" annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony " occupation standard (HG/T 5876-2021) already released on March 5, 2021, carry out formally on July 1. This occupation standard set annulus oxygen vinyl method of requirement of ester resinous term and definition, classification, technology, experiment, test gauge reachs a mark, pack, carry and keep in storage. " annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony " occupation standard by committee of plastic standardization technology (SAC/TC15, hang rely on an unit: Blue dawn Chengdu detects in technical limited company) put in a mouth 's charge, be versed in by Huadongli limited company of polymer of university China prosperous takes the lead draft, attend the unit that draft to Beijing glass reinforced plastics studies nature of day of clear of designing institute limited company, Shanghai and high polymer limited company, Nantong and colophony limited company, Changzhou equestrian group limited company, on abb (Shanghai) Nuo of limited company of careful chemical industry, Zhejiang compares limited company of high polymer data. To vinyl of oxygen of our country annulus unit of ester colophony research and development, production, design, application is had extensive representative. Occupation standard " annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony " released on March 5, 2021, carry out formally on July 1

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The standard was started on November 13, 2018 can (Shanghai Ge Lanyun is extremely big hotel)
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Ester colophony has vinyl of   annulus oxygen viscosity solidify of low, normal temperature, technical properties is good, mechanical intensity is high, corrosion resistance is good wait for function characteristic, apply extensively already in chemical industry anticorrosive, traffic is carried, yacht of bridge of environmental protection, new energy resources, building, ship, sports is recreational wait for a domain. Arrive from anticorrosion project composite material, this matrix use is more and more extensive. In recent years, demand of ester colophony market shows vinyl of oxygen of our country annulus escalate trend. According to statistic, 2020 vinyl of oxygen of our country annulus wastage of ester colophony market 97 thousand tons. At present home besides Hua Chang (brand MFE, MERICAN) , Yingshili (former Yashenlan, brand Derakane, Hetron) , clear and (brand Ripoxy) , force couplet is thought of (former Di Siman, brand Atlac) , on abb (brand Swancor) ester colophony produces vinyl of oxygen of a few big ring outside manufacturer, small and medium sized business is increasing. In the absense of product occupation standard, quality of the product on the market is uneven, to annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony goods namely quality of a light boat of boat of canister of steel tube of anticorrosion project, glass, composite material produced bigger menace, affected the performance of goods of downstream composite material, restricted industry development. Annulus oxygen vinyl of ester colophony occupation standard promulgate carry out, to the standard this colophony industry grows, drive progress of technology of composite material application to have milepost sense. Going up early century seventies, college of industry of Hua Dong grain (Yuan Huadong chemical college) home of preexistence of rate of Professor Zhou Runpei was begun anti-corrosive vinyl ester resinous considers to develop, research paper is published in on the century is earlier seventies " glass reinforced plastics " on the magazine. 1975, methylic acrylic epoxy resin (ME vinyl ester colophony) the aldehyde of the plant of polyvinyl alcohol fibber of Shanghai petrifaction total factory that builds at that time with respect to successful already application changes bath (embedded 30% vitriolic with formaldehyde, 80 ℃ ) anticorrosion project, this is home project of anticorrosion of vinyl ester colophony uses case successfully, 1978 obtain Shanghai award of achievement of great science and technology. 1980 trade name is in factory of school office of Hua Dong chemical college for the vinyl ester colophony of MFE-2 (predecessor of Hua Chang company) formal put into production. Come more than 40 years, company of China prosperous polymer insists to begin annulus oxygen vinyl development of ester colophony research and industrialization application job, be in especially steely, coloured, petrifaction, chloric alkaline, environmental protection, electron involve medium strong corrode grade domain, the be able to bear or enduring that the product of ester colophony of vinyl of MFE annulus oxygen of company of China prosperous polymer has long periodic safety to move anticorrosion function examines and data is accumulated. Ester resinous research develops vinyl of oxygen of the annulus on international only then at going up century 60 time, 1964 American Shell Chemical Co. Developed a kind of commerce to taste vinyl of oxygen of the double phenolic A that is Epicryl annulus first ester colophony, early application is to use Epocryl colophony E-11-5-SO to make a Texas some cleanse of chemical company enrages tower chimney. 1966, company of chemistry of contented family name (Dow Chemical) after through oneself the enlarge of mill project uses a test greatly, introduce this colophony American market, trade name is vinyl of Derakane annulus oxygen ester colophony, developed vinyl of oxygen of double phenolic A annulus early or late ester colophony (Derakane 411) with vinyl of oxygen of phenolic aldehyde annulus ester colophony (Derakane 470) . 1965, japanese clear and high polymer company limited (SHOWA Highpolymer) the vinyl ester colophony that developed a series of trade name to be Ripoxy. After 2001, SHOWA Highpolymer, Swancor, DSM, Ashland builds a plant in Shanghai, Nanjing, Changzhou in succession. 21 centuries DOW Chemical vinyl of its Derakane series whole of ester resinous business sells the United States Yashenlan company (ASHLAND) , yinglishiji is round 2019 announced to finish buy Yashenlan the business of whole composite material. 2016, group of colophony of Di Siman composite material is formal more the name is thought of for force couplet. Hua Changju closes matter   is dedicated high quality colophony 63 years

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