Recently, industry of Japanese chloric ethylene and environmental association express on the press conference, the front faces the demand to chloric vinyl to rise situation steadily. Because chloric vinyl is machined easily, and corrode not easily, the demand of the infrastructure such as sewer conduit is very accordingly big. Predict after 2022, the demand that waits for housing materials to conduit will increase steadily continuously. Liu Ze of this association executive director is extended treat point out, go 10 years, it is a center with the Asia, grew about 35% to the demand of chloric vinyl, the amplitude hopeful 2021 amounts to 7%~8% . Japan exceeds 3 to become, the conduit shipment volume of North America close half is to be used at the infrastructure such as sewer conduit to build. The United States plans to be in 1.2 trillion dollar will invest to be used at infrastructure construction inside 8 years henceforth. If include bridge, water supply and the act that sewage disposal invests to obtain,pass, chloric vinyl will be chased after hold in both hands. The coating material that the chloric vinyl of tall insulating properties and wear also will regard electrical wiring and cable as is used. 5G the construction of infrastructure and maritime wind-force generate electricity the demand of cable predicts to also will grow considerably.

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15-18 December

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