an organic whole shapes quickly, have quantify anti-corrosive, wear, insulating properties, gently wait for a characteristic. Regard metalloid material as the solution, it has the advantage that metallic rim place does not have, can bring apparent falling with manufacturer of component of the bend over that it is light this synergism, smooth hot season of area of bend over of glazing of wide application Yu Hai, acid rain, laky light bend over, roofing smooth hot season.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Future, chongqing 100 million warmth ablaze will innovate continuously around green new material, hand in hand the industrial catenary related side such as business of package of smooth hot season, the green high quality that helps Li Guangfu industry jointly develops, for “ the implementation of target of double carbon ” contributes his force, make larger contribution for good future.

About TÜV north heart: Group of heart of German TÜV north is Europe build the earliest, the biggest, be engaged in examining, experiment, quality assures and of attestation examine internationally one of attestation orgnaizations. TÜV north heart is had detect richly attestation experience, can arrive from raw material the entire industry catenary of systematic terminal, offer the technical solution of one-stop, much market, it is supplier of solution of the product certification of domain of smooth hot season with banner whole world and test service.

Chongqing 100 million warmthing ablaze is Wu of kimono of fibre glass of particular kind of a market and composite material research and development, production, sale, offer for the client more high-powered, more the new material company of the complete product solution of environmental protection. It is Inc. of composite material of international of parent company Chongqing (international answer material) innovation hatch platform, dedicated at Bo fine composite material is in the application of the domain such as report of smooth hot season, environmental protection, wind, capital construction, car, war industry is developed. Already was domestic and international much home well-known company offerred high grade product, cooperative object covers Europe, Japan, Korea to wait, the product suffers fully reputably. In future, chongqing 100 million warmth ablaze the viewpoint of value that will continue to hold to ” of “ sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, innovation, cooperation, fine of deep ploughing Bo composite material domain, provide the product that has value more and service for the client.

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