On August 7, dong Li of Japanese data company (TORAY) releases the amalgamative money June signed up for 4 ~ 2023 (international accounting standard) show, net profit decreases compared to the same period 65% , fall to 13.9 billion yen. Chinese market is small to be being used at creating the colophony demand of car and home appliance fan, also go low continuously with the sale that shows screen stuff at TV.

Money newspaper shows, the sale proceeds share in business income diminished 5% , fall to 578 billion yen; Advocate the business profit share in industry profit diminishs 19% , fall to 21.9 billion yen. Sales revenue of business of functional sex chemical drops 12% , business profit drops 56% , fall to 7.4 billion yen. Use is extensive, the material sales volume such as the ABS colophony with admirable wear also encounters glide. Gangbenchangyan represents this company director: “ is in the domain such as ABS colophony, the refreshment of Chinese market of speed comparing expect want slow. Euramerican economic aggravation also produces negative effect. ”

The business of fiber respect is behaved strong, its profit grows 26% , reach 10.9 billion yen. Because the fuel price such as natural gas drops, the demand of the domain such as gasbag of auto industry safety restores ceaselessly, company beaverboard piece profit margin also is improved somewhat. In addition, film also realized reverse osmosis of carbon fiber composite material, water treatment profit grows, but these fail to offset of data of market of functional sex chemical glide.

From 2023 money year (up to in March 2024) the outstanding achievement of annual anticipates in light of, dong Li expects sale earnings reduce come to add the 2.56 trillion yen of 3% compared to the same period only, lower than anticipating before this 60 billion yen. Business profit (grow 25% , amount to 120 billion yen) anticipate with net profit maintain changeless, but amended departmental door anticipate. The business profit of composite material of predicting carbon fiber grows 26% , add to 20 billion yen, go up than anticipating before this move 3 billion yen. Maintain powerful momentum with the demand that waits at Chu Qing canister. Predicting environment and engineering field also hopeful goes up, but functional sex chemical reduces 9 billion yen.

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