Hua Changhua is versed in (002274) will release record sheet of investor concern activity on September 21, the company accepted an orgnaization survey on September 20, 2023, orgnaization type is stockjobber. Main content introduces investor concern activity: Call in personnel is reached through the public data such as regular report before survey record had certain knowledge to company base case, the basis communicates the circumstance of communication, now will this second call in involve main item summary induces as follows:

   Ask: 1, introduce next companies please at present advocate battalion circumstance?

Answer: Company advocate owner wants to include. It is fundamental chemical industry, include soda ash, ammonium chloride, nitric acid; 2 it is fertilizer, basically include urea, compound fertilizer; 3 it is new material, include multivariate mellow (Ding Chun, Xin Chun) , different fourth aldehyde, Xin Wu colophony of 2 alcohol, polyester; 4 it is hydrogenous the sources of energy (hydrogenous fuel cell) .

   Ask: 2, now urea and trend of soda ash price how?

Answer: Urea price is stabler, soda ash basically is to be used at vitreous industry (glass of the bend over that contain light) , careful chemical industry, near future price has rise; Because current economy suffers effect of a lot of element, follow-up price trend undertakes very hard judging.

   Ask: 3, is the company current does new project make progress how?

Answer: 30 thousand tons of Xin Wu 2 alcohol and polyester colophony project August already put into production; 300 thousand tons multivariate mellow project because before epidemic situation, after examining and approve a reason to delay, the buy before already was being finished at present is examined and approve, long periodic equipment already ordered goods, predict start working will be built October, achieved first quarter 2025 book can use position.

   Ask: 4, can follow-up company still plan new project to perhaps be added produce newly can those?

Answer: A key of follow-up development is hydrogenous energy field, project of other chemical industry will plan to be on the foundation of survey according to company development, plan of the homemaking that press a country is oriented reach trade situation to wait, advance steadily, abound product structure ceaselessly.

   Ask: 5, coal price near future has rise, affect to the company how?

Answer: Company coal source is outside buy, coal price rises, have certain effect to company cost; But in light of the integral trend from this year, the price of coal will appear to drop stage by stage.

   Ask: 6, how does company of hydrogenous energy field consider?

Answer: Hydrogenous the sources of energy is a stress that our company follow-up develops, basically rely on at controlling limited company of science and technology of Hua Changneng source of city of Suzhou of share company — . The key that the industry extends is: Cell of fuel of caboodle of fuel cell report and engine, give attention to two or morethings tests a system. The follow-up key job that hydrogenous the sources of energy extends is applied setting, like bus, serious check, generate electricity store can wait; The company will be advanced by the plan, had done set an example apply reach research and development; Combinative industry grows rhythm, national policy, orderly, stability advances;

  Survey participates in orgnaization detail to be as follows:

Share unit titleParticipate in unit categoryShare personnel full name
East Wu Zheng certificateStockjobberZhou Shao Min, Chen Shuxian
Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City