Limited company of data of Jiangxi model star (original name is Jiangxi triumphant into auxiliary limited company) the wholy-owned subsidiary that is limited company of laboratory of auxiliary of Dan Yang city, held water in April 2013, be located in Jiangxi to save garden of industry of arenaceous bay of gold of county of mouth of lake of 9 rivers city area of new and high garden, existing produce can be chloric propane of oxygen of 35 thousand tons of olefin of 60 thousand tons of chloridize, annulus. To promote the market of the product competitive capability, increase market share, improve dimensions beneficial result, jiangxi model star drafts investment to be in project of chloric propane of oxygen of olefin of chloridize of extend of interior of existing plant area, annulus.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Project name: Add 100 thousand tons newly / year chloridize olefin, 70 thousand tons / year annulus project of oxygen chloric propane; Build property: Extend; Build a place: Optional location is located in lake mouth garden of industry of arenaceous bay of gold of area of garden of industry of new and high technology is existing inside plant area. This project the east is highway of hill of garden area dragon (9 rivers are god-given and new and high data limited company) , garden area road is south (proximate south of factory bound for limited company of 9 science and technology of material of Jiang Tianci new power) , country is west, garden area is in new and high highway. Cover an area of an area: This project is built within existing plant area, add not newly cover an area of, existing cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 441 mus, existing floor area is made an appointment with for one hundred and seventy-two thousand three hundred ㎡; This second add floor area newly to make an appointment with 9880 ㎡. Always invest: 350 million yuan, among them environmental protection invests 52.07 million yuan, 15% what hold total investment. Chloric propane of oxygen of 105 thousand tons of annulus all uses glycerine law technology, the product is complete the carry out outside be, this project extend around, the product inside plant area produces can change as follows:

Product name sayHave yieldExtend hind crop
Chloridize olefin60 thousand160 thousand
Annulus oxygen chloric propane35 thousand105 thousand
Chloridize calcic solution31 thousand145 thousand
Solution of 31% hydrochloric acid129 thousand131 thousand
Solution of natrium of second chloric acid16801758
Get together more glycerine32623262
75% chloridize are calcic03219
93% vitriolic316948
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